Edited 10/29/2008
Added: Bluetooth driver

Edited 11/11/2008
Added: Intel VGA driver

I’ve heard some people were having a hard time looking for the Windows XP drivers of the Acer Aspire 4730z laptop, so i am posting them here. The drivers were re-compressed using 7zip to reduced the file size for faster downloads. If you do not have 7zip installed then you have to download 7zip here and install it.

Download the Acer Aspire 4730z drivers for Windows XP below.

Webcam Driver Vista

Webcam Driver XP

Chipset Intel driver

VGA Intel driver

Audio Realteak driver

Modem Agere driver

LAN Realtek driver

Touch Pad Synaptics driver

Card Reader JMicro driver

Launch Manager download

Wireless LAN Atheros driver

I did not include the webcam driver here since Windows XP automatically detected and installed it as USB video device.

For those Acer Aspire 4730z that has bluetooth module enabled, here is the bluetooth driver.

Update: added intel vga driver which you can download below.

Intel VGA Driver

Updated: 08/25/2009

Acer Aspire 4730z Drivers For Windows XP 32bit – Alternative download site

Realtek Audio Driver
Broadcom Bluetooth Driver
Bison Camera Driver
Chicony Camera Driver
Suyin Camera Driver
Jmicron Card Reader Driver
Intel Chipset Driver – Install this first!
Consumer Infrared Driver
AuthenTec Fingerprint Reader
Realtek 10/100/1000 LAN Driver
Modem Driver
AHCI SATA Driver – just in case you want run in AHCI mode (needs slipstreaming)
ALPS Touchpad Driver
Synaptics Touchpad Driver
ATI VGA Driver
Intel VGA Driver
Nvidia VGA Driver
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver
Intel Wireless LAN Driver
RaLink Wireless LAN Driver


  1. eli linde says:

    ei men!! thanks for this sharing!!!! ill try it to my friends new laptop.. just 1 question though. Is bluetooth part of the chipset cause i didnt see any link for it??

    thanks so much..
    Eli 🙂

  2. Roy says:

    thanks a lot!

  3. noordeen says:

    thank you for ur work

  4. Roy says:

    sir batman, thanks for the drivers! ive already downloaded it…

    but i have a question regarding the installation of windows xp on my new acer aspire 4730z laptop.the laptop is pre-installed with linpus linux and i am not familiar with that… the problem is, is cant install the winxp. there’s a error message when the setup files is loading, that says “a problem with HDD, might have a virus or try to remove the controller or run fdisk…” something to that effect.

    how can i install the windows xp? can i format the HDD first? how?

    salamats and more power!

  5. Roy says:

    ok na sir batman, nainstall ko yung windows xp sa acer aspire 4730z…

    meron po ba kayong driver for bluetooth for this laptop?


  6. Batman says:

    Hey Eli,

    I’m afraid it doesn’t come with a bluetooth module, though there’s a bluetooth button. the one i’ve tested wasn’t able to detect a bluetooth device, so there’s probably none, just like the aspire 4520

  7. denny says:

    Thank you so much brother,i tired to search the drivers in goggle.
    so helpfull,thanks again.

  8. stone says:

    hey Roy try mo change settings sa bios set up change AHCI to IDE

  9. Adit says:

    Thank You for the driver

  10. Sandeep says:

    HEy dude thanks a lot’s for d Drivers if u don mind can u temme from wher ya gotta d driver’s n i wanna know weather it work’s or not

  11. Adam says:

    Thank Friend for dirver ACER 4730Z. This is very help me…..

  12. gustavo says:



  13. onihd11 says:

    I’m having problems installing the audio driver… how can i make it work in windows xp?

  14. nash says:

    sir… i got da same problem with ROY… i just want to know how to install winxp on my 4730z…it also “the problem is, is cant install the winxp. there’s a error message when the setup files is loading, that says “a problem with HDD, might have a virus or try to remove the controller or run fdisk…”

    sir… how do i fix this problem…. hope u have time to answer my questions thnks….

  15. JR says:

    sir.. how can i use the empowering technology..? when i press the e button on the upper left of the keyboard.. it show an error.. “The system Cannot Find the file specified”

  16. Batman says:


    it is fully functional only on windows vista, though you can install some of the empowering technology programs on windows xp but not all will work properly, for you to use the button, you need to install the Launch Manager program and configure it to launch empowering technology when pressed, you can also configure it to launch other programs aside from the empowering technology.

    Hope that helps.

  17. kaka says:

    Tank You verymuch, My Master…

  18. Yew says:

    this note you hve to change CMOS boot HDD to IDE.
    then no more blue screen come out

  19. onezzzart says:

    i need explain…how to to install driver wireless manually for this model…help me please>>>xp

  20. COLDFEET says:

    kung di ninyo mareformat ang naka linux.. you might have to use a startup of win 98..to delete the partition.. use a win98 bootable using cd… or usb kaya.. di kasi makita yan ng xp..

  21. COLDFEET says:

    kaya nga yung mga linux based na gamit ng government may kasamang bootable na startup cd ng win98..yung startup lang nito.. just google how to make one.. hindi yung win98 installer mismo..

  22. Batman says:


    simply download the atheros WLAN driver and install it, your system should be able to use the wireless device once the driver is installed.

    if still encounter problems installing the driver or if you are unable to make it work then give us the full error and we’ll try to help you out, just be very detailed about it.


  23. jesse says:

    hello! great to find this site. I bought acer 4730z few days ago. I was able to install windows xp after many trial and error. but I have a problem with atheros WLAN driver although I haven’t tried to use it yet on wifi areas. There’s still a question mark when i look at it in the device manager. Ask ko lang if wala na ba talagang iba pang gagawin after u install this driver or in the process of installing this driver? during the installation process, i think there was a pop-up message that I should insert something like an adapter(?) not just so sure.

  24. Mustafa says:

    Thansk for sharing the drivers but i want to download acer empowering technology please give me the link to download acer empoering technology
    Thanks In advance

  25. manny says:

    gud day sir..
    do you have drive on this model Acer Aspire 4730z
    i need the driver 02. VGA_Intel_V6.14.10.4969( xp version

    tnx u so much

  26. osprey says:

    this is my first time to visit this site..
    thanks for this site it is great…

  27. ashwa says:

    its very good

  28. Batman says:


    I have added the Intel VGA driver you have requested above.

  29. Philip Gan says:

    i download drivers for WLan. but can’t use it…
    Who can help me…..

  30. osprey says:

    bakit ganun??
    ung na down load ko na .7z ayaw mabasa ng pc ko??
    may nid ba na software para mabasa un???

  31. osprey says:

    i have downloaded a software but my pc cannot read it,. how can my pc read a .7z file?
    please help….

  32. osprey says:

    well thanks

  33. Batman says:


    Please read the instruction carefully as i have explained above what you need to install before you can decompress 7zip archives.

    The software you need to install is the 7zip which you can download directly from this link http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzip/7z460.exe


  34. roi says:

    helo…punta k ng configuration, press f2 while booting, tos dapat ung harddisk mo ide…not sata or ahci..then saka format…ok n ayan…

  35. rudra says:

    lan driver

  36. phcio says:

    Does Acer 4730Z really does not have a bluetooth capability? What’s the use of the button installed?

  37. same as the above says:

    yeah same question

  38. aj says:

    hi sir,regarding the bluetooth technology..
    i cant seem to find out how to make bluetooth connections..
    how do i go about it?
    thanks very much!

  39. phcio says:

    Does Acer Aspire 4730Z support the OpenSuse OS.?
    Would it be able to install it and work properly? Thanks in advance

  40. Batman says:


    sorry but i haven’t tried installing OpenSuse Linux on it.


  41. Batman says:


    mine doesn’t have a bluetooth module installed even though it has a bluetooth button, this reminds me of the aspire 4520 and 4710.

  42. ahmadi says:

    Perlu driver aspire 4730Z nih buat Xp, bantu ya?

  43. Raveendra pai says:

    thank u man gr8 work

  44. phathako says:

    hi how are you i want to driver acer 4730z for windows xp

  45. kram says:

    hi there. can u pls post the download link for the webcam driver for 4730z? I need it so i can install it and can use my webcam manually just like vista’s crystal eye webcam. I need a program that can open my webcam manually. Pls help sir. thank you

  46. kram says:

    can u post the download link for webcam driver? I need it if its ok. Thanks!!!!

  47. Batman says:


    You can download the driver from the url below.


  48. icang says:


  49. tj says:

    thank you very much!!!

  50. Bosky says:

    thanks for the free download…

  51. Batman says:


    Just keep visiting this blog to see more goodies, also i would like to hear comments or request on what to you want to see here.


  52. Rollie G. Alcantara says:

    GREETINGS! I just to say thanks sa driver ng acer 4730z, have a nice day and God Bless.

  53. JR says:

    Audio device not detected in win XP. Please help. Thanks!

