from time to time smartbro dns servers are not able to resolved some internet sites and sometimes it is totally unreachable which is very frustrating. This problem can be simply fixed by specifying your own dns servers and or you can use the following dns servers.

primary dns server:
secondary dns server:


To specify your own dns servers you have to do the following:

1. Open control panel -> network connections, right click on Local Area Connection and click properties.

2. Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) component and click properties.

3. Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the dns servers above and finally, click ok button.

That was it! you have successfully set your own dns servers to used.

BTW, this one works with Globe visibility and tattoo too.

Keyword: Globe Tatoo DNS fix.


  1. Eugene says:

    It worked! I’ve been having problems accessing gamespot and other websites, page loads only the text. Someone old me it was a DNS problem and when I googled “smartbro dns”, your website came up. Tried your work-around and it worked! Thanks!

    • mohaymen says:

      OMG it worked on my smartbro >.<
      atlast my suffering will be end now
      i already broke my laptop because of this T_T
      glad it worked

  2. Batman says:

    no problem, glad you find it helpful.

  3. raymond says:

    wow thats verizon dns 😀

  4. Batman says:

    yeah, it is and pretty stable too.

  5. OpenDNS User says:


    That is not a Verizon DNS its a Level 3 Communications DNS.
    For more info click the link below to learn more about Public DNS Servers.

  6. sky says:

    thanks for your help..

  7. Phage Quirino says:

    thank you for this vital information…this is a great appreciation from your help after a frustrating week wrestling around smartbro’s nasty dns…

    Level 3 Com…a dns provider company that loves making asset acquisitions in the business world based on their history…interesting stuff…

  8. Angel says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! 😀

  9. Charms says:

    i have bad, worse and worst connections and some good ones. i can’t run live streams even when almost everything is working. can this be resolved by changing the DNS?

  10. Jeric says:

    I have this problem too before, and it was resolved using the DNS, but as of today, 02/19/12, the problem came back even with the said DNS, tried several DNSs like google and opendns, but still I cannot open some sites.. I have to reset the router just to open some sites. So far I’m even having a hard time opening your blog. I have to reset again several times just to open your site. 🙁

  11. charles says:

    tnx bro

  12. Steve says:

    Thank you soooo much!!

  13. graham elyob says:

    Have connection with Network 33 Smartbro [dumber than dumb!] . But get DNS resource not there . is flashing red that I have a upload error . Well , on complaining to Smarty , they have no positive work response , but excuses . The system problem has been only working off-on : 80% – 20% since 11/25/2012 [now 1/1/2013]

    Have tried the above with no solution . I run the Latest windows 7 updated , with MicroTrend updated . Laptop latest Toshiba Qosmio .

    Smartbro appears to be very dumb and insulting its customers by taking the money and not providing service . There is no technical service , but Smartbro say they will send technical contractors next days etc., but this never happens . We have been promised 4 times , they are one poor piece of life . I have been pinging their towers and see that they disappear regularly of line .

    Still searching for solutions . May take all 2013 .

  14. whew says:

    kakainis smartbro making shyt on there commercial. im just here in tagiug city but still very slow it shows full HSDPA but still fucking very slow… not worthy…. hope PLDTDSL would have USB modem soon

  15. kerax says:

    @whew maybe ur modem has deffect.. .. well im here in cebu province and im contented w/ its speed ranging from 2MBps-7MBps w/ smart dns…

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