One good thing about having the latest Xbox360 slim game console is that it comes with a built-in wifi adapter that you can use to connect to Xbox Live network and play Xbox games online. This how-to will guide you on how to connect your Xbox360 to your home network using its integrated wireless network (wifi) adapter.

So here’s how to configure the Xbox360 slim with Kinect to connect to the internet through its wireless adapter. It is actually pretty easy to setup assuming you already have a working wireless router and internet connection in place.

1. Power up your Xbox360 console, and on the welcome screen, scroll to the right and look for Go Wireless.

xbox360 welcome

2. Open Go wireless tab to see the available networks and select your wireless network name (SSID). You will also see there a tab for Wired network as Xbox360 Slim also comes with a built-in network card for those using wired network.

go wireless

wireless network

3. Enter your wireless network key and hit done button when finished. You will then be asked to continue, select Yes.

xbox360 wireless key

xbox360 wireless testing

4. Xbox360 will then test your connection by connecting to the Xbox Live network which requires a working internet connection.

xbox360 wireless connection

5. When the connection testing is complete, you will then be asked to proceed to registering an Xbox Live account.

xbox360 setup

That’s about it, you just setup your Xbox360 Slim game console to connect to Xbox Live through wireless connection.

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