  54. soni says:

    plz help find acer aspire 4730z notebook wireless lan card driver for window xp

  55. erwin says:

    sir batman. a friend of mine is having some problems with her newly bought 4730z. she doesnt know how to change it to xp and install the drivers. maybe she can visit you and help her out na lang. kindly email your contact numbers na lang po at evsarte at yahoo.com tnx

  56. Zul says:

    I have aspire 4730z..My problem is bluetooth,i’ve install bluetooth driver but nothing.. A popup message said “bluetooth device not found” appear after restart my computer.. Anyone can help me? Email me at [email protected]

  57. hattan says:

    please help me!!

  58. edsg says:

    how did you remove linpus linux? d ako marunong dudugo na ilong ko.

    planning to replace with vista. walang bios setup eh.

  59. Vivek says:

    Hay Batman Thank you very much man for the drivers. i just went mad searching for same. even acer help line could not help & dealer was of no help too. i also tried at diffrent dealers but of no help but you made ot so simple. all drivers on 1 page.

    Thanks again

  60. Joaquin says:

    webcam device is not installed in this acer model. please read info specification of this.this has no internal device installed so please buy removable device.i hope i have clarified you with your problem.

  61. TUSHAR says:

    Dear sir,
    I want dispaly and sound drivers for acer 4730z laptop


  62. irwan says:

    ada gak audio driver yang lain selain realtek untuk acer 4730z

  63. irwan says:

    saya ada masalah dengan audio driver saya.ada gak audio driver yang lain,,?

  64. wawan says:

    thank’s, driver acer 4730z buat windows xp sangat cocok. thank’s hero……………

  65. wawan says:

    hi..boz, ada driver buat webcam acer 4730z gak ?
    bagi donk……..
    thank’s batman…, you save me again……

  66. laxman patel says:

    i want all xp drivers for acer 4730z model with all precausions required

  67. mark says:

    thanks!! very useful!!
    i’ve downloaded it all for backup..

  68. jesse says:

    How do you get xp pro to recognize the modem as a modem and not in other as a pci device?

    thanks, acer 4730z

  69. aldrin says:

    Dood, best link ever. You’re an Aspire4730 god! I was at a loss on how to find the drivers for my laptop.




  71. Joey says:

    Tol tnks for the drivers!!
    im going to buy this model of laptop this coming saturday and im thinking how to find the drivers for xp, bu you made it easier for me!!

    by the way, aftr mo ba maiinstall ang windows xp automatic na nya iinstall ung built in web cam??

    tknks and more power!

  72. Batman says:


    Yes, the webcam will be detected and installed automatically.

  73. imron rosyadi says:

    i want to request driver sound acer aspire 4730z. don’t long. please help me now

  74. LoiZa says:

    hi! how can i set up my acer4730 to what they called virtual box?
    thanx in advance!

  75. agent 7 says:

    gud pm. tnx 4 da drivers….. keep up the gud work….

  76. agent 7 says:

    the acer crystal eye not working in my acer aspire4730z do u have the driver for xp os….like in the vista..

  77. agent 7 says:

    i download many drivers in other site but it is not working..or i cant capture an image frm the cam… tnx

  78. touranku says:

    wow thank you veryy much
    you help a loooooooooooooooott

    btw the download link for Wireless LAN Atheros and Launch Manager are wrong, it you place them in the wrong driver

  79. Joey says:


    Alam mo ba yung Black xp v8 ultimate?
    yun sana ang plan ko iinstall na OS.
    ok lng kya un?
    gagana pa din kya mga installer na to??

    at chaka tlga bang mgkaiba pa ang installer ng driver for xp and vista??and whats the reason behind this??

  80. Joey says:

    tanong ulit.
    ok lng kya tlga ang acer na laptop?
    ksi iniisip ko bka mdali msira?

    para syu ano mganda, acer or toshiba??


  81. Sheila says:

    Thanks for sharing! But I’m still seeing 3 Base System Device on Other Devices. What are these & do I really need to reinstall XP to get this corrected? I’m such an OC when it comes to these things. Can I just uninstall it?

    Thanks again!

  82. Batman says:


    Install the card reader and chipset drivers

  83. kim says:

    hi, could somebody help. I cant install the wireless driver for xp in this model. it detected and display in the device manager but can’t detect any wifi around . txs

  84. Batman says:


    make your you have the device turned on by pressing the wireless button (the one with the signal up icon .. looks like a satdish too. :))

  85. LoiZa says:

    hi! i set up my 4730z in dual boot mode. xp and vista, i got a problem with my web cam, if running in xp, ok , but when i run in Vista mode, di na nadedetect un webcam, please help me to solve this problem, thanx

  86. Batman says:


    download and install the webcam driver for windows vista. below is the link where you can download it.


  87. LoiZa says:

    thanx so much!!!

  88. Zul says:

    Hi.. Bos, please help me!! How can i use ACHI on my 4730z? When trying change to ACHI,my laptop restart with bluescreen..

  89. allan says:

    tnx for the drivers… more power….

  90. paul says:

    sir batman, my laptop acer 4730z is not detecting any cam, what should i do sir… thanks in advanced

  91. paul says:

    sir nga pala naka windows xp service pack 3 po ako, di talaga ma detect yung crystal eye cam

    thank you po ule

  92. patti says:

    hi batman…pls pls pls help!!!! its been a month na pero di pa napapagana ng technician ko ang blue tooth nitong acer ko… i know a little about computer..am just a “starter”..f pd, pa send sa email ko para masabi ko sa technician ko….ur help is very much appreciated..thank you…

  93. Sheila says:

    Thanks for the info. I just asked a friend to reformat my PC & reinstall XP. I copied all the drivers on a flash disk & he made a backup on my laptop. I’m now looking for the webcam software. Although it works on YM, I just really want the software installed 😉 I’ve been looking but got nowhere 🙁

    Thanks again!

  94. ari says:

    thanks bro for the xp driver for my laptop, now i want to try it, thank again, i hope we can meet…heheheh

  95. Sheila says:

    Thanks for the response! Now I’m looking for the webcam software. It works in YM but I still want the software installed. Where can I download it? I’ve successfully installed XP on it & used all the drivers you shared here. Now I don’t see other devices anymore. Yey!!! Thanks again!

  96. Jaycliff Arcilla says:

    Mr. Batman is the man! 🙂

  97. TQ very3 much bro batman..

  98. iyaz says:

    batmn is my hero!!!

  99. sCaNn3R says:

    Thanks man.. it really helps. Peace.

  100. doc.rod says:

    but need help with my agp texture acceleration,what will i do to enable it?

  101. irwan says:

    saya ada masalah soal recording dengan audio driver saya kenapa hasil yang saya record tidak sama temponya dan juga apa bila saya membuka mp3 suaranya sering sangkut seperti kaset rusak? tolong saya…

  102. hazem says:

    God Bless…

    this is my first time to visit this site..
    thanks a lot for this site it is great…

  103. roodal says:

    Thank’s a lot

  104. EDMAR says:

    guys,can you help me on this,drivers for VGA for windows xp,acer aspire 4730Z and for bluetooth driver.
    help me please…thanks .. i need this drivers asap!!

  105. Batman says:


    you can download it above, please read the whole post.

  106. Jeck says:

    Just recently I bought aspire 4730z running MS vista but I found out that the sound is very poor..Does anybody know how to fixed this problem? Pls help me…

  107. Batman says:


    You can do a couple of sound adjustments using the sound utility but it won’t be as good as you want it to be. good luck.

  108. rod says:

    anybody??? pls. help me with my agp texture acceleration software,what will i do to enable it? (xp os / acer 4730z)

  109. genesis says:

    thx about driver acer

  110. nar j. de gucena says:

    my daughter has just purchased 4730z with no os installed. i was able to install xp and appropriate drivers with the help of this site.. a very useful site indeed!!! nice that we have one like this…

  111. Jon says:


    Problema ko sa ACER 4730z ay WLAN, detected ung wireless router ko pero di ako maka-connect sa internet. Ginamit ko na ung LAN driver na bigay mo.

    Sa Device Manager, installed and Atheros. May hinahanap siya na certificate something para makaconnect.

    Ano kaya pwede ko gawin? Sira kaya ang WLAN adapter ng laptop ko?

    Btw, ibang pc ang gamit ko ngayon.

  112. recca says:

    good day to you all, does empowering technology apps have support for 4730z? i tried looking for them in the acer website but they don’t have 4730/4330 in their support list. pls. help. tnx

  113. Batman says:


    what encryption type is setup in your router? and what router are you using?


    Check on other models, i tested it with mine and it work just fine. Btw, most of the utilities works in vista only.

  114. recca says:

    tnx for the info batman

  115. Mae says:

    Paano ba makalagay ng firewire port for Acer 4730Z

  116. Mae says:

    help naman… please? I need to downloads videos for my project. Paano ba makalagay ng firewire port? may available ba express card for firewire sa acer 4730z? thanks a lot.

