How to repair and revive Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Abstradome WebsiteLoosing precious data due to hard disk failure is something that everyone never wanted to happen. That is why, we need, you need to constantly have a fresh backup of those precious data. But, in some cases where you were unable to perform backup and the drive gone bad, fear not, for you can still repair and revive your drive and perform data recovery before your drive would be totally unusable.

One software that i have been using for quite sometime now and never failed me so far is the HDD (Hard Disk Drives) Regenerator. This great software can do the following.

  • Detect physical bad sectors on a hard disk drive surface
  • Repair physical bad sectors (magnetic errors) on a hard disk drive’s surface
  • It works with any file systems including NTFS and FAT, also with unformatted and unpartitioned hard disk drives
  • Supports bootable regenerating floppy and cd to automatically start the regenerating process
HDD Regenerator

I always use this software as the last resort for reviving my hard disk drives. regeneration takes a whole night for a 40gb drive, depends on the drive capacity that you are regenerating.

You can download the demo version of the software here.


  1. Gill Bates says:

    Useless app…

  2. nemo says:

    Very good app, I used it many times on IDE drives (never tried it on SATA) mainly to:

    -> recondition drive surface. It manages to recover some bad sectors

    -> prepare disk for data recovery. I have more success recovering data from crashed drive after using this utility.


  3. Ruslan Abuzant says:

    Link dead, here’s an updated one:

  4. roderick says:

    i have hard disk that name is WDC WD800AAJS-00WAAO
    during my installation of my XP sp2…the problem is it is not continue during fomating of the drive until 74% and stay…

    then the monitor is appear blue scren and the message is
    INT file textsetup.sif is corrupted or missing…

    i need help…for my hard disk problem…
    any pointer on me i realy appreciate your comments….

  5. ako says:

    I guess the problem is not with your hard disk. The file that you have mentioned “textsetup.sif” is a component of windows xp installer. So I suggest that you look for a good copy of windows xp. For sure that error won’t occur again.

  6. Jhulmar says:

    can this one repair a dead Hdd? this is always been my problem.i already bought 4 ide hard drives,for my pc always gone first it will just perform its normal task until it will hang up and i can no longer do my work.i’ll waited it for about a minute but nothing pc just keep on freezing,and i will have to restart it it.but by the time it rebooted,it says “disk boot failure”..this happens again and again.i’ve already spend so much money for my hard-drive..pls help..tnx and god bless ya all! :->

  7. Jeff says:

    thanks for this app… very useful 😛

    and sorry cuz i didn’t pay for it, i just downloaded the full version on a torrent XD… peace…

  8. faith says:


    i think its the ram (if the cd is clean).. faulty ram.. perhaps caused by power supply..

  9. Powerjohn says:

    Doesn’t work on an operational but slow 80Gb Seagate HDD – says it can’t read the device parameters.

  10. jade says:

    If i try to reformat my computer from vista to xp the BSOD appears?
    how can i fix this problem?

  11. jejemon says:

    maybe the problem is not in your harddisk.. check the ram.. or processor or power supply…

    make sure that your cpu detects all the drives.. hdd and etc.

  12. Ralph Igot says:

    your operating system is not working well..,

  13. joel says:

    hi i have a problem on my pc latep3..when i install the winxp2003. sometime there message appear on the screen saying file cannot load press enter to continue. or sometimes line 1773 can’t load or erroe code 4 error..can u help me this problems pls?

  14. Spider says:


    What are the specs of ur pc? have u tried using ur HDDs on another pc? sometimes this fixes the problem..If it working fine on other pc, then probably its time for u to get a new pc..(will worth the $$$ on the long run)


  15. jer says:

    i had a problem wth my PC JUST RECENTLY , no longer rebooting the sytsem, drive c corrupted, support please. thanks

  16. ronald says:

    your installer windows xp is damage..if you want to fix the problem plzz use another installer of windows xp…or try to change the cd rom…

  17. bbacle says:

    This software HDD Regenator does NOT work unless the hard drive is recognized by the BIOS, which is the problem I am having.


    you had bad power supply you may repair it or change with a new one that is the cause of your problem.

