How to configure a linksys WAP54G (access point)

Linksys WAP54G

This device offers 4 modes of configuration. But you have to be careful because we cannot just set this access point into any mode without checking first for its compatibility. I will show you how to configure the device manually. Before the steps, here are the four ways this device is capable of functioning.

First as a plain Access Point, needs to be connected into a wired device (e.g. router, switch).

Second, as a Repeater, now you have to take note that it only works as a repeater with another linksys wireless router, not any wireless router but specifically WRT54G all versions.

Another configurations, Access Point Client and as a Wireless Bridge, also take note that when set to “AP Client” and “Wireless Bridge” mode, this device will only communicate with another Linksys Access Point (WAP54G), preferably same hardware and firmware version.

Important Note:AP Client, Wireless Repeater, and Bridging modes, make sure the SSID, channel, and Security/WEP key settings are the same for all access points. WPA will not work with an AP Client, Wireless Repeater and Wireless Bridge modes. Device IP is

ACCESS POINT MODE – this mode allows wireless client to connect to the access point and routes traffic between the wireless and wired interface. Use this mode to create a standard wireless Infrastructure network.

By default the AP mode is set to Access Point.

1. Push the reset button while it’s powered up, release the reset button then unplug and replug the power cord.

WAP54G back panel

2. If your router’s IP address is 192.168.1.x, you may just hardwire your access point directly to the router and on your computer launch an Internet Explorer or any browser. On the address bar type in, type in admin as password, no username.

3. If you are configuring the device without a router or if the router has a local IP address other than 192.168.1.x, get your computer and, hardwire the access point to it and assign a static IP address, eg. Open a browser an access on your address bar, password is admin.

4. By default in the setup page under Network Setup, Configuration type is set to Static IP, leave it as it is or if your router has different Network settings (ex., you may change the IP address following the range of your existing network (, default gateway should be the IP address of your router, save settings. Click now on AP MODE subtab, select on Access Point and save the settings.

5. Click now on Wireless and configure your wireless settings (WIRELESS SECURITY subtab and select the desired encryption (WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, WPA2-mixed, WPA-enterprise, RADIUS), these are the security supported on the latest version releases. Take note of your encryption and of course save the settings. Turn off the access point and unplug it from the computer, set the computer’s IP address back to Obtain. Connect the access point to your router/switch regular port and power it up. It’s ready now for testing. Should there be any problem, try to powercycle the whole network (modem-router-access point).

Wireless Repeater – This mode will turn the access point into a wireless repeater. Enter the wireless MAC address of the access point whose signal you would like to repeat.

Linksys WAP54G repeater diagram

– Do the same things you did in setting the device to AP but this time on the AP Mode tab, select on WIRELESS REPEATER radio button and make sure you know the WIRELESS MAC ADDRESS of your router or another WAP54G (STATUS tab > Wireless) since you need to input that in the blank field alloted. Save the settings and check if you can connect.

AP Client – this will allow the device to act as a wireless client. You can enter the Wireless MAC address of the Access Point or use the Site Survey button to select the Access Point you want to connect.
– Under the AP Mode tab, select AP Client and push on the Site Survey button to check for the wireless network you want to connect and select it, automatically it will copy its Wireless MAC or you can manually type in the wireless mac of your network source.

Wireless Bridge – This is to create a wireless connection between two or more wired networks. This mode connects the physically separated, wired network using multiple access points. Wireless clients will not be able to connect to the access point in this mode. Enter the wireless MAC address of the wireless access points that you would like to bridge together.

– Know the Wireless MAC of your other Access Point and input it on the blank field. And do the same thing to the other WAP, they just change Wireless MAC to ensure that they only recognize each other. No intrusion from another network.

That’s it!! If you are having hard time connecting after configuring everything, make sure you perform a complete power cycle.

Contributed by: Pinks0da


  1. jonny says:

    What about the channel?
    Should the first AP have the same as the second?
    Or should the channels be different?


  2. Batman says:

    Hello Jonny,

    Should be on the same channel.


  3. Jeff says:

    When configuring the WAP54G as a repeater, is a switch required? If so, do I hard wire it into the, “internet” port on the WAP54G? I have a WRT54G at my neighbors house with internet transmitting out of it. I have a “Hawking” directional antenna hooked up to one of the antenna ports. On my end I have a WAP54G with the same type of directional antenna hooked up. I have set the WAP54G to repeater mode and entered in the MAC address of the WRT54G into it. My laptop connects to the WAP54G and does not see the internet or network from my neighbor. Can you help?