  117. Mae says:

    thanks for the bluetooth driver.

  118. Tek lal Bhusal says:

    I have brought a ACER Aspire4730z with Linpus Linux and in removed it replaced with Windows xp OS but its doesen’t have any drivers so please advise which driver is correct for this laptop and which driver will work better for this

  119. Batman says:


    look for an ExpressCardâ„¢/54 based firewire card.

  120. Batman says:


    you can check this out.


  121. Kris says:


    Thanks for sharing these drivers, i haven’t checked the same, i’ll surely leave a comment if all is well

  122. Deepak says:

    It’s very Good Website for provide us Driver of Win XP

  123. LoiZa says:

    i have installed the driver u’ve given but the message “camera not found!” is still there. di pa rin nadedetect un webcam ko, what must be the problem? please help me again. thanx.

  124. Batman says:


    check that you have the correct webcam driver installed. it usually work using either suyin or bison which you can download from the link below, i assume you are running windows xp not vista.


  125. paolo in saudi says:

    sir batman,
    i have a question regarding the installation of windows xp on my new acer aspire 4730z laptop.the laptop is pre-installed with linpus linux and i am not familiar with that… the problem is, is cant install the winxp. there’s a error message when the setup files is loading, that says “a problem with HDD, might have a virus or try to remove the controller or run fdisk…” something to that effect.

    how can i install the windows xp? can i format the HDD first? how?

  126. vocyborg says:

    you are my savior…… 😀

    thanks a lot

  127. LoiZa says:

    Wow! ok na webcam ko. Thanx a lot! mwah!

  128. ringgo says:

    Dear Sir Batman – you are the coolest person in the world, any free dvd player for me to download

  129. Batman says:


    You can download avs dvd player from the link below.


    you can also use the windows media player that comes with the xp installation.

  130. Son says:

    Dear mr. Batman, I have question about the problem in my acer 4730z bluetooth system,I have installed the driver butwhen i wanna to start the bluetooth, appear the information (NO BLUETOOTH DEVICE), will you tell me what wrong with my acer? thanks in advance.

  131. Batman says:


    I’m afraid your acer aspire 4730z doesn’t come with a bluetooth module, please contact the store where you bought it and verify it with them.

  132. aaa says:


    Thanks for drivers, but this site is so slow. please upload drivers to other place like to rapidshare/etc.

  133. Harry says:

    Thanks a LOT. I installed XP instead of Vista and got a refund and now I had no drivers :p Thanks.

  134. Soni Rahul says:

    Hi,This is my first time that i visit here.
    This site is nice b’coz i have downloaded most useful drivers from here.

  135. SAJID says:

    Your help is highly appriciated cuz it help us to get what ever useful to us

    tnaks very much

  136. Dexter says:


    i have a acer 4730z with vista os. when i check the system properties, its shows that the manufacturer is DELL and not ACER.

    is it posible? or is there somethong wrong with my acer 4730z?


  137. Batman says:


    you can download the windows xp drivers above.

  138. badek says:

    i have problem with audio driver, how 2 make it work in windows xp??? n after i install all driver, but still have 1 in list at Other Device(PCI Device)….

  139. japs says:

    hi batman

    how can i get the empowering technology and application for acer aspire 4730z – 343g32m
    win xp operating system

  140. JokerMan says:


  141. Han81forever says:

    Can anyone help me to find acer empowering software? Does anyone have it? I want to install it into acer aspire 4730z. I don’t know where the URL to download it or you can help me????

    Thx a lot guys

  142. yan ag says:

    My Acer Aspire 4730z Laptop have Crystal Eye Wedcam,but it doesn’t work,when I open the wedcam”camera not found” told me from laptop .So I want wedcam driver or more information free.

  143. tony says:

    thankyu Very Much…

  144. Kiran says:

    Thanks a lot friend, it just worked like magic. Keep up the good work.


  145. Kiran says:

    Found below error while trying to download web cam drivers

    Directory Listing Denied
    This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.

    Could you kindly provide an alternative link for the same plz.

  146. khairil05 says:

    do you has driver for laptop acer aspire 4730z..
    this laptop not complete with wireless driver..
    if u have it, can u send for me..
    acer nplify 802.11b/g/draft-n wlan..

  147. jonax says:

    just got this laptop today. thanx for the drivers!

    might you know if the aspire has the crystal eye program/driver for XP? thanx again!

  148. jeedo says:

    In case anyone needs a detailed install guide you can head over to http://www.jeedo.net/howto/how-to-install-windows-xp-drivers-on-the-acer-4730z-laptop/ ^_^

  149. Loiza says:

    hello, juz want to inform u all, there’s a free 4gb flash drive and USB Card reader to all who purchase ACER laptops from Nov 16 to Dec 30, 2008. I have already claimed mine. for inquiries call 815-3388. Madami pa daw ang hindi cla-claim. Hurry until February na lang ata pwede magclaim, or else forfeited na. SAYANG DIN UN.

  150. cute_deviL says:

    thanx sir. .its very helpfull

  151. said says:

    Can you share your driver that you had download.
    I need it to my Acer aspira 4730Z with XP operating system.

  152. caidence says:

    hey thanks for sharing these they are really helpful and will you please include the driver for the webcam cause mine just wont work and cant be detected. thank you very much.

  153. thanks 4 driver….u a best friend

  154. ali says:

    hy thanx for help your link nice
    sir i want to cam driver if you dont mind can you send me an then by @};- thankz

  155. jude says:

    tank u

  156. mewon says:

    My Acer 4730Z has been installed with Win XP successfully and also all their driver, but when I installed a game that required huge spaces, it became unstable/hang, why? because it’s not run in SATA Mode. So what should I do to make Win XP knows that we use SATA Disk? Is there any driver or any setting?

  157. caidence says:

    hey sir, theres an error with the link you posted above about the suyin webcam driver. the page says “This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.” pls help.

  158. Batman says:


    Thanks for the heads up, i have the link updated already.

  159. Usli says:

    can you help me, sir?
    do you have Driver XP for Aspire 4720Z?
    i hope you can help me
    this my e-mail: [email protected]

  160. randi2hotty says:

    Bro, tnong ko lang, nag-install ako ng windows xp sp3 same as the drivers. ok nman sya, pero nung click ko ung wlan na icon, wala sya ma-detect na available wireless connection.nainstall ko nman ung atheros driver pero wala pa rin sya madetect. ano kaya possible problem nun? Help nman po. Thanks!!

  161. Batman says:


    Make sure that you have the WLAN switch/button turned-on (the button that has a signal-up icon on it)

  162. Caidence says:

    good day sir batman, i was wondering if you can help me out, uhm i installed windows xp sp3 on my acer aspire 4730z and installed all the drivers posted above, all is well until i restarted the laptop and inumerable error occurs (sounds no longer functional as well as dvd and other components). could you check this out? and pls keep me posted. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! =)

  163. randi2hotty says:

    Boss, naka-on nman ung wi-fi switch nya. Nagbi-blink sya kaso wala sya ma-detect na wireless connection. Wala kaya effect yun dun sa nainstall ko WinSP3?

  164. Donny says:

    thank you very much for that very useful drivers, it really helps me a lot. more power to you!

  165. Batman says:


    first, check that you have your wireless router setup properly with the wireless function enabled.
    second, try to turn off/on your notebook’s wireless button.
    third, check that you don’t have a third party wireless utility installed and running as it will cause conflict with the windows’ built-in wireless utility (wzc).
    lastly, double check that you have the right driver installed for your wireless lan module.

    I have tested sp3 together with the drivers provided on this page and i haven’t encountered any problem similar to yours.

    anyway, keep us posted.

  166. Batman says:


    try to uninstall the audio driver including the microsoft high definition audio patch and then powercycle and reinstall the driver again.


  167. caidence says:

    ive already uninstalled both high def audio patch and realtek high def audio driver still when restarted i got a win32k error prompted upon startup and then the sounds were gone and one more thing about the webcam even if i install the suyin driver i cant seem to access the webcam. pls sir batman email me the detailed procedure on how to install the drivers, im having a very hard time installing windowsxp on my laptop.

  168. sentani says:

    Hii Batman…

    Thank you so much,iam tired to search the drivers in goggle.
    so helpfull,thanks again.


  169. widy says:

    Hey guy.. i just want to share my knowledge n experience.. Alrite.. if u have the problem with hdd during installation, just enter the BIOS system then change the sata to IDE… n u will run it as usual.. Good luck =)

  170. NoOr says:

    thanks thanks

  171. dark_devil69 says:

    cuy..,ateros ntu driver 4730z yg lma,yg baru ralink drivernya….

