Acer 4736z Drivers For Windows 7 Download

acer aspire 4736z windows 7

Updated: 01/13/2011 - Fixed broken links.

Just posting these Acer aspire 4736z drivers for Windows 7 as some people may need it later, including myself. These drivers works both on windows 7 32bit and 64bit versions.


Wireless LAN_Atheros_8.0.0.238_W7×86W7×
Wireless LAN_Broadcom_5.60.48.35_Vistax64Vistax86W7×86W7×
Wireless LAN_Intel_12.5.0.59_W7×86W7×
Wireless LAN_Intel_12.4.1.11_W7×86W7×
Wireless LAN_Ralink_3.0.2.0_W7×86W7×

If you’re looking for the windows xp version drivers for acer aspire 4736z, you can find it here.

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112 Comments on Acer 4736z Drivers For Windows 7 Download »

megat @ 5:21 am:

how to activate bluetooth on my acer 4736z laptop?

chriz @ 3:11 am:

i still cant use the cam… can somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chriz @ 3:22 am:

i dont know what is wrong with this thing………..

kalai @ 1:41 pm:

just press bluetooth key….and follow the remaining…

kalai @ 1:44 pm:

go to download acer 4736 camera driver in net….

shashi ranjan @ 4:44 pm:

i have a problem with 4736z audio driver
it give some irritating sound when i’m starting or playing any song

chino @ 11:51 am:

the link for:

Wireless LAN_Intel_12.4.1.11_W7×64W7×
Wireless LAN_Intel_12.5.0.59_W7×64W7×
Wireless LAN_Ralink_3.0.2.0_W7×64W7×

cannot be downloaded.

Batman @ 10:20 pm:

Hi Chino,

Thanks for the info, I have it all fixed now.

rio cool @ 5:16 am:

where is driver launch manager for acer 4736

Angie @ 11:31 pm:

What is the driver needed to be installed on an Acer Aspire 4736z to get it DVD drive to work?

Rajesh @ 2:36 am:

i have take problem acer 4736z web cam in window 7

superdhika @ 12:06 pm:

my network adapters can’t instal becaouse can’t start
somebody can help me please……….

shruti bhalotia @ 10:46 pm:

hi i am trying to connect my webcam and switch on my webcam but it is not happening can smebody please help me what to do……….the model of my laptop is Acer Aspire 4736Z.Please let me know soooonnnnnnnn,……..

Piyali Sen @ 9:51 pm:

hi, i am trying to connect my webcam but its not working properly, help me wht to do, the model of my laptop is Acer Aspire 4736…

Antonio Siviero @ 10:42 am:

Formatei meu notbook Acer Aspire 4736z, e agora não consigo baixar os drivers de som, placa de rede, e outros necessários. O notbook não veio com CD da placa-mãe e estou passando a maior dor de cabeça com isso.
Para formatar deu o maior problema, não conseguia fazer formatação, tive de baixar o fdisk pela internet para poder formatá-lo. e agora instalei o windows xp, que para mim o windows 7 não funciona e agora estou com dor de cabeça.
Eu deveria ter visto isto antes de comprar o notbook acer e ter escolhido outro que não daria tanto trabalho.
O QUE POSSO FAZER???????????????????????????????

Assia @ 6:14 am:

hey, i need to download the driver for windows7 to et my crystal eye and my touchpad work again. I have an aspire 4736z.. any help?

mike james @ 4:41 am:

Sir, i formatted my Acer Aspire 4736z to windows seven X64,.. there is a problem, the DVD-ROM is not working… My previous windows version was Windows Vista.. can you help me… thankz

atex @ 10:41 am:

I hve installed window 7 on my laptop.. after i scan for my driver prformnce, it notice me that my network adapter driver was expired.. plz help me to give the solution for this problem.. gve me a list for best driver suitable for my acer 4736z.. tq

lej odimag @ 9:17 am:


lokesh @ 3:03 am:

how can i use wifi with using of downloaded wirless drivers….witch driver i will instal for that.

