Fibonacci code example in Python and PHP

These codes are only for fun and to show the usage of generators in PHP and Python languages. Fibonacci in PHP < ?php $limit = 20; function fib($limit) { $a = 0; $b = 1; while ($a < $limit) { yield $a; $a = $b + $a; // 1 1 […]
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Angular Unmet Peer Dependency Solved

This is a quick post on the error that I’ve encountered on one of the deployments I’ve performed on a client’s site which is using Angular Material to render calendar and clock widgets with current version 1.1.1. Angular Material is dependent on AngularJS, Angular-Aria, Angular-Animate which recently released version 1.6.0 […]
flask micro-framework

Error installing flask bcrypt extension

I have recently worked on a project that used Python 3 and Flask – a Python micro-framework and while deploying the application into staging, one of the errors that I have encountered was installing flask-bcrypt extension which get stuck when installing bcrypt and cffi (c foreign function interface). The server […]

How to enable BitLocker and encrypt drive in Windows 10

I have been dependent with Truecrypt for my drive encryption needs but its development has been discontinued early on May 2014 with the last released bugs left unfixed and awaiting to be exploited. Now that I’ve switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I decided to use Bitlocker to satisfy […]

Upgrading PowerDNS server with MySQL as Backend

If you are planning to upgrade your PowerDNS server to its latest release and you are using MySQL as backend, here are the things you will need to check to save yourself from unnecessary service downtime: pdns.conf Uncomment and define the line: Edit your gmysql.conf file found in /etc/powerdns/pdns.d MySQL […]