  172. KIn says:

    Just open BIOS at the start up, and search hdd configuration, set to IDE

  173. Naveen says:

    require drivers

  174. zlystonefly says:

    thank you for all one who have
    [his/its] real [job/activity] effort here.

  175. Mourice says:

    hello po,

    i need help with this aspire 4730. After formatting the laptop, i had been trying to install Xp on it. Nagka problem kasi sa Vista kaya i Xp ko n lang. Then, during installation, im receiveing a blue screen, saying that i need to check the viruses, make chkdsk /f. If first encounter, just restart the computer. But i continue receiving this BLUE SCREEN and cant proceed to installation.

  176. masud says:


    I’v purchased acer aspire 4730Z which have built-in bluetooth but at the time of utility installation from CD, it shows “No bluetooth device connected” and later when I press the bluetooth key from keyboard it shows “NO DEVICE DETECTED”, pls help me to solve the problem…..

    thanks in advance

  177. john says:

    if you are having troubles installing windows xp with the acer aspire 4730z causing either blue screen or no install try changing the sata hard drive in the bios from ata to ide in its menu worked for me when bluescreen and or error came up

  178. zam says:

    how i want to find bluetooth device for windows xp? im already download driver in this site but the installer was not match with my laptop..my problem is still no bluetooth device found

  179. halfpeace says:

    thanks for the driver….I appreciate it much….muacxxxx…

  180. piwanblogger says:

    Thanks for your kindness

  181. Muhammad says:

    somebody please help me. I’m facing a few trouble with wireless network connection on my acer 4730z. The Atheros wireless network adaptor (AR5B91) is not working with an unknown error. For you guys information I use Windows XP. Where can I find the compatible driver for this device. Or any other solution. Please help me….

  182. Richard says:

    hey batman thanks, you saved us from microsoft and acer’s evil plan of forcing us to use vista. thanks again

  183. Sonikompak says:

    I’ve installed SP3 on my 4730z w/ WinXP SP2 installed first. Unfortunately, the audio driver above didn’t work. So, I removed SP3 and reinstalled the driver. It’s works. So many thank for Batman

  184. Julius says:

    Sir Batman,

    the scroll function of my touch pad for acer 4730z with XP os is not working. The driver was installed properly but scroll is still not functioning. Please help.

  185. arcadhian says:

    Damn!! you’re the real batman and you’re the best hero U save my notebook… thanks alot.. hehee

  186. arman says:

    ineed yuo acer

  187. yodge says:

    hi po thanks so much kasi ayaw gumana ung driver ko sa wlan ng 4530 acer. I was just curious bakit ung driver here napagana ung wlan ko ung sa cd ko saka sa ibang websites ayaw? Thank you soo muchh youre my savior

  188. odick says:

    Gud am, a bought my acer aspire 4730Z 2 weeks ago. ask ko lng, ok naman ung webcam ko, nagpafuction sya ng maayos, kaya lng, pwede b meng magrecord ng video using my webcam? my kailngan b meng i-install pa n software? pls help me. thanks, windows xp nga pla os ko. thanks agin.

  189. pokk7574 says:

    hi Master it is really wonderfull

  190. Wora says:

    Thanks so much.
    Really good.

  191. Robert says:

    sir tanong ko lang meron ako 4730Z na notebook nainstall naman lahat ng driver pero kapag nagcommand ka ng shutdown dapat patay na power nya pero ang nagyayari nagrerestart lang sya hindi sya namamatay.

  192. Mr. Chae says:

    Hi guys!

    I was able to install windows xp home edition on this acer aspire 4730z. (Originally was installed linux). My wife bought it to save some money.

    Without internet connection this is nothing.
    Big problem is “Wireless Didn’t Work So Far.”

    Is there somebody enjoying wireless connection after installing that “Atheros for acer drivers v7.6.239_Foxconn Installation Program”?

    My symptom…
    After installing that driver…

    1. Wireless communication button is blinking.. Good sign.

    2. But the wireless connection icon is keep moving.. When I clicked it, it said.. “Acquiring network address”..never change to “connected”.

    3. So I manually filled up IP and DNS address on TCP/IP Properties.

    4. Looks like normal.

    5. But… No internet. I pinged… my wireless router ip address. Didn’t reach it. What the heck???

    So I started to doubt about the driver itself. The Quick Guide said “Acer InviLink Nplify 802.11b/g/Drafe-N”, Acer InviLink 802.11b/g”.
    Looks like… the installed driver name and this one… totally different… to me..in my common sense. ^^

    Anyway… Who succeeded it? How? Let’s share your experience!


  193. Jo says:

    Good day to you Sir!
    Just bought my Acer Aspire 4730Z a mnth ago but, Everytime po I let others to view my webcam, I always get this error message that the SERVER IS BUSY, anytime of the day.only a few times that it did broadcast. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling po ung webcam driver ko with BISON camera utility that went with its resource dvd when I bought it, but ganun pa rin. I’m running po on an MS Vista OS 32bit software. Please help me on this…di ko na po magamit webcam ko sayang…

  194. Batman says:


    It doesn’t have to do with your webcam, server busy error can be caused by a connection problem, or the server which you were connected into happened to be congested or there’s too much connection made from your ip to the server, this happens on shared ip network (NATed connection e.g smartbro). I suggest you try to change your connection preference from “No Proxies” to “No network connection detection”.


  195. Batman says:


    Try to check camtasia studio


  196. Batman says:


    Did you shut it down by pressing the power button? if you did, then check your power options under the control panel, make sure that it the option “when i press the power button on my computer” shutdown is selected.

  197. Batman says:

    Mr. Chae,

    Download the Atheros WLAN driver above then uninstall the installed wireless driver, restart your computer and install the atheros driver, remove all previously setup or configured wireless connections, also, make sure mac address filtering is disabled on your router, then try to establish connection.


  198. Mr. Chae says:

    Uppps!!! Wrong password!!!
    What a stupid mistake!
    Wireless connection is OK.

    After all of my trial and errors, before I throw the laptop to my wire, suddenly I came up with an idea. That’s it. Wrong password.

    All of my configuration was right EXCEPT one thing, password.
    My network key value(password) didn’t match to my rounter… (Obviously I forgot the password.)

    Be careful! The connection program never say that your password is incorrect.
    Just never ending “Acquiring network connection” message..


  199. Jo says:

    Thanks for your suggestion sir. Yes, I am using a USB modem from smartbro. But I don’t know how to go about changing my connection preference from “no proxies” to “no network connection detection” can you help me on this? Where and how do I go about this? Please help, I’m no pro on this…

  200. Eric Calderon says:

    Muchas gracias al que publico los drivers son totalmente funsionales.

  201. Jo says:

    Good day sir,
    I just can’t seem to find a solution to my problem concerning my webcam. I keep on getting error messages that the server is still busy.It still won’t broadcast… Has this something to do with my connections? Or is it because I am behind a firewall? If so, how do I turn it off? I am behind a windows firewall.I am using a smartbro usb modem.please help sir… I’m going desperate. I don’t know what to do or whom to ask anymore…PLEASE HELP!!!

  202. Batman says:

    Mr. Chae,

    Glad you’ve figured it out.


  203. Batman says:


    First, make sure that you have no third party personal firewall enabled or installed as they usually auto-block high port connections (both incoming and outgoing), example of these are norton’s personal firewall and mcafee’s personal fw.

    Second, configure your YM to use “no network connection detection”, to do this,(do not login to YM first, just open it) click on Messenger->Connection preferences. You can play with the choices if the first one didn’t work.

    Lastly, try to uninstall your YM and download the latest YM version and install it.


  204. zorigt says:

    very tnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. bmiso says:

    the driver for the webcam…. dont work to my notebook….. my notebook is a aspire 4730z and de webcam is a crystal eye….

    just than i do a extra work….???…but i dont know

    if anyone know the answer…. write my email…..!!


  206. Mimieux says:


    BTW my OS is Vista Home Basic.

  207. firman says:

    sy mau nanya, blm se bulan sy beli laptop acer 4730z knp suara mp3 yang sy jalankan sering tersendat-sendat. biasa jg suaranya double, “trrrrrrr” contoh suaranya.
    pertama sy kira softwarenya. stlah sy install ulang ternyata mslahnya tetap ada.
    kr2 mslahnya apa ya?

    apa acer 4730z kompatible dengan windows xp?
    mhn bantuannya

  208. Jo says:

    Thank you again for answering my last query… I tried configuring my YM connections but it seems I only have 3 options, either to connect to the internet, via an HTTP server or SOCKS proxy server. But no “no network connection detection” option. My encounter with the “server is busy” problem when using my webcam, happened long before I installed my Norton antivirus program. So I am not aware of any third party firewall going on…But now that I have installed one, what am I supposed to do with it? How do I eliminate the problem? again my unending question…

  209. SRG says:

    When I bought my Acer 4730Z and found only the Vista drivers, I thought I was in trouble. I don’t like Vista and may never will.