    (same channel, no security yet. Signal should be good)

  4. Batman says:

    Hi Jeff!

    Switch is not required, since being a repeater it only repeats (extends) the signal of your main access point, thus hardwiring it to another device is useless. Ensure that you input the Wireless MAC Address of the router (Status tab >> Wireless). Check the IP settings of your WAP4G if it is in range with your WRT54G router and check the default gateway if it’s the router’s IP Address.


  5. yojohn says:

    I have a stand-alone network IP camera that’s not wireless and I’d like to make it wireless by connecting it to a WAP54G in bridge mode and letting it communicate to my WRT54G which is wired to my PC. Both units have the latest firmware. Currently the cam is working fine plugged into the WRT and it has it’s own IP and processor, so I would think it would work with the WAP.


  6. mohamed says:

    i set password on ap but when i set password on repeater i cannot access to internet within the repeater .when i cancel the password on ap and repeater i can access the internet please advise how can i set the repeater with password

  7. Alex says:

    If I change the IP address of the AP to one in the 192.168.0.x range I can’t access it anymore (yes I change the address of the interface of the Pc that I use to access it). If I use any other subnet works. Anyone knows why this happens or its happening to me only?

  8. Dileep Mishra says:


  9. George says:

    I have a linksys WAP54G configured as an access point. My two wireless laptops have the IPs and The internet works OK for both laptops I can not ping from one laptop to the other. I want to make a network between the two laptops. Ehat do I have to do?

  10. Batman says:

    Hello George,

    Make sure that none of the computers have its firewall enabled or at least check that your firewall is not blocking any access from one computer to the other. If you want to be able to share files between the two computers then make sure that you have the file and printer sharing enabled.


  11. John Davies says:

    My WAP54G will not reset to create the default IP address of

    I have tried all variations of pressing the reset butting and powering off to no avail.

    The Linksys setup utility fails to find it, and my IP scanner fails to locate it in the range to, though it finds all the other devices attached to the router.

    I have even tried linking it directly to the PC’s network card, and both the Linksys setup utility anf IP scanner report no device present.

    I feel I have not carried out the reset procedure correctly – can any one advise, very accurately, please.

    Cheers, John.

  12. George says:

    Now it works (with firewall from an antivirus programm removed). I am wondering if there is a utility to check the computers connected to the acces point.


  13. Batman says:


    check on the status page of your access point, it should be listed there.

  14. Ebrahim Karimi says:

    I planned to create a network between my computer in my house and my brother’s computer in his house; these are my available hardware and specifications:
    1- two Access Point (WAP54G) devices
    2- Distance between houses is 70 meter

    I don’t know to set access point in which mode; access point or ap client or repeater or bridge?
    I hope any one can helps me!

  15. soda says:


    You can either set that as a repeater or an access point client or wireless bridge depending on the devices your brother has. I assume you have your own router aside from the WAP54G. Does your brother only have 1 computer and it it a wireless computer? If yes then you can set the second WAP54G as a Repeater but if you are to hardwire the WAP54G (your brother’s side) to another router there or hub/switch, you can set the access point to Bridge or AP Client then hardwire it to your brother’s router/switch/hub.


  16. aidan says:

    In bridged mode can the second WAP54G connect directly to desktop ethernet port, ir do you need a router on both sides?

  17. soda says:


    Yes, it can be wired directly to your computer’s ethernet port. but if you want more computers to connect on that side of the second WAP54G then you may plug it into a switch or another router.


  18. Ingo says:

    @John Davies – I experienced the same issue on a Linksys WET101 WLan bridge. After I changed the IP from to there was now way to connect to it again. I had the impression that the Reset-Button was not having any effect (at least the device did not flicker with any LED to show it was resetted). Finally I opend the chasis to close the reset contact manually because I thought the reset switch was broken. Actually the device showed activity resetting it like this but it still was not possible to connect to it. After spending 2 days I kicked it into the garbage. Obviously Linksys is having a general quality Problem here – I thought about triing a WAP54 but I am not sure yet… did you manage to get it back to life?

