smartbro.gifSmartBro previously known as Smart Wi-Fi is a fixed-wireless internet service from Smart Communications, one of the largest cellular network in the Philippines.

This guide is intended for setting up SmartBro to share internet connection to your home network. This guide will use the Linksys WRT54GC router, a wireless compact router.

Connecting SmartBro to Linksys WRT54GC

1. Insert the SmartBro UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable to the WRT54GC’s WAN/Internet port.

2. Connect your PC to one of the LAN ports of the WRT54GC, use the network cable that comes from the package.

Configuring WRT54GC

WRT54GC Setup Page

WRT54GC Mac Clone

1. Fire-up your favorite browser and type in the router’s ip address (default is e.g and hit enter.
2. Enter your username and password when asked. Leave the username blank and the default password is admin.
3. Set connection type to Automatic Configuration – DHCP

4. Enter the router’s hostname and domain.

5. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) should be enabled (Recommended).

6. Click on Save Settings.

7. Now, Click on the “MAC Address Clone” tab. by default MAC Cloning is disabled so you have to enable it first.

8. Click on the “Clone My PC’s MAC” button. Your PC’s MAC address should now appear on the router’s MAC Address box.

9. Click on “Save Settings” button.

10. Power cycle the router.

That’s it, as soon as the router is completely initialized, you can start connecting the rest of your PCs to the vacant LAN port of the Linksys WRT54GC router.

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  2. Percy Guevarra says:

    We are using Smart Bro internet. I wander will this work as well on setting up our Linksys 2-port Broadband Phone VoiP Adapter which we have from the U.S. Please advise. Thank you very much.

  3. Batman says:

    Hello Percy,

    Yes it should work, esp. if you are using vonage or packet8 voip service. without further configuration. I have linksys wrtp54g running using vonage voip just fine.

    btw, what is model of your linksys voip adapter? just stay put as i will going to have a specific post just for this. with diagram on showing how to connect your network devices.

  4. Brian Cayanan says:


    i’m thinking of buying the WRT54GC also. may i know the range of this router’s wifi?

    i’m also using smartbro and currently, i use the internet in my laptop by transfering the cables from computer to my laptop. and every time i transfer cables, it redirects to the smart bro portal and i need to login. if i use this router, will i be needing to login everytime as well?


  5. Batman says:

    Hello Bryan,

    with the Linksys WRT54GC you can connect your laptop wirelessly, and your desktop either wired or wireless too, also it will solve your login-when-you-connect dilemma.

  6. Brian says:

    thanks batman!

    bought the compact G already. haven’t tested it yet though. i didn’t have the plug adaptor to plug in a regular outlet =) going to buy one today.

    one question regarding the setup though regarding the following instruction:

    “4. Enter the router’s hostname and domain.”

    where will i get the router’s hostname and domain?


  7. Batman says:

    Hello Brian,

    The hostname could be anything you like, the domain could be your workgroup’s name or the meridian’s domain name,

  8. joel says:

    I hope you guys could help me out here. I have a Huawei E220 HSPDA USB modem for my Globe visibility. But sometimes the service sucks so I would like to use the modem for my SMART super SIM3. However, I don’t know the required network connection settings for the SMART SIM. These are the data required:

    1. Authentication (number) (username) (password)
    2. DNS settings (dynamic/static) (primary DNS) (secondary DNS)
    3. APN and Additional Settings (dynamic/static) (APN)
    4. IP Settings (dynamic/static) (IP Address)
    5. Authentication Protocol (CHAP/PAP)
    6. WINS Settings (dynamic/static) (Primary WNS) (Secondary WINS)

    Any help will be very ch appreciated.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. jhayz says:

    This is cool!
    I was able to setup my linksys router WRT54G with my smartbro internet…thanks to this helpful sites info…i just followed the instruction for the setup and it works fine…Thank you!
    More Power…………………………..!

  10. barok123 says:

    hi i’d like to ask you about the clarity issue on the smart bro – vonage connectivity(smart bro connected to a WRT54G then to the vonage motorola VT2442)… right now im using that set-up but when i use the vonage telephone there is a clicking sound in the background.. can you help me resolve this problem??? thanks! more power.