    This is very much appreciated. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!

  210. paul says:

    hi there sir.

    ask ko lg po kung bakit kaya nawala yung web cam ko. acer aspire 4730z po yung ganit ko and windows xp po yung operating system ko po… what caused the laptop not ot detect the built-in webcam po..

    what is the best solutions po!

  211. brijesh rai says:

    i want driver of acer aspire 4730z for windows xp

  212. PRATOMO says:

    Thanks for Your ideas
    I can use vista driver for my xp
    For vga driver, intel was provided in their site
    For wireless and bluetooth, i use atheros driver and bluetooth driver for aspire 4530.
    It works
    Thank You

  213. ZED99ERS says:


  214. inyones says:

    why internet connection this is nothing.Wireless Didn’t Work So Far. my acer need “RaLink 802.IIn Wireless LANCard” can you help me? soon

  215. inyones says:

    why this heppend?

  216. bhar says:

    thanks a lot as my problem is solved.its vry useful

  217. taungpawthar.pol says:

    I can help that problem
    connect me.

  218. faisal says:


    My Acer Laptop 4730Z has been installed with Win XP service pack 2 successfully and also all their driver, if I connect USB drive , so there is not open , open to other windows and searching USB mass storage Driver . I m try to search the USB driver on net, but the drive is not there, Can u please help Me…..

    Warm regards,

  219. jeff says:

    ask ko lnag po kung sino naka acer aspire 4730z na naka vista ginawang xp im having problem formating my laptop ang istaling o.s. help nmn

  220. jeff says:

    send po nyo info nyo or contct # from ym [email protected]
    or your msg how to solve my problem tnx alot

  221. diwan(dc) says:

    hey anyone ……plz. help me out…

    i have Acer laptop model Aspire 4730Z .
    and i need WLAN driver namely:
    Acer Nplify TM 802.11b/g/Draft-N WLAN

    Please reply me ……ASAP
    iam waitiing…………

  222. lklkjack says:

    Are anyone have BIOS V1.18 or above for acer4730z ?. Pls share to me…. i need..
    Cause my BIOS is failure ….


  223. madhusudhan says:

    why internet connection is disable my laptop

  224. crimsonrage says:

    thanks man this is a big help… since vista is not yet stable i switch to xp… THANKS!

  225. dennis says:

    hi, bakit po ayaw gumana ng wireless LAN driver for XP?

  226. dennis says:

    pag iniinstall not detected or inserted rAW ung device na iniistall, naka enable naman ung wireless,

  227. dennis says:


  228. aung myat thu says:

    I want to get acer aspire 4730z drivers for window xp.

  229. warodom says:


  230. Runswithscissors says:

    Wow I am SO glad I found this info. I was getting a headache tracking down all these drivers. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  231. Anshari says:

    Thank’s for driver….

  232. saffuan_rahman says:

    i’m also on the same problem..
    my wireless does not working..
    trying to follow up ur step but..
    it wanting to unplugged a device??
    i’m try click the wireless button on the left side on 4730z but
    still failed..
    i’m using all driver u provide up there..
    please help me..

  233. saffuan_rahman says:

    i need RaLink 802.IIn Wireless LANCard…
    tried for the fouth time on 3 days after buy..
    pls help me..

  234. abdoel haliq says:

    thank’s for friend

  235. nodnyl says:

    hi people! thanks for the drivers. It works great. Now for the problem…I am experiencing a buzzing sound in my Acer 4730z laptop. I first noticed it when I started watching videos that’s why I reformatted and intalled a fresh copy of XP on it. But it’s still there whenever I watched movies, like a repeating sound, like a button being pressed too long. Does anyone have the same problem? Can somebody help me?

  236. carlo says:

    ei i have a question.. what driver did i use for the base system… i already installed all the drivers. the only problem is that driver.. tnx

  237. FancyPantsLance says:

    Thank you so much for this! Acer’s drivers site sucks compared to Dell’s…

  238. Mirza says:

    Thank you very much for the XP drivers for Aspire 4370z.
    I am really very very thankful to you. Actually I was afraid when I did not found any XP drivers Support on Acer’s Website. Thanks again……..

  239. Pain says:

    batman please help me find a driver for my compal dat23 laptop… id lost me driver and its hard to find the rigth driver for it ….. kung pwedi lang bka meron ka jan…

  240. subbarayudu says:

    i want wlan drivers for acer aspire4720z model plz tell

  241. taha says:


  242. faizal says:

    i want drivers window xp for acer aspire4720z model plz tell

  243. faizal says:

    can u send me driver window xp for acer aspire4730z model plz

  244. fatboi says:

    i installed xp on my new aspire4730z.. its working fine.. but on the device manager, i have 2 intel graphics adapter ins2talled, i also have 3 plug n play monitor.. how can i correct this? my wifi(ralink) is working but when i open available network connectios, it displays “no available network connections”. i’m able to connect to my wifi router and internet though.

    il be waiting for your reply. gud day!

  245. Marlon says:

    sir batman,

    i was trying to download the driver’s link and i go to 4shared.com
    i can’t download the file.. connection time out…
    can you please upload to another host like megaupload.. if you got time
    i need it badly ..

    Thank you & regards

  246. SK NUR ISLAM says:

    i have brought a laptop from e-zone in kolkata.ihave take a driver s/w which is only support windows vista.but now iam using xp.so i needed windows xp driver s/w.plz tell me from where we get this s/w.

  247. phonethavy VANHNALAT says:

    Thank you for allowing to download this Driver.

  248. sam says:

    thanks but i cannot download any driver can you change the siteweb please i need these drivers

  249. Jonathan says:

    I have a new Aspire 4730z with Windows XP and the cursor jumps around to different locations while I am typing text. Very frustrating and disappointing. I have to keep correcting mistakes in my text caused by random cursor movements. Is this most likely a hardware problem needing servicing or a software problem that may correct itself after changing the mouse/cursor settings or updating one or more drivers? Can you help, Batman?

  250. Batman says:


    Careful not to touch the touchpad while typing. If you using a mouse instead of the touchpad then you can simply disable the touchpad by pressing FN+F7 keys or follow this guide to auto disable touchpad whenever you insert a usb mouse.


  251. al says:

    Man, Thanks a million for your post, its number one on google so saving me for hassle on finding those d**m*n drivers one by one 😀

    Much appreciated!!

  252. ppl says:

    thanks for this good idea; after 2 days angry working was it now succesful; thanks from an austrian guy, not australia; harhar

  253. denz basera says:

    sir batman,i just bought my acer 4730z laptop,i feel easy on it,despite of the problems mentioned above.i’read ur suggestions to any problems they incounter,still it’easy 4 me to install all drivers.my acer 4730z has a bluetooth connection,and its great.thanks to you sir.

    sir,i just upgraded my acer 4730z from sp2 to sp3,does sp3 good 4 my acer 4730z?
    more power to you sir……..GOD BLESS!

  254. mujeeb says:

    Tank You verymuch, downlod drivers sir batman

  255. mujeeb says:

    Tank You verymuch, for drivers thnx help batman sir

  256. Syrus says:

    Good Day sir i just bought a new AS4730Z and i have a problem i can’t increase the video memory in my bios can u help me with this or how can i fix this thing thanks a lot more power

    waiting for your reply…

  257. biswajit mitra says:

    hi requesting drivers for acer aspire 4730z labtop for wlan and bluetooth please in xp

  258. Edwin says:

    in my device manager naka question mark pa yong network controller,
    wer do i get the driver for that. my os is windows xp,

  259. raju says:

    go to cmos(restart and press f2). and change sata HDD to IDE. then install ur xp ..it wil run..

  260. niraj Gugale says:

    hello sir i have recived in xp driver sit …..
    plz wating for ur Reply …

  261. raha says:

    acer….i heard a lot of prob about acer laptop…even my IT engineer said so…..
    may be…lowest price make the quality poor n down…
    please…why ACER take a risk about it…

  262. Pidot says:

    dear mr raju…
    i need a driver for acer 4730z….
    nowadays, laptop are not being sell with the driver…..
    i hope u can send me a complete driver….

  263. vithoun says:

    thank you

  264. Lywoch says:

    my problem exactly same with caidence’s post, pls help me n tank u 🙂

    caidence @ 6:03 pm:

    ive already uninstalled both high def audio patch and realtek high def audio driver still when restarted i got a win32k error prompted upon startup and then the sounds were gone and one more thing about the webcam even if i install the suyin driver i cant seem to access the webcam. pls sir batman email me the detailed procedure on how to install the drivers, im having a very hard time installing windowsxp on my laptop.