rukman @ 12:58 am:

you have install windows7 x86bit operatingsystem

zein dean @ 3:17 pm:

thank u i can use everything

dhamzkie @ 10:03 am:

hello, i’m a new user pc acer 4736z and i repormat it, i want bluetooth device installed again,,,anybody can help me on how to install it,,, the problem is my CD has been loss, is there any way to install again? plz,,,,,help me email

pawar bharat b. @ 7:28 am:

hi, i need to download the driver for windows 7 to my crystal eye and . I have an aspire 4736z..
give me the wesite , or help me the web cam is working in well condition as i have install another soft ware demo version.

dian @ 2:54 pm:

hye…where cant i get intel graphic for my acer??my windows is wndows 7

dian @ 2:56 pm:

hye…i want to get intel graphic for my acer i can get the graphics??

Gram Russell @ 4:29 am:

I’ve just bought an Acer Aspire 4736z with Windows 7. Generally it’s fine (I miss XP and won’t touch Vista ever again!) … BUT the excellent feature of the Fingerprint Identity for additional security does not function (and never worked even in the shop!) … ALSO I am having a headache getting the keyboard to behave £”@ etc are everywhere

subho @ 8:59 am:

i installed windows 7 on my acer 4736z. but the dvd driver isnt gting ins

sandeep @ 7:39 am:

hi,i m dnldng the webcam driver for window still it does nt workmy laptop no. is acer 4736Z..plz telll me anybody WAt can i do…

jorge @ 9:57 am:

my 4746z cant read any kinds of CD… what to do? plzz help…

Shocks @ 2:52 am:

Just download Cyber Link. . To active Your Cam. . ^_^

mani vardhan reddy @ 11:28 am:

hi this is mani vardhan ……….i think this is good lapot and better………….and cheapest laptop its good working ……

aredam @ 3:57 am:

cam mane nk bagi gambar 2 cantik ketika main pes2010……acer sy,aspire4736z,window 7…………can somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!

ojlegor7 @ 8:47 pm:

if you are working with XP, VISTA or WIN7 just turn ON the bluetooth button on the right side of your laptop then the OS will just detect and install bluetooth driver.

hope it will help.

mirasol @ 12:29 pm:

my microphone doesnt work whever i used voicall they cant hear me but i hear them talking..can somebody help me plzzzzzzzzzz.Im using widows 7 ultimate now..

shoaib @ 5:08 pm:

whr do i get drivers for my dvd rom of acer 4736z….my dvd rom isnt workng aftr i formattd my lappy….

Ellaine Culalic @ 2:41 am:

The built in mic of my acer aspire 4736z doesn’t record properly. How do I fix it. I’m using windows 7. Please help me.

smnry @ 12:29 pm:

my webcam of acer 4736z having win 7 is not working,anyone help me to solve this problem.

shoaib @ 11:06 am:

i hav formatted my lappy…my dvd rom isnt workng..plzzz help..

mervin @ 6:24 am:

my acer 4736z touch pad is not functioning well, sometimes it doesn’t move so i need to use a mouse, sometimes it move but its hard to control. Kindly help me please.

Mark Muhandiramge @ 5:45 am:

My touch pad scroll is not working, together with the notifications such as when incresing and decreasing the volume, power notifications and the others. Need help. Please..

rajesh @ 6:05 am:

In this laptop when i install win 2003 sound driver install is not supporting can any one help me plzz

Indra Guanteng @ 7:26 am:

I have 1 question, I have a laptop Aspire 4735 but I installed Win 7 the camera cannot detected, I was installed the driver… but the camera cannot work… did means the camera not support with the windows7??????

there is have a Solution I am very thank You…!

mayank @ 7:11 pm:

i installed webcam drivers for acer 4736z… but still not showing camera…..
sayong no camera found

rabbitrenga @ 2:15 am:

Sir how to download driver software for acer4736z model laptop. I bought it from singapore

jillu @ 5:13 am:

i have downloaded the driver for my notebook ( acer aspire 4736z). yet wen i try to open it, the system displays the message ” camera not found”. somebody help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. its getting on my nerves………………………

ize @ 3:16 pm:

my microphone doesnt work whever i used voicall they cant hear me but i hear them talking..can somebody help me plzzzzzzzzzz.Im using widows 7 ultimate now..