  11. Batman says:


    I’m sorry i can’t answer that question directly as i haven’t encountered such problem on my vonage router before, here is a good link that best explains the causes and what to do to resolve that background clicking sound problem,


  12. Darwin says:

    Using the installer CD of my Linkys WRT54G doesn’t work. However, with your instructions, I was able to connect my Linkys router to my SmartBro connection last night. Now, my cousin and I can already surf the web with our desktop and laptop simultaneously. You’ve been very helpful. Thanks a lot!

  13. Batman says:

    Hello Darwin,

    Great that you find this how-to helpful.

  14. Gilbert says:

    good day!

    i have the linksys WRT54G, a newbie, no idea on how to install this router. first i tried the CD INSTALLER but it keeps on asking the password again and again, up to step 8 only..

    i googled and found this forum..

    i have followed the steps but can not view the linkys router configuration page where i can proceed step no.2. i had tried the IE and Firefox but no to avail. just to verify do i need to the plug in the power supply for the linksys router and the smarbro’s attenna supply? or did i miss something?

    hope you can help me.

  15. Batman says:

    Hello Gilbert,

    Did you just purchase this router recently and never been config or whatsoever by anyone else?

  16. semenelin says:

    hi! i am currently setting up my linksys router. i’m using smartbro. my router is wag54g. i can’t seem to make it work. i followed the steps on the manual. i selected RFC 1483 Bridged as its encapsulation as i was told by smartbro’s tech support they use dynamic IP. i don’t know the VPI and VCI though. i tried setting it to automatically detect VPI and VCI. still didn’t work. appreciate if you can help me out..

  17. yammy says:

    i have the same problem as gilbert and our router is not new, we use that one for PLDT before. do we need a to buy a new router?

  18. Batman says:


    smartbro will not work on wag54g simply because these routers are specially made for adsl, meaning, it has built-in modem in it. The router needs to have the MAC cloning feature too which unfortunately not present in linksys wag54g.

    There are affordable routers in cdrking that works with smartbro, or you can get the wrt54gc, wrt54g or router of your choice as long as it has MAC cloning support. dlink routers are good too.


    Please provide the router’s brand and model, you might not need to buy new.

  19. semenelin says:

    i see.. ok thanks so much for your help! i’ll try to get WRT54GC so i can just go here and follow your instructions. thanks again!

  20. Bodamei says:

    thanks so much…connection has been intermittent with this router… tried your settings today… will monitor if it’ll be the same. tnx agen

  21. Josh says:

    Hello Batman..

    Can You Help me with my problem…

    I have a Well setup Smart Wireless on my room and it works fine on my laptop

    Now i tried to Install another Wireless router on my brothers room connected from my router because the signal can’t be reach by his laptop… Now the problem is… No signal detected from the router, my question is,… do i need to configure something? please help… tnxs a lot…

  22. Pao says:

    Hi! i purchased a linksys wireless gigabit router. I am also using smartbro and we have two pcs at home. The other pc is wireless and the other is wired in relation to the router. The router is connected to the wired pc. I tried to configure the router using the installation cd that comes with the router on the wired pc. I was able to install and configure it on the wired computer and the other computer (wireless) detected the wireless connection.

    My problem is that when i tried to surf the internet on the pc (wireless), the browser says their is no connection detected. In short, i cannot surf the internet on my computer(wireless) but i can surf the net on the computer where the router is connected using cables.

    It is my first time to have a home network. Please help me solve my problem so i can surf the net with both pcs and not only on my pc that is wired to my router.

    Thanks! Godbless!

  23. Marvin says:

    hi! i hav this problem of mine. is it possible to network my smart bro to three of my pc at home using lan cable? do i hav to use router or hub only?

    Tanx and godbless.

  24. soda says:

    Hello everyone. This is interesting…

    @Pao – you may want to check if you have enabled MAC Clone on your router as what is specified in this posting. Check as well your physical connection if it is correct (Smart Bro UTP to the WAN Port of your router). You might want to check as well if the wireless computer is obtaining a valid IP address (not 169.x.x.x)

    @Marvin, you need a router so your 3 computers can go online simultaneously and do networking at the same time.