  265. Naveen krishna says:

    thank u so much. iam searching all dese drivers for a long time. this site is one stop shop 4 all dese matters . thank u

  266. bootboys says:

    thaks a lot my bro…
    would you like to give drever hardisk for compaq cq40…
    pleas help me to find it…

  267. Elizabeth says:

    Interesting. I plan to purchase Acer Aspire 4730Z from Taiwan and would like to know how good a deal is it. I need it for basic things like surfing and presentations. Nothing technical or fancy nor for gaming. I would like inputs before I settle for this.

  268. Theresa says:

    Thanks a lot. It works for audio driver. But there’s some problem with bluetooth driver. It does not work on my laptop.

  269. chick says:

    cant get the Wlan working… it kinda requesting for the device…. i dont know.. any1?

  270. nbyank says:

    thanks Mr batman…
    this is realy to help my problems..

  271. ria says:

    i came across your website and was wondering if you could help. i have an acer 4730z with vista home basic but suddenly the touchpad stopped working. i checked the device manager but the touchpad synaptics isnt listed. so now i have to use a mouse. how can i restore the touchpad? fn+f7 wont work too by the way. thanks!

  272. boggs says:

    thanks alot man it helps a lot more power

  273. Yogesh Jadhav says:

    Amazing work my dear friend.
    I was frustrated by that CRAP OS Vista and wz lookin to get rid of it by hook or by crook. And u made it a cakewalk.

  274. Jhed says:

    Hello Ria,

    Try to uninstall your synaptics installation and then download the latest synaptics install driver for windows vista from this link http://drivers.synaptics.com/Synaptics_Driver_v10_1_8_Vista32.exe

  275. […] many laptops that caught my eye while shop-hopping. The specs is almost the same with that of the Acer Aspire 4730z only that it got a bigger disk drive this […]

  276. ria says:

    @ Jhed

    hey thanks for the advice but…i’ve followed your suggestion and i think the downloading and installation of the driver were successful but the touchpad is still dead. what do i do?

  277. aditya says:

    dats not any problem….during start up..press f2 and change ur hdd option ……(its last option of the first menu content) then reeboot and install xp

  278. Vivek says:

    Hi Thanks for the drivers for Acer.
    I also have a Compaq CQ60 205EE notebook with preinstalled Vista. but i need to install Windows XP Pro. while installing it throws a blue screen stop error. i guess that is due to drivers not being compatible. i will have to splitstream & make abooteble disk of XP with drivers included so that is can be installed.
    can you get me the link from where i can download the drivers & hot fixes for this notebook.

    Thanks in advance.

  279. Stridder says:

    Thanks!!! This helped alot

  280. Raghu says:

    Thank u very much, You made a brilliant job, once again thanks for uploading

  281. Saurabh jaitly says:

    Thanx a lot
    u really helped me a lot
    wonderfull job
    may god bless u
    bye thanx again

    Only one question : Do u recommend installing XP n vista together on my 4730z?


    hello out there ,,,, may I help you? or anybody wants to talk to me for a possibly business engagement?

    thanks for everything!

  283. Ilys008 says:

    I have installed Window XP on my Acer Aspire4730z. Its working fine except it is unable to read vedio clip. Sound of the clip is clear but no pictures shown. What is the problem and how to correct it?

  284. Batman says:


    it means you don’t have the video codec installed to decode the video. you need to download and install the codec which the video was encoded. just follow the link below.


    hope it helps.

  285. Ilys008 says:

    Thanks for the link. I have installed the vedio codec and everything is fine now.

  286. Batman says:


    no worries, glad it worked.

  287. soe thu aung says:

    i want to donwload acer 4730z window Xp Driver

  288. miener says:

    faisal..actly i also have the problem same with u..my acer aspire cannot detect the usb..i think my plug and play driver is the problem.i try to connect my external hard disk but nothing happened..either somebody can help me where i can get the driver..

  289. smith says:

    my acer 4730z laptop needs network controller driver according to device manager and has a questionmark on it…it is related why i cannot connect to wi-fi? pls help… tnx

  290. smith says:

    i use windows xp as my operating system…tnx..

  291. mien says:

    hello guys..
    actually i have change my window from vista to windows xp..
    but now i cannot use my external hard disk..
    when u connect to my laptop..the error says that my usb hub cannot detect my external hard disk..
    i think it is because the plug and play driver is not install properly or there no plug and play driver were install on my laptop..
    somebody please help me how to solve with this problem..

  292. Batman says:


    You need to install the chipset driver above.

  293. ari says:

    i can delete my windows xp file !!!!!! why??????

  294. Durgesh says:

    I really thanks to person who had help all of us…! wish u gr8 sucess…

  295. erwin says:

    i have acer 4736z with linux and i can’t install vista. how can i install it?


  296. mangekyou says:

    thanks you so much sir Batman! it was a lot of help i was starting to get frustrated on how hard it is to find the right drivers for windows xp since my laptop came with vista. thanks sir! uhm i have one question though do you know how i can solve this error? “the device may not be present or could have been ejected unplugged from the system” its always showing up whenever i try to install the Atheros wlan … – thanks sir hope you can help me with this..

  297. Batman says:


    You might have different wireless lan adapter installed, if it’s not atheros, then it might be Ralink or Intel’s.

    You can search this blog for the drivers, if not then i;ll try to look it up for you.

  298. mangekyou says:

    i’ll try that sir, thank you so much…really appreciate it. uhm just one question im always wondering, when i ask my friend’s advised in installing xp in my laptop he told me to do something about “SATA AHCI MODE” and i dont know what is this for…- thanks sir hope you can help me with this

  299. Batman says:

    on windows xp with service pack 3, you can directly install it in your laptop with SATA AHCI mode enabled as the service pack 3 comes with the SATA AHCI driver. However, if you’re windows xp installer has service pack 2 only then you have to set your BIOS to use IDE mode else you have to create a slipstreamed installer with the SATA AHCI driver on it. Please refer to the post link below.


  300. mangekyou says:

    that makes sense…thanks sir you’re helping me so much and i’m learning so many things…one problem i encountered earlier when i was about to install the ralink wlan driver whenever the setup would start there pops out a window message saying shutdown then my laptop suddenly shut downs keeps happening even on my 4th try…is there something wrong with my laptop sir?

  301. Batman says:

    Normally, it shouldn’t shutdown by itself without your confirmation. Btw, did you uninstall the previous wireless drivers you’ve installed before installing the Ralink driver?

    You can also check your log viewer (under control panel->administrative tools-> Event Viewer -> System) to see what was wrong or what triggered it to shutdown by itself.

  302. Aashu says:

    Thanx for d drivers. But I am unable to install d drivers. When ever I download i face some problems during installing. can any1 help out is der any procedure like which driver to install 1 or 2 or so on…

  303. Andi says:

    ei Bro realy thank for the sharing much apreciate for it

  304. Ebrahim says:

    THANKS ای ول عالی بود .. فقط تو دانلود وب کم مشکل هست

  305. cristhian says:

    soy un usuario inconforme porque compre una portatil y a los semanas de adquirirla se daña el cable de carga. fui a pedir mi garantia que tiene que poseer todo producto y con mucha razon una empresa tan grande como la Acer y no me dan el cable.. la compro en Artefacta(almacen de electrodomesticos)Ecuador-Los Rios-Quevedo estoy muy descontento con mi situacion actual llevo esperando dos meses con el cable y no hay respuesta..

  306. John says:

    Sir could u explain to me the importance of chipset..??? bec. i installed it in my laptop and many of the programs and files are corrupted… i don’t know why??? what should i do??

    1.should i install chipset first??
    2.lastly please e-mail me : [email protected]

    Thank You=D

  307. vladimir says:

    Thanks guys for the drivers

  308. Reynan Labayna says:

    HI, i just want to ask why my bluettoth in my laptop does not working? my laptop model is acer 4730z… my wLAN is working but my bluetooth is not,,, im using windows xp…

    i hope u will reply asap…

  309. akbar says:

    i very need driver acer4730z…..pleazzz help my……../////////////

  310. jelai says:

    what is better Aspire4736z or Aspire 4530

  311. dhes says:

    Hi sir,i just purchased acer4730z 2 months ago, kaya lang madalas mag hang, ano po kaya ang possible problem ng laptop ko? ni re-format na sya ganun pa din.

  312. chupao says:

    Good job Sir.

    Thank you very much 😀

  313. bard says:

    hi batman..i’ve just reinstalled my 4730z with new windows and everything, the problem is the volume button at the left side of my notebook is not functioning, eventho i’ve already installed the realtek audio driver.Why my volume button not working??

  314. A-Rate says:

    Wowowo Gr8 Full i Like it was a nic how i

  315. psychojah says:

    i think the built in bluetooth is just the laptop to connect to a specific bluetooth device. and i think its this one. >> http://www.cellularfactory.com/laptop/ACER/4/23440/96647/

  316. ~zyro~ says:

    i have a problem,,,
    my laptop can’t install xp driver (chipset),,,
    how can i do to install the driver??