Rianry Noorvan @ 1:43 am:

instalnya yang suyin dulu baru yang chicony
dua duanya download

jim_A @ 7:46 am:

thanks for the VGA

kulpreet @ 1:17 am:

install the web cam driver for win7 ..then use it from webcam software its working..

kulpreet @ 1:19 am:

hey use the win7 driver..u r using wrong driver so msg come”camra not founf”…
download driver from net and try agin……

muthu @ 7:07 am:

my acer aspire laptop has not any driver pls solve my problem

sudhakar @ 1:58 pm:

Use HP drivers instead of our Acer Drivers….


alam khan @ 10:39 am:

i have aspire 4736z acer laptop i installed windows7 but crestal eye not detected webcam i have installed webcam driver taken driver

adam @ 6:16 pm:

what does it mean by the base system? I’ve already installed all the driver but still the base system device is under warning. Could anyone help me?

max @ 1:40 pm:


could u pls help me….my laptop inbuilt mic not functioning..from whr i can download its driver file. model is acer 4736z.



Gavin @ 6:52 pm:

thanks will test files tomorrow..

wayne @ 6:49 pm:

I installed windows 7 on my 4736z and now my easy lauch buttons and function keys have stopped working. How do i get them working again?

nkk @ 5:30 am:

how activate bluetooth in acer 4736z

naushe Alam @ 7:00 am:

a lot of thanks for information about the driver.

puttin @ 2:01 pm:

need driver for volume key……

imed @ 1:05 am:

slt je cherche le driver audio acer 4736 z 32 bit win7, la sortie HDMI ne fonctionne pas, merci

sci @ 1:26 am:

after you download the bluetooth., extract first the files then enter setup

sankar @ 3:41 am:

how to get wifi drivers for acer 4736z aspire

Patrick @ 6:57 am:

Hi i hav formatted my lappy…n install win 7 but my dvd rom isnt workng..plzzz help..

samuel @ 2:42 am:

there was dont have bluetooth facelities in tht panel…..u have to use external bluetooth device

satappa @ 5:38 am:

need driver for volume key……

vamsi @ 12:22 pm:

hai friends any one have windows7 ultimate genuine key please send to my mail


is there anybody else who could help me if what version of Audio driver should i install sine my current produce such an irritating sound? I’m using the windows7 ultimate OS, please do help me or share what u know.. thanks!

Rjun @ 9:21 am:

Thanks to this site! Without these drivers, I can never use my Acer 4736Z 64 Bit !

sub @ 9:29 am:

dear friends,if ur web cam is not working then when ever u start ur pc ur web cam is running in other programs…so you need to reboot ur pc or when u restart or open ur acer laptop when the desktop is open suddenly open ur webcam very fast and quickly this helps ur webcam not to run on other programs and keep it standby/minimize…by which ur webcam works on yahoo,skype others…thanku

sub @ 9:42 am:

if ur webcam is not running if it shows camera not found then whenever u restart ur pc/laptop first of all suddenly open acer crystaleye webcam…it will open…if it doesn’t then plz it’s very necessery very important to reboot/format ur pc…plz install driver according to pc company and windows…by installing driver if the software or hardware is not working then plz contact ur pc company from wee u bought it…thanku….keep original….

vasureddy @ 2:43 pm:

im not able to use my web cam im usin acer 4736z i wanna i touch cam plz help me

charles @ 3:46 pm:

my microphone does not work whenever am using voice call I can hear them but they cant hear me ….i really need help..pls as soon as possible