  19. Gabriel says:

    My aunt has a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista and I am trying to configure this access point. When doing the first steps I encounter that the wireless card has 2 ip configurations, Iv4p and Iv6p. One of them, when I click in its properties looks exactly as a TCP/IP configuration. The other one doesn’t. So I took a chance and changed the one that seemed to me, but I couldn’t access via browser to the utility page. That is, when I entered then Page not found. If I leave the automatic Ip configuration, the ip looks very different from
    My other option was to download the drivers available in linksys web site, but I had no luck. After instalind Gaurdkey, I doesn’t seem to work well, since I cannot enter any or password because the button is disabled.

  20. Gabriel says:

    I forgot to mention that I can browse without trouble. But I really need to add a password or a MAC filtering for obvious reasons.

  21. Gabriel says:

    sorry ipv4, ipv5

  22. Chris says:

    I am running AT&T Uverse at my house. I have the gateway in one room, and the three desktops in another. I don’t want to run cable accross the house, so I have an idea. One of the desktops has a wireless card, the others are only there temporarily so I don’t want to spend the money on them. Is is possible to connect the two without cards to a router, put a WAP on the router, and set the WAP to act as a bridge, WITHOUT killing the wireless access on his computer?

  23. Batman says:


    I’m afraid that won’t be possible unless you have WAPs on both sides (the router and desktops)running in bridge mode.

    However, you can set the WAP to act as access point, then connect the desktop with the wireless card to it. The two other desktops then be hardwired and setup to connect to the desktop with wireless card as its gateway, the only caveat on this setup is that the desktop which act as the gateway stays up for the wired desktops to be able to connect to the net.

    Hope that helps.

  24. Saif says:

    I have wimax device that I am using with my laptop using ethenet port. This wiMax device (Samsung SMT-S3500), does not have option for wirless access. Now I want to use linksys WAP54G to access internet on my laptop. What steps should I follow?

  25. drastant says:

    Hi all
    please help me solve this problem.
    I have a LAN which conncets to inter net through DSN so the computers have ip and gateway as and then dsn now i have connceted the WAP54G to one of my swithc. and then i connected to it through web browser from my hp laptop with vista i gave WAP54G a static ip address of our range i.e now it works fine but when i connect to wireless network transmited by WAP54G my laptop accuires a funny ip address and not of the series…. and hence not able to conncet to the network or internet

    please help

  26. Batman says:


    Check that you have the dhcp enabled on your router, else, you can assign a static ip address on your laptop.

  27. drastant says:

    Batman thanks for reply
    my router is DHCP enabled but it does not give the ip of our range i.e 192.168.60.XXXX but it gives funny address like 169.154XXX. setting the ALTERNATE IP TAB ON THE DHCP solves the problem but i want a permanent solution so i dont have to set an alternate ip for DHCP on every laptop that wants to connect it.

  28. Batman says:


    try to do a factory default reset, then reconfigure your router but before you do that, please take note your current settings or better yet create a backup of it.

  29. samudra says:

    how to configure WRT300N as AP repeater/ client ?

  30. bryan says:

    Not sure if this is monitored but I’ll ask anyway…

    I’m trying to add a WAP54G Access point to my network as a wireless repeater to extend the range of my home network. I have my DSL modem connected to a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. When the WAP54G AP is not in the mix, my laptop will connect wirelessly to my network (through the WRT54G router), and I can connect to the internet.
    When I add the WAP54G to the mix as a repeater (and yes, I used the MAC address of the WRT54G router as the address to repeat), I can no longer connect to the internet with my laptop because the laptop is now connecting to the AP. The laptop says that I only have local connection. Any ideas about my setup?

  31. Joe says:

    Hi i’m trying to connect my pc to a wap54g and have it talk to my wrt54g for an internet connection, i’ve done this before but not in a long time, was wondering if anyone could help me out.

    Thank you

  32. yogs says:

    I planned to create a network in the two building using my two WRT54G. Is it possible to communicate this connection? If it is possible, please tell me how to configure it. My available hardware and specifications:
    1.) two Wireless router (WRT54G) devices
    2.) two TRENDnet TEW-AO19D 19 dBi Outdoor High-Gain Directional Antenna
    3.) Distance between building is 300 meter

    I hope any one can helps me!

  33. Dino says:


    This is my recommended setup on your scenario.

