Setup SmartBro Connection Using Edimax Router

Edimax BR-6204WG

This is for the people who were asking on how to setup smartbro using an Edimax router. This guide is applicable to all Edimax routers as of this writing. as usual this guide is going to quick and straight-forward.

This guide assumes that you have a working smartbro connection and that you are able to access the internet when smartbro cable is directly connected to your computer’s LAN card.

1. Insert the smartbro cable to the WAN or Internet port of your Edimax router.

2. Using an extra cable, connect your computer to one of the LAN ports on the Edimax router.

3. Power on the router and login to the router setup page default is, default user is admin and password is 1234.

4. Once logged in, click on the WAN link menu and click on Dynamic IP this will tell your router to send DHCP request to the smartbro base station’s DHCP server.

Edimax Router WAN Setup

5. Click on “More Configuration” button, then look for the MAC Address text box then click on “Clone MAC Address” button. The default MAC address will be replaced with the MAC address of the connected computer on the router’s LAN port.

Edimax Router MAC Address

6. Verify that you have the right MAC address cloned. On your computer, open command prompt and type ipconfig/all and look for the Physical Address section and check that it matches the MAC address cloned by the router.

windows ipconfig

7. Once verified, click on Apply button and wait for 1 or 2 minutes for the changes to saved.

8. Power cycle your router and verify that it has successfully connected and assigned with an IP address, to verify, login to the Edimax router setup page and click on status then click on Internet Connection.

Tested to work on Edimax EW-7209APg, Edimax EW-7206PDg and Edimax BR-6204WG routers.

That’s all about it, you should be able to access the internet now through your Edimax router.


  1. kill says:

    no way i can set up using edimax ew-7209apg because my ap page is way different than this one

  2. dave regalado says:

    thanks for the enlightenment…

  3. dave regalado says:

    more power the tech guys…
    …much appreciated.

  4. nuj says:

    I followed all the instructions but unexpectedly, the changes didn’t go smoothly. 20 mins had already passed but it’s still loading. You said that it would only take 1 or 2 mins. What may be the problem then? I’m using BR-6204WLg. Novice like me needs some help. Thanks,guys!

  5. lupin says:

    maybe edimax is not compatible with smarth bro… im now using netgear

  6. AJ says:

    thanks a lot.
    more power. 🙂

  7. Judez says:

    compatible po.. i’m using edimax router.. took some time though to connect, but now both etherner & wireless connection are working perfectly.. even my PSP is working good with the internet!

  8. Judez says:

    to Nuj!
    Use this config. analyze smoothly

    The fastest way to connect multiple pc’s on smart bro is to buy a cheap Edimax Router.


    1. Disconnect smartbro from LAN
    2. Connect Edimax Router to PC with original Smartbro connection.
    3. Click start, run, type “cmd”, press enter
    4. Type ipconfig, press enter
    5. Take note of default gateway, usually
    6. Open IE, type default gateway number on address bar, press enter
    7. Default user id is “admin” (without quotes), password is “1234? (without quotes)
    8. Click General Quick Setup
    9. select time zone, the click next
    10. Click cable modem
    11. Click clone macaddress, then ok
    12. Edimax router is now setup
    13. Connect Smartbro to WAN port of router and connect any other pc to Edimax LAN ports.

    If you want more than 4 pcs connected then you would have to buy a switch, then connect switch to lan port on router and connect all the other pc’s to the switch.

    i hope this simple config. help you.
    god bless!!!

  9. johnpaul says:

    i cant put password on my edimax router can you please say the steps.

  10. cedric y. manaloto says:

    sir/ mam,

    im a smart bro subscriber in the phil. now im in ksa.

    i will send a laptop back will be the connection from the desktop to the laptop now?

    are we going to use a router?

    can you please help me…

    cedric manaloto

  11. Batman says:

    Hello Cedric,

    The easiest way is to buy a wireless router so you can connect both the laptop and desktop concurrently without hassle.

    With wireless router, your laptop can freely move around anywhere inside or outside your house as long as you’re able to get signal from your wireless router.

  12. Francis Condicion says:

    i have a edimax br6214 4pc wired router..connected to smart bro but i can only use the other computer if the 2 computers are on..
    just like one computer is working as a server..

    is there any way to access internet even the other computer is off?

    if yes!
    can you email me how to do it?


  13. Datamike says:

    I want to change the firewall setup of my edimax br-6204WLg coz I want to setup ftp server please help

  14. Wasangi says:

    For Francis :

    You should be able to use any computer without the other one. Meaning they are not dependent with each other. Probably your router is not configured properly.

    Check the following :

    1. Make sure the Smart Bro connection is connected to the port that says WAN or Internet, not to the numbered ports. Your computers should go to any of the numbered ports.

    2. If the router is not yet configured, when you connect one computer to any of the numbered ports, assuming that the Smart Bro is connected properly to the Internet/WAN port, you will be directed to the Smart Bro portal wherein you will be asked for your account information. Like the reference number. You will find that on your billing statement.

    3. If you will not be directed, do a power cycle. Turn off everything and turn back on. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes to make sure that the computer will get an IP before you try accessing any website again.

    Let me know if this works.