Batman @ 7:44 pm:

make sure you have your recording device setup and adjust your mic volume accordingly. you can also enable to mic boost by ticking the mic boost check box.


hadi setiono @ 2:33 pm:

thanks, bro.. It’s make me easy to fixed my notebook

Deep @ 1:46 pm:

why,when i installed win7 into my acer 4736z my webcam does not work.please tell me

narender @ 12:46 pm:

i have more vx driver

ruby @ 1:13 am:

ive tried bt it also doesnt work..even my blututh button didnt show it is on…ive tried press 2 da button 2 turn it on but it stl showing red mark!

PInjada @ 9:23 am:

network adapter Athersos AR5B91 Wireless Network Adapter is out of date where can i find it to update free of cost.

Alireza @ 3:07 am:

TNX.. jeegareto bokhoram!!

madhukar patil @ 1:06 am:

press Fn+F3 then start device right click on the Bluetooth icon on the task bar and select configure device

krisna @ 8:13 am:

thank’s for driver

doel @ 10:06 pm:

thanks vrmch for driver

Ravi @ 7:04 am:

i need acer aspire 4736z window7 driver 64 bet CD So plz provide the driver CD

AVIJIT KAR @ 8:41 am:

dear what is the mac address of acer laptop 4736z. I am urgently needed the said mac adress

debcore @ 2:33 am:

try to install which one the two camera drive will support either suyin or chocony camera…

eday @ 7:48 pm:

dude i cant install the bluetooth
it said driver not found
what should i do…???

Shaikh Vasim @ 8:34 am:

hi,i m downloading the wifi driver for window still it does nt workmy laptop no. is acer 4736..plz telll me anybody WAt can i do…

zuber @ 4:33 pm:
this is the link to get webcam driver
there are 2 webcam driver install both

tam @ 11:45 pm:


Anis @ 1:15 pm:


aungmyatlinn @ 10:33 am:

i want to need acer aspire 4736z driver for window 7.

john keith @ 12:12 pm:

hi sir… do i need to install all VGA driver for acer aspire 4736z?so that i can install games???please reply…

shalini @ 5:07 pm:

the same problem me also. the songs are playing in very slow motion. r u find the any solution for that please inform to me also

Batman @ 7:51 pm:

shalini, did you install both audio and vga drivers? what os are you running?

rojak @ 6:17 am:

such a nice site. really helpful

memo @ 5:59 am:

its really helpfull thaaaaaaanx batman

Nyan Lin Htet @ 4:46 pm:

My touch pad doesn’t work properly and bluetooth too!! Anybody, help me,plz…..

jerry @ 7:44 pm:

can it support vietual wifi?

VAVAVON @ 9:07 pm:

i need a acer 4736z drivers for windows 7 to get my pc healthy. how can i get that.

shanavas @ 3:01 pm:

touchpad of my acer aspirez is not working properly.please anybody give me a help.

ANAND SHARMA @ 10:58 pm:

my acer aspire 4736z laptop’s mouse pad is not working. before it was working and suddenly stops working in between and also the scrolling part , it always comes down how many time it is put up . help me.ASAP

irene @ 11:26 am:

me too. how to fix this?

ashutosh @ 3:31 pm:


sanjeev tiwari @ 6:39 am:


piupiu @ 2:26 pm:

update ur bios to yhe latest here..

abdillah @ 8:25 pm:

bagaimana cara mengistal sendiri untuk windows 7 pada leptop acer aspire 4736z

farox @ 11:04 am:

im also face the same problem… since i reformat my lappy, the touchpad become work prorerly! awesome,, i just reformat it to win 7 x64 bit, =) AND U NEED TO INSTALl the synaptiC touchpad deiver, Gud Luck!

tawan @ 1:36 am:

thank you

anthony alce @ 10:19 am:

i cannot find wifi of my loptop

Yaduvansi @ 11:12 am:

Window formet your computer and reinstall then sure solve your computer problum….

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