    Just my thoughts! Hope that helps 🙂

  25. Nuj says:

    Hi, Batman! I was trying also to connect my WRT54GL router to my smartbro internet. I followed the instructions that you have mentioned in your article, and I actually got or cloned the mac address just as what was explained in your procedure. However, I still can’t get internet service. What are the other things that I still have to check? Please advise. Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  26. Nuj says:

    By the way Batman, do you have landline where I can call you? Please advise. Thanks!

  27. Batman says:


    try to connect the smartbro cable first to your pc’s lan card so you will be able to register your pc’s mac address, once registered try to access the internet to make sure its working, then connect the smartbro cable to your router’s wan port, then follow the instructions above.

  28. Makati Mac User says:

    oo nga, nagawa nga nitong i-share ang connection ko. ang problema ko sa ganitong setup eh kelangan naka-power on ung unit ng pinaggayahan (one that is cloned) ko ng mac address kasi wla net ung ibang PC pag patay un. although meron network sharing, say fiel & print sharing, remote login, X11, ek ek. pero ang internet, wala, as in dead.
    pero kita nmn sa terminal

    sudo ifconfig en0

    meron IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, DHCP, provider.
    basta lahat ng information n galing sa meridian telekoms, meron..pero bakit ala net, pag patay ung pinag-clone-an..?

    anung remedyo ang pede nating gawin d2…?

  29. Makati Mac User says:

    one more thing… di ko ako maka-access sa (ung canopy setup page)
    pag naka-router.

    bakit ganun?
    kelangan ko pang idirect connect ung smartbro sa computer para lng maka-access ko un (for cases na gusto ko magpalit ng AP ng canopy kasi minsan down ung kinakabitan ko)

  30. MacRamos says:

    Thanks for the Info…

  31. George Balisoro says:

    WRT54G ver. 7 user here! I follow your instruction and still I can’t browse the web. Is there any problem with my version?

  32. mfg says:

    after successful connection to smartbro of linksys router…how do I go about having our wifi connection be password protected, from unauthorized access

  33. Batman says:


    It should supposed to work just fine, please check your browser and make sure that it is set to used direct connection (no proxy). also try to ping if you’re able to get a reply, also try to connect your smartbro bridge/canopy to your pc and see if you are able to connect to the internet there.

  34. tongzki says:

    Hi, y’all… I just recently reformatted my pc. I can access the net but having problem sometimes. Like suddenly the connection gets lost and I have to restart to gain access again.

    Can someone please tell me how to configure my smartbro? right now my IP is set on automatic.

  35. Bam says:

    Im from Davao City, I will be staying on my mother’s house for a week or two and i will be planing to bring with me the smartbro antenna because my work is in the internet and i cant live without it, does anybody have idea on setting up to a different location? how do i configure my SmartBro to antenna to another city? line-of-site is ok because our neighbors has smartbro too. where can i find the settings for smartbro antenna? thanks!

  36. Mark says:

    Bro can we port forwarding on that too?

  37. Batman says:

    port forwarding, dmz or virtual server settings doesn’t work on smartbro connection because the ip address assigned to your router is non-routable ip addr.

  38. vin says:

    Hey batman! =)

    Before anything else, I would like thank you for helping us out. You really are a big help to people like me who is not as techy as you are.

    Anyway, I hope you can still help me with this one. =)

    I bought a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router and I was able to successfully configure it with SmartBro. Now, I can surf the net with my Desktop PC (OS is XP) and Laptop (vista) which is connected wirelessly, with no problems. But whenever I turn the Desktop PC off, my laptop’s internet connection is lost. In the network I can still see the router but I can’t connect to the internet and in the system tray, it says “Local Only”. However, if I turn the Desktop PC back on, I’m able to connect with both of my computers. I think the Desktop PC is still the one connecting to smart bro, not the router.

    How do you think am I able to fix this so I can use my laptop without having to turn the desktop pc on everytime?

    Thank you in advance Batman! =) and to anyone out there who might also know how to fix this… I really appreciate all the help I could get. =) Thanks! Godbless!

