1. Muhammad Sajjad says:

    Sir, i need all drivers of acer aspire 4730z.
    would u give me these dirvers plz.


  2. Jerry Corbito says:

    pls give me the right dvd drivers software my laptop is aspire 4730z

  3. amzad khan says:

    sir,i need all drivers for window xp nd vista,specialcly graphic driver. my laptop model is acer aspire 4736z

  4. Mrs Godfrey says:

    pls i need an Acer Aspire 4720Z wireless driver for window vista. thank

  5. Erastus says:

    I have an Acer Aspire 4720Z, but in my Device Manager, in the Other Devices folder there are three Base System Devices whose drivers are not yet installed. What can i do to solve this? Which drivers in particular can i download for them. What is Base System Device anyway?

  6. Batman says:


    You just need to install the card reader and chipset drivers if you haven’t done so yet.

  7. TRIPULLA says:

    i want dell aspire n5010,,drivers,,please forwrd me ,,i need it yar

  8. atef says:

    thanks ,sir i need also vista drivers
    thanks again

  9. jokshan says:

    sir,can you give me the drivers of 4720

  10. ailalizal says:

    thank you very much for the driver!

  11. vikramaditya chauhan says:

    thank you very much for the drivers………….

  12. sahil says:

    can you give me the driver of aspire 4720z ?

  13. asif says:

    please give me the driver of aspire 4720. i m waiting for ur reply


  14. rajendra singh says:

    please provide acer 4740 win xp drivers

  15. nica says:

    thanx for this post! i really need those drivers! you saved my laptop! 🙂

  16. raff says:

    Thank you so much! God bless you!!!

  17. noer alam says:

    i have aspire 4720z n i have a problem on it. when i shut it down the system off but the power lamp doesn’t want to off i must push it to turn off the lamp… any one can help me??? thanks.

  18. sanjay says:

    pls provide me WI-FI DRIVERS I HAVE ASPIRE 4736Z
    can you give me All the driver of aspire 4736Z ?

  19. Lutfi says:

    I have win xp sp3 newly installed on my aspire 4720z, but failed to install sound driver? so there’s no sound at all. someone pls help me.

  20. jake says:

    I need the DVD burner drivers for my Acer Aspire 4720z. I have installed all of the other drivers but can’t find this one. In device manager it shows that I have a DVD-RAM drive, but it is a DVD burner.

  21. kenneth says:

    pls i need these drivers for my acer aspire 4720z windows7>dvd drive, card reader, and crystal eye

  22. CPL says:

    Please give all driver of aspire M3970 for windows xp.
    I’v tried to search for many weeks. still can’t get one.

    Thanks in advance

  23. gururaj says:

    plese give me this windows xp software . i do;t know about computer . now i lernining

  24. gururaj says:

    plese give all drivesof of aspire 4720z

  25. asif says:

    Please send me aspire 4720z drivers

  26. jojo ndomba says:

    , je cherche le base system device de l’apire 4720z, j’utilise win7,
    vous pouviez m’aider…merci d’avance

  27. said says:

    probleme de WIFI déconécté pc toshiba satellite pro

  28. richard atule says:

    my bootmgr is missing and the files and drivers are corrupt, so i need a help

  29. BIJU M says:

    My Aspire 4720Z system is getting restarted in between & showing memory dump blue screen. From two acer service centres they formated & reinstalled Win XP(earlier it was Vista) but still problem persists. What do I need to do?

  30. swami says:

    thank you

  31. Priyanka says:

    Please send me all acer ASPIRE 4720Z drivers.

  32. GUL says:

    thank you frind

  33. edy says:

    thx u…

  34. andy says:

    please can soeone send me the audio drivers for acer aspire
    i would be much appreciative
    thanking you for your kind generosity

  35. amar says:

    thank u

  36. Nelson says:

    Please send me all acer ASPIRE 4720Z drivers.

  37. ken says:

    itz very good to get thz drivers.

  38. Siddique Naaz says:

    why do we thanks for these drivers ??? they charged us for these free software when we brought laptop .. NO THANKS … GOOD BYE

  39. side.x says:

    thank you sir, i realy need this, in Acer site doesn’t provide correct wifi driver….

  40. Peter Oro says:

    What about the webcam drivers?

  41. toka says:


  42. WOO says:

    Thanks for these support drivers, hasta La Vista …

  43. sugumar says:

    i have acer aspire 4720 laptop. i installed all driver but audio drive not working please help

  44. ypbpr to hdmi converter says:

    I was searching this driver. You helped me to sort out my problem. Thanks

    ypbpr to hdmi converter

  45. deepak sharma says:

    thank. i m very happy. now my system is working well.

  46. Asis Sugianto says:

    I have driver Wireless Acer 4740 for XP..

    thankx for sharing…

  47. Candra Zainur R says:

    i have trouble with my laptop 4720z… my driver is lost. pleas give me driver for wi-fi which support with XP SP 3… becouse i have install the driver from acer.com but it not working…

  48. D. L. Diwedi says:

    I have Acer’s “Aspire 4720Z” Laptop. But, your given LAN driver doesn’t install & it is ssaying “this installation package is not supported by this processor type”. Contact your product vendor. Please help me out.

  49. cherryko says:

    i would like you to help me for free download acer laptop driver for window xp

  50. murali says:

    this site is verry good .

  51. Vijay says:

    Dear Sir, please send me all Acer aspire 4720z driver for XP

  52. ishita says:

    sir is this the complete drivers?

  53. Batman says:

    yes, that’s all the drivers available 🙂

  54. ishita says:

    sir wat about the webcam driver?

  55. ishita says:

    but sir wat about the webcam driver?

  56. rahim says:

    yes that ‘s all the drivers available but these drivers not available
    5250-BZ873 please find this drivers sir………

  57. jon says:

    pliz send me acer one usb driver to enable it to sense external writer

  58. Ricardinho says:

    por favor preciso que os senhores me ajudem eu tenho um not acer ASPIRE 4736z E NAO CONSIGO MAIS os drivers de video dele… quando comprei ele nao veio junto e tive que formatar e não consigo um arquivo que funcione.. se vcs puderem me ajudar eu ficarei muito grato ^_^

  59. anand says:

    acer aspire4720z ke poore drivers chahtye please send all drivers send

  60. Canaan Jody Jerry says:

    Just install chipset driver.It will clear your missing base– drivers. I know you must be running windows XP.If you fail, write to my e-mail.


    sir,i need all drivers for window xp nd vista,specialcly graphic driver. my laptop model is acer aspire 4736z


    plz give all the drivers for acer laptop

  63. ravi kumar soni says:

    my laptop 1394 driver is sand my mail

  64. eko says:

    thanks for driver

  65. rak says:

    so much.

  66. Rashid.azmi says:

    thanks….power full driver

  67. Raju says:

    hi frnds..plss send me the web cam drivers fr my acer aspire 4720z….thnks to all…

  68. Ravi says:

    Sir, i need all drivers of acer aspire 4736z.
    would u give me these dirvers plz

  69. sridhar says:

    dear friends, I want acer aspire E1-571 all drivers for windows-XP. please anyone send me the drivers.

  70. sureshbabu says:

    hi please update acer4720z windows7 drivers

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