    Location 1 (i assume this is your main network)

    1 Wireless Router (wrt54g)
    1 TRENDnet TEW-AO19D Hi-Gain Antenna

    Location 2

    1 Wireless AP (set this to client mode)
    1 TRENDnet TEW-AO19D Hi-Gain Antenna

    You can add the mac address of your wireless ap to the mac address filter table of on your wireless router to avoid unauthorized access to your wireless network.

    I hope it helps.


  34. Mike says:

    I have a linksys wap54 i am always losing connectivity to the internet. some times its fine other times i have to unplug the ap and plug it back in before i can get online again. i have tried to change channels but so far none have fixed the problem. is there anything else i could try.

  35. zahir says:

    Hi, I’m trying to install new WRH54G internet router into a existing network having two WAP54G AP in which one is acting as a repeater.But unfortunately I can’t add this new device in to my network. Please post help then I would be great thankful to all !.

  36. mann says:

    i am using Linksys wireless access point WAP54G with ses,it’s working fine with internet,but when i am configuring the mail id from ms outlook,i am not able to send & receive the mails.

  37. Narasimham says:

    I want know WAP54G network range. Means how much distance it will work.

  38. JBabon says:

    Hello, i have a problem with WAP54G. i try to use it as a repeater with a sagem router. But it doesn’t repeat ? could anyone help me ? thank you

  39. Batman says:


    I’m afraid there’s a specific compatibility with WAP54G setting it as a Repeater. Check out the user web interface, scroll down and check on the notes…

  40. Eng. Sabry Egypt says:

    i have linksys acces point WAP54G i need to config it as the acces point static ip and give ip for the users automaticaly in the range
    plase give me soluation

  41. Nasim Akbary says:

    Hi Friends, I need help finding an access point / router to work with a wide range coverage like 300 – 500 meters.
    Please, let me have your suggestions, ideas about it.
    My email address: [email protected]

    looking forward,

    • John M in San Diego says:

      You don’t need a special router. You need a special antenna and, of course, a router to which you can connect an external antenna.

      Presently, the Linksys WRT-54 series routers are being routinely used with modified firmware to communicate over distances up to a half mile. Right this second, I have a link with one of my neighbors who is 1700 feet away, We each have a gain antenna on the roof connected to the router inside with about 25 feet of coaxial cable.

      This is not hard but if you don’t do it correctly you are wasting the effort. Find a local expert.

  42. Dennis says:

    is there someone can help?
    i have WRTG2-SG and want it to work as WAP, is this is posible.

  43. Jay says:

    I successfully configured the WRT54G and able to access wireless with out any problem. Now I have another laptop and I am not able to access internet wirelessly from new laptop. I entered the MAC address of the new laptop but still not able to connect. Any advise please?

  44. morad karama says:

    when i connect 5 access point (linksys) with a switch to linksys modem they are work for sometime (one day) then the message(limeted connectivity) appear in all laptops

  45. Dan says:

    I cannot access the note section. Has the site changed?


  46. Tom says:

    Did you ever get an answer?

  47. suresh says:

    Linksys WAP 54G configuration setting
    After configure the wirless settings

    Step :1

    Go to Network connections->Right click of wireless connection -> Properties ->
    assing the IP address
    Ip address : 192.168.1.***
    subnet mask :
    Default gateway : which is what you are assigning in your Local area connection r default ip address of your wireless and

    Step : 2

    Go to Browser :

    Tools menu-> option – > advance -> network -> settings -> connection -> select Manual proxy connection and assign ur gateway ip address ( port 3128

    this working v nice

  48. DARKO says:

    Im having trouble adding another laptop ,
    have scientific atlanta router and wep54g , i get access on all wireless machines but only 1 of them can use internet. can you please advise.


  49. Georgy says:

    My WAP54G has alimit of 15 users how can i extend this? does it have a limit on how many clients can connect through it?


  50. jj says:

    awesome awesome awesome. I finally got it working. thank you so very much. I have gone to almost every site googles suggested by far this is the best. nice job!

  51. Ambrogino says:

    I have a WRT54G2 (not a WRT54G) and a WAP54G in Wireless Repeater mode. Although everything connects, the signal is repeated and strengthened, no network or internet access. Cisco/Linksys support says the the WRT54G2 is not supported by the WAP54G in the same way as the WRT54G and it will not work. Say it ain’t so! Anyone know how to make it work since it seems to be 80% there? Thanks so much for any feedback.