  317. Nabin says:


    I am using acer aspire 4730z, i use vista . initially my acer crystal webcam work propoerly but it turns into grey when i open it. I reinstalled the driver for many times. But th problem remains same. What the problem and how to solve, please kindly help me if anybody has a solution for it.

  318. b.sharma says:

    the only prob is, my hardware ( acer module & PCMCIA adapter )is not functioning although i’ve installed all drivers , and due to this my bluethooth is not working , so pls help me in it and clear me that which driver of window XP service pack 3(ver 2002)will be helpfull for this prob?

  319. Pennilu says:

    I have been using my Acer Aspire 4730Z intensively for the past year when I purchased it new. Within a few months a virus managed to corrupt enough files so that I reformatted and loaded WIN 7 Ultimate and have had no problems, EXCEPT that it seems as if my CD/DVD drive has become crippled.

    It worked fine at first, but slowly began to refuse to recognize CDs or DVDs, and at this point it does nothing… will not read or burn them. Troubleshooting tells me that the device drive is working just fine, but that just is not so!

    It seems to be a generic item as I cannot find a name or model listed anywhere for it. Otherwise I would have uninstalled the current driver and then reinstalled. But it DID originally work with this OS after I installed it… HELP!!!!!

  320. Hill says:

    thank, for share

  321. R. Francis says:

    I used the ide method for installing XP pro Service pack 2 on my 4730z. Now that I have updated to Service pack 3, can I simply switch to SATA/AHCI mode in the bios to enable the SATA mode?

  322. budokai says:

    Hey got a tiny problem need a lil help wit, ma acer 4730Z has a vista operating system, the keyboard has the back-slash key(\) which gives a different charecter, any links as to where i can get the correct keyboard drivers for it???

  323. jojo says:

    sir question…pano ko ba mapapagana yung DVD RW Drive ko? detected naman siya pero hindi nakakabasa ng dvd or kahit anong cd. ever since i got my 4730z hindi ko pa nagagamit yung dvd player nito. thanks in advance, batman!

  324. Jean says:

    webcam acer crystal eye bison de notbook modelo: sim1016 para windows xp com service pack 3

  325. casius says:

    i cant play warcraft frozen throne . i think dont have a video card

  326. irfan says:

    Please help me
    my dvd can not open when i push the open button and did not reading (i must eject from the explorer). please help me to solve this problem

  327. vicky says:

    good driver search

  328. cecep says:

    halp me….

  329. suraj says:

    purchased it new. Within a few months a virus managed to corrupt enough files so that I reformatted and loaded WIN 7 Ultimate and have had no problems, EXCEPT that it seems as if my CD/DVD drive has become crippled.

    It worked fine at first, but slowly began to refuse to recognize CDs or DVDs, and at this point it does nothing… will not read or burn them. Troubleshooting tells me that the device drive is working just fine, but that just is not so!

    It seems to be a generic item as I cannot find a name or model listed anywhere for it. Otherwise I would have uninstalled the current driver and then reinstalled. But it DID originally work with this OS after I installed it… HELP!!!!!

  330. pankaj says:

    i m finding for Acer Aspire 4730z vista ultimate driver… plz help me

  331. Bijay says:

    I am installing XP sp2 on acer 4730z, i changed sata mode then setup run but but it will stop in 34 minute remaining when loading xp and will not continue from there. I tried many times but did not succeed. Plz suggest me what to do………

  332. Bijay says:

    How you install windows xp on acer 4730 laptop plz help me…..i am trying too much but did not succeed.

  333. VALERIA says:

    thanks a lot! hope it works out on my sysytem

  334. jeepong says:

    i could not install windows xp sp2 on my dad’s acer 4730z, then i tried windows xp sp3 and it worked fine. After a few months upgraded it to windows 7 ultimate 32-bit. and works perfect.

  335. theVlash says:

    ok, so u’re like the best computer guy i’ve got on the net!!!

    i had my Acer Aspire 4730z’s sound disappeared for like 2 months, and i finally found this site! and after i downloaded the audio driver u have here, it works perfectly! (i had many audio driver software downloaded earlier, like 100s of them lol)

    so thanks so much!

    one more thing tho,
    around 1 month ago, everytime i play FB apps for too long, the comp shuts down by itself… i tried looking at the log viewer as u suggested above, but i just don’t know what to look for… can u help (again)?

    thanks Batman!!! you’re the best!


  336. Anna Ylagan says:

    Do you have the driver for the dvd writer? It’s the Hitachi HT-DT-ST GSA-T50N.


  337. dede leman says:

    thanks 4 all

  338. josh says:

    i have a acer aspire 4730z, lately my audio doesnt work..no sound can be hear in the laptop speaker..however if i plug the headphone wire it works naman..mr. batman can u help me on this problem. thank in advance.

  339. Batman says:


    What OS are you using? This is problem usually occurs in Linux (based on my experience); it has something to do with the sound mixer currently set to use; if my memory is right, i just played with the audio PCM settings.


  340. josh says:

    Thank you for the reply, batman.My OS is Windows XP, I have solved it by re-installing the download audio realteak driver (above) and it works na. Thank you..

  341. miki says:

    hi, i need help for my acer aspire 4730z. vista ang agmet ko gusto ko na rin ng windowsXP, kase pag tumatagal ako sa isang site mghahang laptop hanggang sa need na irestart? e wala naman makatulong saken dito di rin nila alam, nireformat na to last december ganito pa din. pati ym at skype kusang ng oofline at hang pag may ka chat ako. tnx in advance.

  342. claire says:

    guys!need your help. wala po ako makita na driver for display of acer aspire 4720z version for windows xp! bka po may alam kayo link please post!thanks.

  343. Batman says:

    Hello Claire,

    You can download all the acer aspire 4720z drivers for windows xp from the link below.



  344. ROSIHAN BAHNAN says:

    i need help driver for my laptop acer aspire 4730z WindowsXP, cos my CD driver has gone by my friend

  345. claire says:

    @ batman, i’m sorry 4730z pala,nagkamali lang, ngayon ko lang napansin.. xp kase ako.yung version ng display ko e pang vista.so di ko sure kung pwede mababang version.thank you

  346. Alwin says:

    thank u so much, u have helped many guys,

  347. EJ says:

    Sir, I would like to ask for your assistance in activating windows vista uiltimate in acer aspire 4730z. I just can’t figure out why when I use my windows activator in this laptop only then it will not function properly. I’ve been using this activator for almost a year now and I was wondering why it wont work in acer aspire 4730z. Is there something that I must do in the BIOS? please help me… thanks!

  348. Alucard says:

    Thanks a lot,your are lifesaver..

  349. Xtian says:

    @Mr. Chae, we have the same problem…that password thing about how to connect to the internet using wifi on my router…i’ve been entering wrong password since i have reformatted my notebook…amp… well thanks to you, i’ve figure out what’s the whole problem is… 🙂

    @batman, thanks for the drivers… 😀 question lang po, bale wala narin pong halaga ung bluetooth na button??

  350. india pa says:

    Thanks, Mr Batman. This is the most kind.

  351. reysan says:

    mam/sir..gus2 ko sana g acer ko..so ask ko lng kc nabali ko ung cd ko… gus2 ko sana na kumuha ng copy..meron ba kayo d2 sa site nyo

  352. mark says:

    sir thanks poh sa mga drivers ng acer laptop

  353. hans says:

    sir copy po ba kau ng window xp 7???? thanks poh

  354. deepak says:

    please send me acer aspire 4730 z drivers

  355. Jumar James Juaton says:

    sir, how did u install d windows xp when der was dat error message by linplus?..datz 1 of my problem now sir w8 my new laptop.tnx sir.

  356. Batman says:


    If you have a bootable windows xp disc, you can just simply boot from it then re-partition and reformat your hard drive during the windows xp installation. It will totally remove the installed linpus.


  357. pankaj singh says:

    Dear sir
    I have Acer Aspire 4736z. While installing Win XP, in between it is giving BLUE screen and giving error that if it is first time check drives ; use chkdsk etc message and then not responding. Please help me to install Win XP on Acer Aspire 4736Z.
    email [email protected]

  358. pankaj singh says:

    sir batman,
    i have a question regarding the installation of windows xp on my acer aspire 4736z laptop.i want ot install winxp. there’s a error message when the setup files is loading, that says “a problem with HDD, might have a virus or try to remove the controller or run fdisk…” something to that effect.

    how can i install the windows xp? help me…

  359. mich says:

    hi der,
    for ur tech assistance plz. my notebook acer aspire4730z bluetooth device and crystal clear cam is not working for snapshot. i need driver installer pls provide me some FREE of CHARGE pls if possible thank you and more power…


  360. ravi says:

    on booting press f2 then change the hard disk to sata

  361. faisal says:

    my usb port not working what i do? pls tell me

  362. mangekyou says:

    sir batman…i have a problem with my 4730z laptop…i cant get to windows xp whenever i try to..but when i changed the sata to IDE from AHCI i am able to go to windows xp but i cant install the drivers..the 3 base system devices seem to be not yet installed…what can i do to have my xp working?

