I noticed that many people have been looking for a mac address changer for Linux or at least looking for a guide on how to change the mac address in Linux. So, i decided to create a mac address changer utility for Linux using Gambas 2 RAD. It is not done yet but just for a short preview, see screen shot below. It will be release soon including the source code, but in my own time since i am currently got a lot of stuffs to get done including this one :D. If anyone interested to help then just drop me a message.

Linux MAC Address Changer


  1. bwala says:

    thanx…..i need one

  2. Ch. Sivarama Prasad says:

    Please send me one
    chsprasad at gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

  3. Taduz says:

    Thanks in advance

  4. JUles says:

    please send me your mac address changer…Thank you in advance..Happy Valentines…

  5. kriszty says:

    hi, can you also send me this, thanks

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