  52. Jim says:

    I have DSL coming into a lynksys router, I want to add a wireless for my guest at the canpground, I have a high gain omni-directional antenna to mount outside the store. and I do not want the geust to have to use a pasword to get in to the network. Will this lynksys AP work in this case?

  53. vinod says:

    you have to use another roughter to extend the limit of the users in place of one roughter you have two use two roughter

  54. Jenny says:

    I have this router and two macs. I can only get one of the macs at a time to connect to the internet. Is there a way to configure it so that both computers can connect to the internet at the same time? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  55. Corazon V. Ligaray says:

    our dormitory residents wanted to buy either routers or wireless access points. we have already a switch where we can connect those. please advise us. our dorm is rectangular around 60 meters by 13 meters area.

  56. Garrett says:

    I input and it asks for credentials. So i put in admin and leave password blank but it wont let me in. I got this router used so is it possible it already has been set up? Is there any way i can recover the username and password?

  57. Catclaw says:

    I want to connect a sony lf-b10 to wirelessy connect to my router. It has been connected but stopped. The sony works fine when connected to my router with a cable. It is the wireless mode I need.

    I have 2 wap54g Ap. My router is a wrp54g. I use win xpsp2or3.

    Can you tell me which mode (ap, bridge,etc) to use for the wap54g? (These things hate me and they do anything they can to destroy my pursuit of a happy day!!)

    I have had the sony working wirelessly using the 2 WAp54 g as a bridge but the connection drops out (stops, quits or whatever the xx). My genius son had the sony working wirelessy to my router using just one wap54g, but I cannot. He’ll be here this weekend but this is a personal thing. I’d love to get it done myself, sort of,anyway.

    I may have goofed with the mac, but I will retry.

    You help would be greatly appreciated.

  58. Mike says:

    Try leaving the username blank, and type admin as password.

  59. Shahzad says:

    I have Lan (Internet Cable) in my room but I want to connect my Nokia E75 with Wireless. Is this WAP54G is acccessible when I connect Lan to it???

  60. Bernardo says:

    Hey… I have the same problem connecting WRt54G2 v1 to WRE54G v3, did you found any way arround this problem…?

  61. Nick says:

    hi, i curently have a small client server network in my office which consists of 4 workstations a server and a router with internet connection all the nodes are connected directly to the switch. I want to install wireless so that other device’s can connect wirelessly to my network, these other wireless devices will be in other rooms on the same floor as my office and also the floor above what is the best way around this thanks.

  62. Patrick says:

    Ok, I need to hook up a Panasonic Viera TC-P46G10 to my home network. The Viera has an ethernet port, but is quite a ways from my router (for a wired connection). Can I connect the WAP54G to my my existing WRT54G as a Wireless Bridge/Access Point and then (via ethernet cable) to the Viera? If so, how do I configure the WAP54G, as a Wireless Bridge or Access Point?

    Thank you SO much in advance for your anticipated speedy response and expertise!

  63. engchhunseng says:

    i use wifi linksys WAP54G, why when someone connect it, it always hang…??i have change to channel 6, 1 or 11, but still hang..

  64. James Hyde says:

    Can I Use The WAP54G Access Point To Connect My Computer To The Internet And Conect The To The Access Point Built In To My Actiontec GT701-WG DSL modem

  65. Renzo says:

    Hi, well i got 2 WAP54G and i want to configure bridge wireless, but PCs in my organization have fixed IP, how i do to configure this?

  66. soda says:

    You can set your WAP54G as an Access Point Client.Look for the AP Client in the article. You will definitely need a computer to configure the WAP as an AP Client. 2 points to remember, make sure u know the wireless mac address of ur source (WRT54G), normally its under the Status tab of your router. You have 2 MAC addresses there, the LAN MAC address and the Wireless MAC Address. You will need the wireless MAC Address. And also, make sure that the LAN IP Address of your WAP is in the same range of your router. By default they are in the same range 192.18.1.x , but if the LAN IP of your router has been chnged, u have to d the same on your WAP, ex. if router is now, WAP54G must be

    After configuring it, one way of testing is to check if the computer used to configure it can go online (wirelessly using the WAP). If that’s a yes, then it is now ready to connect to your Panasonic Tiera.

    Hope tht helps!