  363. pankaj says:

    plz help me sir,

    my network controller is able to install but after installation its not workig ………… plz halp me sir i will very thank full to you ……….. model – acer aspire 4730z with XP ……… help me plz

  364. ijoy says:

    how i can get all driver for my acer aspire 4730z..the all and complete driver..

  365. matt says:

    yes the model does support the open source os very well and functionality is very highly ubuntu linux is a very good choice and its very well loaded with features including a whole range of software to make you fully ready to do just about any thing you want.If you want to dual boot it and have both you can if you have enough room on your hard drive. sun microsoft also offers a windows based virtual machine that will give you the ability to run one inside of the other with full support from both.

  366. penguin_0627 says:

    Good day… i can’t install the drivers can you please help me ASAP tnx poh…

  367. pradip says:

    plz…help me sir please help me!! How can i use ACHI on my 4730z? When trying change to ACHI,my laptop restart with bluescreen…

  368. Sonnye says:

    Hi can someone help me pls, I downgraded from Vista to XP professional SP 2 and can’t seem to find the PCI device driver.

  369. pradip says:

    help me sir please help me!! How can i use ACHI on my 4730z? When trying change to ACHI,my laptop restart with bluescreen

  370. yon lesmana says:

    atheros AR5B91 WLAN for xp driver

  371. yon lesmana says:

    download WLAN ar5b91 for xp

  372. igzy says:

    I tried to install the wlan atheros then, I run the silentinstall.bat, a window then came out and prompted that I go to the control panel to configure system components…

  373. osco says:

    This is great. Its really Batman’s work.

  374. Aji says:

    ethernet not work, need driver please help me….

  375. avneesh says:

    Dear sir,
    I want formate for LAPTOP Aspire4730z,
    but not istall Windos XP in my sydtem
    Please give me some information for install Windos XP in my Laptop
    Thank You

  376. rovanth07 says:

    hi Batman.. HELP!!! just some 20 mins or so ago, my ACER ASPIRE 4730Z (uses vista home basic os) shuts down by itself…

    i read from the above that i could check why it shuts own at event viewer… this was what i found:

    Event filter with query “SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA “Win32_Processor” AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99″ could not be reactivated in namespace “//./root/CIMV2” because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.

    but i dont know what it means, any idea..?

    thanks in advance!

  377. The thunder Biswajit says:

    its taking so much time.jaldi speed karo.

  378. pankaj says:

    thank u so much
    its really help full

  379. pankaj prajapati says:


  380. Akinari says:

    Hi, i have a problem.. can you help me? i have tried to install windows vista or windows 7 on my aspire 4730ZG. But it didnt work, i had tried it over and over.. it always came out with the bluescreen..but went i tried to install windows xp.. its seem theres no problem? i want to install windows vista or windows 7.. can you help me out here?

  381. harrika says:

    numpang sedot ya gan moga berguna ni progran gan buat gue.. makasih ya gan

  382. azza says:

    Thank you so much, u have helped many guys,

  383. sam cook says:

    I allpreciate it very much for allowing me an opportunity to repair my drivers’you are the best.

  384. sam cook says:

    this is to inform you that i am so acited aout the new hardware (Drivers) that i installe. Again, thanks for everything

  385. sulena says:

    Thanks you so much, i have downloaded and my laptop work again

  386. niunai says:

    Hi Batman, i already install atheros WLAN driver, but the wireless is not detected, so install WLAN_Ralink, it is detect.
    But unfortunately, when i connect to the network, it show the problem:
    ” window is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no be longer be in range. please refresh the list of available networks, and try to connect again”.

    my laptop is : aspire 4730z.
    please Batman or any friends can help me with this problem….
    thanks a lot 😀

  387. battlecry says:


  388. Friji says:

    Dear Batman i need help
    There is a question mark at network adapter under the device manager.
    What is the driver needed to solve this problem?
    Hope u can reply ASAP
    thx in advance

  389. Salase says:

    hi batman can u help me piease
    my network controller has a question mark in front of it
    what driver do i need to install to solve this problem
    i would be very happy if u could reply me ASAP
    thanks in advance

  390. Altaf sheikh says:

    Plz. help me.. mere pass acer ka ASPIRE 4730z Laptop hai.. or mein usper windows xp professional oprate karta hun.. lekin usmein Blootuth driver nahi load hote. mai bahut paresaan hun koi idea ho to batein jisse mai xp per blootuth use kar sakun..
    mujhe aapke jawaab ka intzaar rahega…
    Thank you

  391. Eghils says:

    Thanks mann…you helping me a lot…great share…Good Luck for You…

  392. demson says:

    please help me my acer laptop aspire 4730z cannot play any disc.what will i do?

  393. win says:

    why the other devices any 11 devices need driver ,but can’t reinstal with your driver in list.
    devices :
    1.audio device on high definition audio Bus
    2.Base System Device
    3.Base System Device
    4.Base System Device
    5.Ethernet Controller
    6.Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus
    7.Network Controller
    8.PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Prosessing Controller
    9.SM Bus Controller
    10.Video Controller
    11.Video Controller(VGA Compatible)
    My laptop aspirre 4730Z with Windows XP SP3

    HELP ME PLEASE , Thanks

  394. yamam says:

    im very very,,Thank you so much 🙂

  395. Dominic says:

    Hello Mr. Batman 🙂
    Im wondering how to fixed my bluetooth device because it always response “NO BLUETOOTH DEVICE FOUND” can you help me for this problem ?

    I have acer aspire 4730z and it almost 1yr that i use this laptop and i found your website . Please Help me if you can do something or make a suggestions . ThankYou .! I’ll wait for you reply ok ? Thanks again

  396. Batman says:

    Hi Dominic,

    Were you able to use the bluetooth device on your laptop before? If not, then possibly it doesn’t come with a bluetooth module at all.

  397. Dominic says:

    aw ok .. thanks :))
    i didnt able to use it before :((

  398. anelta says:

    im very very,,Thank you so much 🙂

  399. Jamal says:

    strange problem in this model , the drivers on acer webpage aren for the newest microsoft O.S , i found the SATA driver for winvista here only but it didn’t work , i ve loaded the driver many times and it gave that its not compatible with the acer aspire 4730Z OB SATA chip, m still resolving and i hope its not M.B defect .. coz the HDD is not readable even when i changed from AHCI to IDE mode .. ..

  400. junie says:

    after format my laptop,i have problem error with modem device on high definition audio bus.. i need install what???

    thank a lot..

  401. Ti says:

    thank you

  402. april says:

    sir batman,

    pano po ba maginstall ng pci device ng windows xp sa acer aspire one.. lahat pu gumagana ung sounds lang po kaxe ung hindi.. salamat po

  403. april says:

    hi sir batman:)))

    pano po ba maginstall ng pci device ng windows xp sa acer aspire one.. lahat pu gumagana ung sounds lang po kaxe ung hindi.. salamat po

  404. jean says:

    thank you thankyou very much.. im glad theres someone like you whos very sensitive in needs of others.. big help God Bless You

  405. angel says:

    Wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. This has fixed my computer alot. I had vista then I went back down to xp.If it was not for you and posting this on a website, i do not know what i would have done. I am so thankful of people like you wanting to help others. God Bless you so much. One Question though. Can you post the wireless network Adapters for the Acer 43070z Series?

  406. Rak says:

    hi, i m having some trouble wid the usb … acer aspire 4730z comes only with 2 usb ports so when ever i try to connect a usb hub to my laptop to increase the usb ports it says smthng lyk ” usb2.00 can perform faster” and it doesen’t work properly.. can ny1 help..???

  407. Distronic says:

    Necesito funcionar Sonido de mi PC COMPAQ PRESARIO SG3209LA despues
    de cambio de SO Vista a XP Sp2

  408. Gabriel says:

    Please for Christ sake,I need this driver so mush.

  409. vinoth kumar says:

    thank you for co-operation. my drivers not installed in xp. this website driver are work properly…. now happy…

  410. farid says:


  411. Depen says:

    thanks acer ::. My driver cd was cracked and i use it ?:

  412. Dencio says:

    same prob with acer 4730..stuck ako sa 27% expanding windows files on win7 os..ayaw na mag tuloy..anu ggwin ko?

  413. Mohamadchamal says:

    Hello Mr i need help with my Aspire4730 laptop.How do I install the wireless driver?pls help me using LAN is terrible for me.

  414. m0rnay paul0 says:

    i never seen a different company like dell’s.

  415. bishwa says:

    hi sir,

    i am having some trouble wid the keyboard and mouse pad it is not working any keyboards key and mouse pad too on acer aspire 4730z. i am trying to do the best but not sucess so plz let me know about the problem and solve the problem.

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