Access Denied in Manual Driver Update - Windows 7

Some of you guys might’ve ran through this problem when manually updating your drivers for your adapter, probably wireless. When I browsed for the driver (inf) after extracting/unzipping the file, I get “ACCESS DENIED”. I was using a linksys wireless adapter.

Thank goodness I found the culprit behind it! Windows 7! It appeared that Windows7 automatically decrypted the folders after it was extracted. Try this simple fix, it worked for me.

1. Unzip the downloaded driver file. Right click the extracted driver folder and click on properties. Make sure read only is not selected.


2. Click advance and make sure to uncheck Encrypt contents to secure data. Click OK all your way out!


So that’s pretty much it, easy and quick! Try to manually update your drivers again.

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5 Comments on Access Denied in Manual Driver Update - Windows 7 »

Michael Davie @ 4:23 pm:

Thanks, I had this exact problem!

Simon @ 1:23 pm:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been reading all the forums and talking to lynksis techs,nothing was working… After spending days to figure out how to install my internet i finally found ur site.. Took 3 seconds and was working!!! Can’t believe it was only that… Thank you a thousand times !!!

pirifys @ 7:54 pm:

thanks mate, after going through so much hassle I was very relieved to finally find the solution

Vitaliy @ 4:59 pm:

thank you a lot man. you saved me

moodkiller @ 8:21 pm:

any ideas if you have followed these steps and when you try to manually install the drivers, it still comes up with “access is denied”??

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