  67. soda says:

    i am guessing the first wap will be connected to your main router? the second wap where is it going to be connected (another router/ switch/ hub)? you mentioned u wanted to set them to bridge mode. Remember that you wont be able to use the wireless part of it if that’s ur plan setup.

    Regarding the fixed IPs set on your computers, there should be no problem with that, we just need to understand ur current network setup and know what IP range are your computers assigned with. 🙂

  68. soda says:

    i believe u have to leave username blank and password is admin. If that won’t work and you can’t remember any other password created, might as well reset the wap and reconfigure it.

  69. ERIC SANTIAGO says:

    hola necesito ayuda, tengo cableado tres equipos a un switch, tengo acceso a inalambricos a mi alrededor, tengo un router y access poin inalambricos linksys, no puedo introducir cable por ningun lado al sw, la unica forma es inalambrico pero no tengo tarjetas inalambricas, he logrado configurar el access point como repetidor en los tres modos y con una lap si tengo acceso a internet inalambrico, pero por ethernet al sw no me da internet, alguien me puede ayudar en que estoy fallando o que me falta configurar, para obtener internet por ethernet de un repetidor access point. gracias se los agradeceria enormemente.

  70. chandima says:

    I have big problem our hotel with sevan flors each flor having 2 wireless routers and 8 wap54g Ap everyday some AP are not working i change the ip address for all theAP and same gateway for all the AP and same SSID is that correct or plz help me to sort out this problem thanks.

  71. Greg says:

    Is the WAP54G compatible with the WRT54N?

  72. Bo says:

    I have a Motorola dsl wireless modem from att upstairs in my office and a linksys wap54g downstairs connected by a switch for wireless. Everything works except when i go upstairs to downstairs my laptop will not see the wap54g. If i start my laptop downstairs it will see the wap54g but not the motorola when i go upstairs. The laptop stays connected to the one that you are closest to when you start the computer. How do I get the motorola and wap54g to work together, so when I go from up to down or down to up the laptop will switch to the strongest signal.

    I have the wap54g in ap mode and each one on a different channel. The gateway on the wap54g is set to the motorola modem. The ssid is the same for both.

    Thanks for the help.

  73. Don Wright says:

    In a wireless network, with two or more access points, all access points should share the same channel, SSID, and encryption settings. This allows a client to roam between access points without the loss of signal or the need to reconnect.

  74. Don Wright says:


    169.154XXX is the Automatic IP Address range that a network node, which is set to use DHCP, assigns itself when no DHCP server can be found. If I read this correctly, it sounds like you have your router set to use DHCP but it is not able to locate a DHCP server (and, thus is defaulting to a 169.154XXX Address). If this is the case, then the problem might be with your modem and not the router.


  75. Don Wright says:


    An IP address is made up of four sets of octets (e.g., Each octet must be within the range of 1 to 254. The numbers 0 and 255 are reserved by the network and used in the the makeup of the subnet mask. Therefore, 192.168.0.x is not a “legal” IP address.


  76. Don Wright says:


    It sounds like you already have a network; both machines are in the same range and can, successfully, ping each other. All you need to do now is set up file and printer settings and create shares. To do this, for Windows XP, simply run the Network Setup Wizard from the Start menu (or type “NETSETUP” from the run menu). In windows VISTA or 7, right click the network tray item (next to the clock in the lower right hand corner) and click “Network and Sharing Center.” Click on the “Network” link and follow any prompts to make your network private.


  77. Don Wright says:

    John Davies:

    Sometimes you have to hold the restet button in for 30 seconds (ro more) to get it to work. Also, check to be sure the rest button isn’t suck in the “in” position.


  78. Don Wright says:

    Ingo: is not at “legal” IP address. Refer to my reply to drastant for details.

  79. Don Wright says:


    IPv6 is a new protocol designed to augment IPv4. It hasn’t completely taken off, yet, and so allot of devices do not support it. The safest bet is to leave them both in “Automatically Discover” (DHCP) for both the IP Address and the DNS Servers. Now, if the “funny” IP address you are receiving is in the range of, then that means your machine was not able to locate a DHCP server and the problem is, probably, lies in your modem.


  80. Don Wright says:


    There is no IPv5. IPv5 was the unofficial name of the experimental internet stream protocol, it was never introduced for public use. It was a protocol used to transfer human voice data over the internet back in the 1973, but did it at the IP layer.

