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This is a quick post on the error that I’ve encountered on one of the deployments I’ve performed on a client’s site which is using Angular Material to render calendar and clock widgets with current version 1.1.1. Angular Material is dependent on AngularJS, Angular-Aria, Angular-Animate which recently released version 1.6.0 resulting to a compatibility issue.

When you install Angular Material 1.1.1 with Angular 1.6.0 to satisfy its dependency, Angular Material will not be able to detect the installed Angular 1.6.0.

This can be fixed through the following:

1. Install Angular Material version 1.1.1 with Angular version 1.5.9

2. Install Angular Material version 1.1.0 with Angular version 1.6.0

Don’t forget to clean your npm cache or uninstall the previously installed packages.

That’s about it, drop me an email if you have questions or another workaround on this issue.

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