How to Configure Linksys RE1000 Range Expander Manually

The Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Extender lets you repeat the wireless signal of any Access Point or Router to provide Internet connectivity in hard to reach areas via a wired or wireless connection. The Linksys RE1000 acts as an extension to your router or access point so you can connect multiple devices to it.

linksys re1000 range expander

Linksys RE1000 wireless-N range extender can be set up manually by accessing its web-based set up page, by using the Cisco Connect software if you have it installed in your computer, by using the setup CD that comes with the device or using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup on the RE1000 if your router also supports WPS feature.

How to Access the Web UI of RE1000

Note that the default IP Address of the Expander is accessible only using the 2 method

1. Using an Ethernet Cord, connect the expander directly to your computer. This type of connection is highly recommended for a more stable connectivity to the RE1000.

network diagram

1.a. Open a browser and access (no username and password is admin).
1.b. Go to the Basic Wireless settings tab to configure your SSID and Security.

Cisco RE1000 Interface

NOTE: The SSID and network key or password is case sensitive. If your range expander’s Channel settings do not match with the router’s Channel, the range expander may not work. The SSIS should also be with the same with the router.
1.c. Save the settings

2. Direct Wireless Connection
Using your computer’s wireless capability, look for the default Network Name (SSID). Connecting to the range extender’s default Network Name (SSID) will enable your computer to communicate with the extender wirelessly.

NOTE: The default SSID of your Linksys range extender is LinksysExtenderXXXXX. Where XXXXX is the last five digits of its serial number.

wifi connection

Do the same steps in accessing the RE1000’s setup page ones you have successfully connected to LinksysExtenderXXXXX.

linksys re1000


  1. Charles says:

    This is my second try with linksys. The first try never got resolved even with tech support help and i finally threw it in the garbage.this time i needed 3 repeaters so i bought from 3 companies to avoid confusing myself with which i was working with.
    The dlink i plugged in, selected my site and was running in a few mnutes.
    The netgear was the same.
    I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what this stupi linksys de1000 wants from me.
    AGAIN !!!
    Why don’t these things just plug in and work like everybody else’s????

    I select a site and get the message “you must enter a key” without even a place to type one.
    What is that and why do i have to figure it out. If somebody doesn’t give me a simple quick fix by tomorrow this thing’s going back to the store and nobody that ever asks my opinion will be buying a linksys product.

    • Charles Dayton says:

      I had the same problems. The cd is useless. I also downloaded what is on the cd from linksys – still couldn’t get it to work.
      Finally tried pushing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on my router and on the RE1000 and now they work! (I bought a refurbished pair)

  2. John Linder says:

    I had it setup in 4 minutes. Lit my house up like a Christmas tree on all 3 floors. Simple, efficient and non intrusive. Plus right into a wall socket. I highly recommend this Cisco product!

    • Austin says:

      When I type in the IP address it time out before connecting, any suggestions?

  3. Keith Marting says:

    I agree, Cisco/Linksys consumer products are a disgrace. I bought a DPC3825 and RE1000. I’m not the sharpest guy. But, I have an engineering degree. This crap took four hours to setup. Bottom line: don’t buy Cisco consumer products – they are crap.

    • Pablo says:

      Hi, can you tell me how you made the DPC3825 and the RE1000 worked together?? Im having problems connecting each others.. Thx

  4. Rar says:

    Make sure that your router supports wireless-N !!!

  5. helbert says:

    Ever since I bought this RE1000 I have not been able to set it up. the manual process is the simplest way to get somewhere, but after configuring it and saving the changes, it goes on and on until the browser window timesout. then I question if it was configured or not, then testing it I just don´t see the signal improving. I have had the computer 4 feet away and the signal still weak, so the bottom line is not working. I alread trashing this lousy product. I have a D-Link Extreme N Series in case someone has a suggestion.

  6. Louis says:

    Same here, in the past i had quite a collection of Linksys products, all to my satisfaction. The last couple of years, with the ER100 as final drop, i’m done with Cisco/Linksys. The ER1000 goes in the bin and the Linksys book closed forever. It is a crime to sell crap like this to the public

  7. Lars Erlandsen says:

    I agree it partially sucks. I wasted an hour trying to connect to it and set it up using the inbuilt website. At crucial moments, the router went AWOL, and I go no further. The wired interface would not connect at all from cold.

    I then borrowed a MAC and threw the CD in, followed the instructions, and a short while later, it was all set up.

  8. sean riley says:

    I spent hours trying to set up my RE1000 but to no avail. Should be very simple but it never would complete the setup. Tried the hard wire method but it said I needed a user ID and password. ?????????
    I’m taking it back.

