I’ve been looking for a free dynamic dns service that I can use to resolve the ip address that is dynamically assigned by my internet service provider to my home router. The search led me to DNSQuackie, which provide just what I needed on a dynamic dns service, a reliable and free dynamic dns.

It also supports both dynamic and static ip name resolutions. For routers that support custom DDNS entry, you can use DNSQuackie directly through its direct authentication interface.

manage dnsquackie

DNSQuackie’s dynamic dns client is easy to use and automatically detect ip changes and send that changes to the server without having to logout and relogin.

dnsquackie client

Below is how it looks like when you have logged in already on the server

logged in dnsquackie client

Then below is the nslookup result after logging in to the server.

nslookup dnsquackie

If you check the management page, your default host should be updated to your current assigned ip.

dnsquackie manage ip

Now I can access my remote desktop from anywhere by just using my dnsquackie assigned hostname. If you’re also looking for the same type of service then click here to create an account.

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