    For more detail, refer to


  81. Don Wright says:


    Set your WAP54G up as an access point with DHCP enabled and hardwire it to your WRT54G. If hardwiring is not option, check the positioning of your hot spots. Wireless bridges & repeaters may require line-of-sight to work properly.


  82. David says:

    leave the user name blank and use “admin” as the password.
    This should solve the problem

  83. I'mSORRY4You says:

    So I read this and it was useful, however after reading some of the comments I feel very sorry for the original poster or anyone who has to answer these people. When troubleshooting an issue, the IT does not want to hear about your aunt nor the name of your pet.

    You should try to use correct grammer and obstain from shortened words such as; “ur aw8sum”

    Don’t argue with the poster, most likly you will be wrong, IPv6 & IPv4 are correct. IPv5 will not be used in your home devices.

    After you configure a device, Holding the Reset Button everytime you have a connection issue will not resolve your issue. Try restarting your computer or using the ipconfig commands from the command prompt. (Google “ipconfig”)

    When the poster says, “WRT54G” for the repeater, don’t go asking if your actiontec will also work. Most likly he has never tried it and seeing they are not even from the same company they will most likly not act as a repeater or play nice.

    For god sakes READ the artical from start to end, Stop asking questions that are answered in the post.

    These posts are not your personal tech repair shop. If you have questions relating to why your off name brand PC wont do something use Cnet forums.

  84. Phil says:

    Hi, I am trying to use 3 lynksys wap54g, one of them is the default pa from my router then the last two as repeaters, the first repeater works fine but as soon as i add the second repeater i cannot log in to the network, there is signal but can’t log in at all.

    is there any settings besides the ones from your tutorial to make a repeater work behind another repeater?

  85. behdad says:

    thanks a lot, your direction was so helpful for me

  86. Donald says:

    Any time I set this access point up for WEP (by connecting to it via a cable at and then go back to my laptop using wireless I cannot get an Internet connection! If I go back and disable security it works fine – what is the deal … does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?? Soooo frustrating!

  87. jkayca says:

    Hi there, I’m trying to setup a wireless bridge from my router (WRT54GL) to a WAP54G access point. I’ve used the WAP as a repeater before without issue but now I need to repurpose it as a bridge. I think I have everything on the WAP done correctly – set to bridge mode, mac addr of the WRT set correctly (the wireless mac), same encryption mode etc – but things don’t appear to be working. I tried plugging my laptop into the WAP but it can’t get an IP address when configured for DHCP. What am I missing?

  88. Tran says:

    WOW! great instruction! even better then Linksys informations. It helped me setup the AP fast and easy in few minutes (I had a hard time with the Linksys CD setup and Linksys’s information.
    Thank you so much.

  89. ZAD says:

    hi i need help to configure point to point netowrk its just 300 metter from main office to one branch please tell me usefull and cheap solutions with nice wlan speed thanks email me your suggestions on [email protected]

  90. ardy says:

    does WAP54G supports Valet routers or linksys E-series routers such as E3000 or E4200?
    If so, is it compatible to be hardwired and wirelessly connected?
    My setup will be hardwired

  91. Muyanja Bonny says:

    I have a wireless access point,three laptops. I want to set up a network in such a way that the AP is between the two laptops acting as clients & the one acting as an authentication server such that when the clients try to connect to the A.P to access internet they are redirected to an authentication page,which i have already designed on the authentication server.
    any assistance otherwise thanks in advance

  92. Jimmy says:

    Hi everybody,

    Can anyone tell me how I configure repeater mode between two WAP54g ? yes,I have two 54g, one is connected wire to my Router and I want set other one to use repeater mode, I change the one which is I want use repeater mode to Wireless Repeater and input other one Remote Access Point’s LAN MAC Address but it still can not works,pls help me ! thanks !