  9. ian says:

    Following error message generated when trying to set up Cisco Wireless Range Extender Model RE1000

    Error code: 82BE010C
    Model number: RE1000
    Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit) SP 1
    Software version: 1.1.12173.0

    After giving up on Cisco Live Chat (I wonder just how live?). The light came on. Switch off anti-virus software and firewall before running set up CD. Bingo!!!!

  10. Tom says:

    This product is extremely unreliable. It started off well, but them it stopped connecting the attached clients. Plenty of resetting tries did not help to access it. Nice concept, lousy product. Shame on Cisco.

  11. Cerd says:

    When I enter it requires a username and password, what do I do?

    • Blindman says:

      Just type in password box only. admin…

  12. Ngan says:

    upgrading to a much more powerful router is a better option than purchasing a range extender, this is based on my own experience. a weak router will only send weaker signal across the range extender, get a router with 6 antennas.

  13. Cerd says:

    Seriously, what do I put in Username and Password?

  14. Douwe van rees says:

    Try “admin” which should be the default username. No password required

  15. Ali says:

    the default username: admin
    default password: admin

  16. Vashisht says:

    I set it up in less than a minute using the web based set up. And it works perfectly for me. Had some previous problems however due to its placement but woth proper location it works perfectly

  17. Our site says:

    Hi there, I found your web site by the use of Google whilst searching for a related
    subject, your website came up, it appears great. I have bookmarked it in my google

  18. john wayne says:

    all the cisco haters…. you are terrible. If you don’t know how network works then don’t leave comments

  19. Phil says:

    In my case the password is ‘blank’ (nothing) and username ‘admin’.

  20. Noby says:

    I installed Cisco RE1000 extender,system shows the procedures compleated. But the system showing good signal with extender,no speed internet(Same like before working without extender).

    and also If i put on the address, not open the linksys .

    Please advice if there any setting

  21. S32653 says:

    I bought the Cisco/Linksys RE1000, loaded the software on my Macbook Pro ran it up and powered the Re1000 up when the software ask me to. The scanner found the hardware in less than 10 seconds and had the RE1000 up and expanding my network signal just fine. The whole process took less than 3 minutes. I have extensively tested the RE1000 on various RV campgrounds (8 so far) and have had excellent results with it. I don’t know what kind of gear you are running but with a Mac running 10.8 it works great. I have even used it VirtualBox & Windows 7 & 8 (btw my Windows applications run better on my Mac than on any of the PCs I ever owned) I’ve been in this game since 1966 when a PC was only a dream some guys had. Bottom line, don’t run down the hardware because you don’t know how to set it up. Cisco ( the best in the world at what they do) would never had bought Linksys if the hardware was junk …. think about it.

  22. TT says:

    I got mine to work fine with the auto-setup. A few pieces of advice.

    If you bobble the set-up in some way, either manual or automatic based, reset the device to factory default by holding the reset button (lil one one back…get a pen) for over 8 seconds (I did 16). Give the thing time to boot up again…get some coffee.

    When you configure the thing, have it about 3 feet away from your main router, not where you want it to be ultimately.

    If you do auto-setup, There is a screen that says “you can move it now yadda yadda…” I didn’t. I hit next and it does a check of your extender’s internet connection. Then I moved it.

    When you move it, move it pretty far to the extent of your main routers range. Don’t get the idea that if you place it in the meaty center of your main routers signal strength it will be better. Put it at about 10% left.

    Get a wifi analyzer for your tablet and check it out. You get the extender that has the same network name as your main router overlaid with the main router on the same channel (which in this case I think is a good thing). Walk from the extended area of your space back to the main router and watch the signal strengths change places as you go. Fun!

  23. Gmt says:

    I just put the CD on my mac and took me less than 3 minutes,
    Forget about finding the I.P.adress its imposible to get in there,and unnecesary at all….just put the cd in and follow the 3-4 steps, its simplier than what it looks like….

  24. George says:

    Do i have to name the ssid in the RE1000 setup the same as my router’s? My router is Linksys WAG120N, it is totally failure till now… (to cooperate with RE1000)

  25. Steve E says:

    piece of garbage will never even recommend this crab. RE1000 is made China and its not worth 1 penny.

  26. Steven says:

    You have to set the router to support long preamble on the wireless. If this is not done the device does not work worth a dam. If you enable this feature on your primary network you are good to go.

  27. Mackcaddy says:

    Type admin in the password box and nothing in the username

  28. Faisal says:

    I bought this Linksys RE2000 trying many ways to set it up no way, not woth the money, I have spent $100 for nothing, it is a garbage…

  29. Scott says:

    I had to set my extender up manually beceause i didn’t have a wireless device with a cd draw, so i couldn’t run the software, but it configured easily nontheless. Works great and gives me 72Mbps @ 80 feet from the router. Cheers.

  30. said says:

    I managed to set it up in two minutes but after an hour it just jams the router, X3500, and internet connection is jammed all around the house, any ideas I really appreciate the help

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