  19. mark says:

    I have a problem with my computer during installation of windows xp. It freeze and wont boot and ask for cd key. Can anybody help me?

  20. isabel says:

    does this work on ipod classic hard drive (160gb)?

  21. John Paul Soliva says:

    pls help

    i have a problem with my hard disk

    VOLUME: C:\;D:\
    What should i do?

  22. ABUBAKAR .D. SAID says:

    Hi i have a problem with my PC every time i install window XP sometimes when i format the hard disk it reaches 80% then the pc just turns off and sometimes if it comletes the format when it comes to installing devices it also turns off.

  23. Demmoe says:

    pls give a registration name and serial for HDD regenerator

  24. martin fabram says:

    hi…all of a sudden all my data in my hard disk turned into shortcuts…need help on how i can get my data back..thanks

  25. tech_guy says:

    @martin fabram….your hard drives probably got virus which set the attributes of all your folders to HIDDEN replacing everything by links or shortcuts (using the same names of your folders). To recover dsta, better take out your infected hard drive, use a USB to IDE/SATA connector to make it an external drive, connect that device to a clean and protected PC, scan your external drive then backup all imported data. When everything’s recovered, return your drive to the original PC/laptop and better reinstall your operating system to start clean and install a very reliable anti-virus software. I use AVG Free Edition BTW, just set it automatically detect, heal and or delete every instance of virus detection (from usb storage devices usually and software crack downloads). Goodluck!

  26. arnel says:

    my problem is same, to your encountered our pc, what is your solution, my suspected is hard drive failure.

  27. efren ocampo says:

    my pc say missing files and reformatting is failled pls help

  28. alvin says:

    may be you dont know a harddisk is difficult in such as hang or freeze one way to do is format if your hardisk is older it might hang or spaces is been program if the you have 80gb it may longger just try double the hardisk for subdivided the cluster C – D – E – F if you have 160gb 200gb 300gb do as the same procedure hardisk might failed in program inserted just try you might get it. SATA hardisk the problem is program if hang or freeze you may change program to XP proffessional or window vista or WINDOW 7 Note retrived your files first before doing it. and never give up! Keep you precious time

  29. albans says:

    i have 3 hard disk for three desktop. all of them is displaying; non-system disk or disk error, replace and….
    What is the solution and how can i repair the hard disk

  30. nuthan says:

    my system was stuck at starting windows screen. and when i started formating with windows-7 dvd the formating process was also stopped at starting setup screen whtz the problem

  31. glenn says:

    i have a problem with my hard disc and it says “you cannot boot to this drive for it will fail soon” can anyone help me with this? samsung R439 laptop..

  32. Jayson says:

    sir i have a problem.. when i re4mat the drive c the message appear that windows was unable to re4mat this partition because the hard disk is damaged.. i have important files on local disc D pls help me to back up my files on D and how to solve this problem…

  33. ivan says:

    i have a newly dead HDD will this app revive my HDD?

  34. ivan says:

    try to unplug one of ur HDDs or maybe just one HDD no slaves bcoz maybe ur PC specs is low

  35. Langton Reuben says:

    ok i get it!
    you have to change the cd you are using for installation! if you still get the same thing
    change the cd-rom drive!

  36. john says:

    hdd detects bad sectors but it has never been able to remove or repair them.
    help it gives me good result but problems still am using samsung hm160hc

  37. huttaraj says:

    After window program installation,it works better for 2-3 days,then the computer become slow.when i check the hard disk it says recovary of bad sector……but not i get bad sector recover properly?

  38. John Araphil Nuguit says:

    Does this apps helps to fix and recover data from WD my book essential 2 tb ,because my hard drive now is undetected on my computer only the driver was getting detected but the actual partition doesn’t appear where my files are stored

  39. Amit says:

    Hello friend i sugests u to format your hard disk and reinstall window. If u have p4 or later processor then use windows xp only. ok

  40. Chan says:

    hi there. when i format my pc it stops about 86% and not continuing. and afterwards it says the hard disk may be damaged. any suggestion please on how will i repair my hdd.

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