Acer aspire 4520 is one of the Acer laptops that doesn’t come with an XP driver cd, at least my unit does not come with windows xp driver cd as the default OS installed when i bought it was Linux, Linpus distribution.

So just to have a backup i uploaded all the drivers on a file hosting server where i can download it later when needed and at the same time share it to the other Acer aspire 4520 laptop owners.

Anyway, i have all the drivers archived to create just one file to download. You can download all the drivers from the link below which I’ve updated recently due to broken download link.



  1. Leo says:

    thanks for the drivers, your help is very much appreciated.

    more power to this site.

  2. ashley says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your drivers.

  3. gar says:

    the link not work , please check

  4. Batman says:

    Link updated and verified working. Thank you for the feedback.


  5. Daorack says:

    Hello batman. I only need the audio driver, and the link is also not working for me because its always busy, so I’m unable to ever get the download in spite of many tries. Is it possible to get just the audio driver? I have followed your other guide on this with the acer aspire 4520 (which is what I have). The audio works fine for me on linux, and it worked fine on its origional Vista install (which I downgraded off of because I dont have enough ram for vista to run smoothly anyway).

    So is there any chance of getting just the audio driver on another link perhaps?

  6. Batman says:


    Here’s the link to acer 4520 audio driver for windows xp

  7. irvan says:

    thank’s 4your post….

  8. Nicholas CrowHeart says:

    THANK YOU!!!! It is nigh impossible to find a good place for Acer drivers!!!! A year ago I tried putting XP SP3 on my Acer 4520 and said $%^& it because I could not get the drivers to work. Thank you for your diligence.

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