  93. Abdul gafoor says:

    Wireless router (WRT54G) there is any option to add dns

  94. Shaheen Mohammed Dubai says:

    Dear all,
    i have linksys wifi router, but i cant get the interface web page, and i reseted the router then i used the IP (,before if i reset my router this is the default IP, but now i cant get ,i dont know it was connected with my pc (PC IP so how can i find the router ip
    and last time i changed the configuration of router ie, static ip to automatic IP, if any one get the idea please replay to me ASAP

  95. allwyn joseph says:

    how can i set passwords for the wifi router to secure from the other users ..plz help me

  96. djlevo7 says:

    hi guys,
    i have a house #2 that is about 30m far from the house #1 where i have a router Thomson TG585 v7. the second house is connected with the router with ethernet cable. i need to have wireless internet at the second house using the existing internet.
    1) is the LINKSYS WAP54G compatible with my Thomson TG585 v7?
    2) do i need a pc/lap top to be working in order the wireless to work?
    3) does the LINKSYS WAP54G have an on/off button for the wireless?
    4) is a smartphone able to connect with this network like any other wifi (without having to visit the interface menu of the router or of the AP)?
    thank you in advance for your help.
    please email me at djlevo7[at]

  97. anil says:

    Hi Friends, I need help finding an access point / router to work with a wide range coverage like 300 – 500 meters.
    Please, let me have your suggestions, ideas about it.
    My email address: [email protected]
    looking forward,

  98. Carolyn says:

    I am trying to set up my Linksys wireless access point. my computer can see it when I ping it I just cannot get to the setup web page to make it private. When I connect it directly to the computer and assign a static IP address then there is no way to connect it to the internet. My internet connection is through my wired router and when i take it out of the set up to try to connect the wireless AP as per the instructions on Linksys site then I cannot access the web page. Not sure what else I can do!

  99. soda says:

    @Carolyn, have you tried following the instructions above (ACCESS POINT MODE)? What router are you using?

  100. Larry says:

    Is it possible to Bridge the WAP54G with a D-link wireless router??

  101. soda says:

    Hi Larry,

    If you noticed on the the web ui of the Access Point, there’s a note at the bottom of the page:

    Note: When set to “AP Client” and “Wireless Bridge” mode, this device will only communicate with another Linksys Access Point (WAP54G). When set to “Wireless Repeater” mode, this device will only communicate with another Linksys Access Point (WAP54G) and Linksys Wireless-G Router (WRT54G).

    IF you have both WAP54G and D-link on hand, might as well try to set it up based on this post’s instruction.:)

  102. Ajit Sharma says:

    i configured it as access point. but when i accsess my laptop through this my internet becomes very slow n sometime webpage doesnt open at all. plz suggest me what should i put in the channel & in the mode (i.e G or B or Mixed. or any other settings u suggest

  103. FLAVIOO says:

    Tenho um roteador linksys wap54g , porem não tenho o cd e nem manual de instalação, ja tentwei de varias formas , quem soube como se faz para conctar a internet ,por favor me ajudem.

  104. AjeT says:

    Thanx mahn…all I needed to know was the default IP of the Access point. As I have never dealt with APs like this before, I was clueless…lol. Thanx again 😀

  105. ehm says:

    i already set it up but i cant access the internet pls help

  106. alsyied says:

    please setting liksys

  107. AGKhan says:

    i have 1 public ip (WAN) and 3 servers with private ip(LAN). how i configure remote access in linksys WRT54G2 (cisco)? Because, my client want to use remote access of these 3 server.

    Please advice me if any one knows. i will be very thankful.

  108. soda says:

    @AGKhan – access your router’s UI and go to the Administration tab then Management Sub-tab set the Remote Router Access (Remote Management) to ENABLE.

  109. kabeer says:

    today i will connect the linksys router and linksys accsespoint.linksys router is password protected.but i will connect the accsespoint security key.i enterd security key same router.but not to cofiger the accsespoint.pleas give the ip address of linksys acsesspoint.

  110. Kashif noor says:

    How to backup my Linksys WAP54G router? The option is available under Administration–>Management tab but when i press the button Backup Setting it confirm the login name and password from me, But no login name and password accepted. Please tell me how to backup my router…

  111. prasad says:

    i have huawei gpon HG8245 ont and i want to connect linksys WAP54G (access point)) on it can possible if yes how it is ?

  112. Greg says:

    I’m starting configuring it and yet some troubles to adapt it to my actual network behind a switch which is not Linksys.
    Anyway, for those who “lost” their WAP54G on their network after changing the IP, press a bit more than 10 sec. on the reset switch and you’ll get back the original IP address.

  113. Ahmad says:

    sir i am configuring the device . i reset the device and connect it directly to the computer and type the address but the page is not opening. KINDLY GUIDE ME . Thank you

  114. Tariq says:

    hi i am not able to login to the wap54g when i am typing in the browser its telling Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage , what should i do i already reset the ap can anybody help pls