  15. Rain says:

    Hi Techie guys! Here’s my prob:
    I have a laptop, iTouch and psp and want to connect all these to net and I have this cheap BR-6204WlG. I can only access the net through my iTouch and psp when my laptop is connected through wireless also. Is it applicable to use only 1 gadget to access without having my laptop turned-on? I think the router is using the laptop as a server (just a mere comaprison). I have already done the steps on your last comment but nothing happened.
    Thanks in advance and more power!!

  16. ken says:

    it work!!! thanks for the instruction…

  17. Mark says:

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my edimax BR-6204Wg router because when i put the cable of smart bro into the WAN port at the back, the LNK/ACT lit is off. Also with the 10/100M lit. Is it normal or there is a problem with the WAN port? Thanks

  18. macky says:

    Mark @ 3:49 am:

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my edimax BR-6204Wg router because when i put the cable of smart bro into the WAN port at the back, the LNK/ACT lit is off. Also with the 10/100M lit. Is it normal or there is a problem with the WAN port? Thanks

    — got the same problem. using an Edimax BR-6204Wg. Working fine yesterday, almost 1 year old router. Normally, I just reset the router and all is ok. Noticed that WAN LED is off even if SMARTBro cable is plugged in.

    Internet works ok when directly connected to the LAN port of the Laptop. Is this already a hardware issue? When I plug LAN cable on the other 4 ports, LED lit up just fine.

  19. Jay Misamis says:

    Setting up this router is as easy as 123. Though the manual is not helpful, you can try experimenting over this stuff and it will surely work. And it did work for me without the manual. Their manual is soooo confusing.

    Happy surfing with Edimax and Smartbro! 🙂

  20. jakenavi09 says:

    thnx bro..this is big help for us..thnx

  21. jakenavi09 says:

    tnx bro..this is a big help for us…

  22. alys says:

    I have a BR-6428nS. It worked with SmartBro for a week but bglang naputol. I tried releasing my ip and settinmg it up again but it still didn’t work. Whenever i open my browser, it would take me to the edimax set up page. But my torrent is still downloading. Help pLs! 🙁

  23. mecha says:

    i have same problem with alys.. cant go to the or
    Whenever i use my other laptop it sends me in the smartbro portal and after activiting it, the connection in the other laptop will disconnect. help please..

  24. emjaye says:

    I got the same problem like alys. Same router & model & exactly the same issue. It’s been working for almost a month then one day it just stopped working. At first I was able to resolve it by resetting. Then after a couple of days same thing happened. Everytime I open my browser just like what Alys said, it would take me to the edimax setup page & yes, my torrent also is downloading. Exactly the same problem. Hope someone could help us. PLEASE.

  25. virgil says:

    hi all
    just sharing this
    my edimax router was working for 4 years with smartbro canopy
    then smartbro called me to avail rebates and i said ok that’s great
    2 days after, router can’t connect but windows desktop pc can, if smartbro rj45 connected directly into it

    months later i bought msi ge620dx laptop and installed ubuntu there
    1st day, laptop able to get ip address but stuck on the smartbro portal redirection page
    called up smartbro, and they said they’ll monitor
    on the next day, laptop can’t get ip address

    however i can still connect to the internet using windows desktop pc
    very interesting

    i believe there’s something they didn’t tell us
    but smartbro technical support told me that smartbro doesn’t support ubuntu
    i know it’s lame

    so i’m in the process of getting other isp

    calling their techical support is a waste of time
    it’s a dumb thing to do actually
    unless you’re really desperate
    but be warned they’ll only break your heart

  26. sayed says:

    I have edimax BR-6204Wg wireless router.. And i have internet connection where i need to dial username and password (pppoe).. i tried every thing but its not working.. i think i need to clone the mac address.. how to do it .,. Please help me

  27. nadex26 says:

    help nman po…naconfigure ko na ung router it says conneted pero hindi nman ako makapagbrowse…any can help..tnx..

  28. Herman Reyes says:

    My connection was smart broadband using edimax router(BR-6104K) Every morning I had to login to my Smart acct no. and service ref no. to SmartBro for processing to get connection then after 15 to 20 minutes I can browse the internet. But the next day I had to log in again for Smart processing to get back to internet, Was there a specific set-up on my router so as not to log-in every morning to smart bro website, Please Help.

  29. mike says:

    hi guys, meron lng akong konting problema sa router ko edimax br-6428ns sa cp ko na my wireless nakaka konek ako ng direct pero kung e on kona yung computer ko eh wala syang internet..smartbroadband po ang gamit ko ano kaya possible na problem..thanks!

  30. mark says:

    i cant connect to the setup page default is, can someone help me??thank you..

  31. Alaisa says:

    Sir , My Edimax is 3g 6200n and i want to use Smartbro Band But i dont know to setup it Please Help me Any help Please

  32. Alaisa says:

    i dont know what to do Help me with my edimax 6200n

  33. SMARTBRO FUCK says:

    ako din edimax gamit ko BR6428NS bigla na lang pag oopen mo kailangan mag register tapos ang tagal kupal na smart ngyon nakaka buwisit napaka swapang ng mga ISP dto satin napaka walang kwenta naman ng service

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