  39. monji says:

    am already able to set up my router..but how do i go wireless?

  40. kaye says:

    Hello guys, I have a desktop and a laptop, and I’m wondering what router to buy..Please help me on choosing one..thanks guys.. ü

    My desktop has internet connection.
    Laptop – none..hehe.. ü

    Salamat. ü

  41. benjo says:

    sir batman, how can i configure my Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router using SMart Bro??? PLease Help!!!

  42. Henry says:

    Unplug Smart Bro from your PC/Laptop, Connect a LAN cable from your pc/laptop to yout wireless router’s LAN port (any from 1 to 4). Open your browser and type When the router’s web configuration window shows up, select “Auto-DHCP”. Next look for “MAC Clone” then click CLONE button, Save settings. Then Voila! Happy Surfing

    Im using Linksys wrt45g router

  43. Joan says:

    hi everyone! I just wanted to ask if anyone possibly knows how to solve my problem with my internet connection.

    I am using a Smartbro internet connection and using a linksys router to provide wifi access for my laptop and internet connection for our desktop. At first i dont have problem with the connection I can access internet through wifi for my laptop and our desktop computer can access internet through a wire being connected from the router to our desktop. Here’s the problem a few days ago I was about to open another page when smartbro portal appeared on the browsers page. i immediately called the tech support of Smartbro and they helped me fixed the problem but onluy using single connection meaning if I placed the smartbro connection to the router both my laptop and desktop computer dont have internet access but if the smartbro connection is connected to the desktop computer only i do have internet connection.

    How can i solve this problem/ how can i still have 2 connection using smartbro and my router?

    Please help me….

  44. Batman says:

    you need to mac clone the mac address which was registered on smart’s authentication server, which means, you need to access your router’s setup or admin page and then input the mac address of the computer that is directly connected to your canopy to the mac address input boxes on your linksys router.

    you can also follow Henry’s advice above and or this page’s guide.


  45. toto says:

    hi! patulong naman sir Batman..bakit kelangan straight cable pa para ma access mo ang router config ( pag connect sa internet kelangan cross..sinubukan ko connect ng extra pc (i have 2 desktop pcs) with straight cable sa router pero ayaw..

  46. Batman says:


    You can use straight-thru cables all-the-way for both connections from the wan/internet port of your router to the canopy and from the lan ports of your router to your computer. I have this setup tested and it worked.

    The cable that comes with your canopy is crossover cable because it was assumed that you will be connecting the canopy directly to computer’s lan card, but since you are connecting it on a router which will auto-detect the type of cable you are using then either of the cabling type should work, unless your cable is faulty.

    If you need to configure your router, it is advisable to connect one computer only and it should be the one that is connected to your canopy so that when you do MAC cloning, the mac address of that computer’s lan card will be the one that will get registered.

    If you are unable to access the setup or admin page of your router then make sure that you have the right ip address typed in your browser, if however, you are still unable to access it then try to reset it to factory defaults and follow the guide above to set it back.

    Hope it helps.

  47. John says:

    Sir Batman,

    pwede bang itanong dito ito?
    meron akong Router na Edimax WiFi broadband router, before gumagana naman yung Smart Bro sa router, nakapag-browse lahat ng PC na naka-connect sa router… then parang nagpalit ng log-in page yung Smart Bro, dati kasi gamit lang yung username and password, ngayon ang ginagamit na sa smartbro portal yung Service reference number and yung account number, ngayon hindi na nakakakuha ng connection yung router… ano kaya magandang gawin dito?

  48. Batman says:


    ano model ng edimax mo? btw, connect first your smartbro cable to your computer’s network card and try to browse a site, if you are redirected to the smartbro’s portal then login first to validate your network card’s mac address, once validated, open a command prompt window and type ipconfig/all then get the mac address of the network card where your smartbro cable is connected.

    Then login to your router’s setup page and then configure your WAN interface to use dynamic ip then click on more configuration and under the mac address textbox enter the mac address you have copied, mac address must not have a dash or colon and or spaces.

    don’t forget to save the changes and power cycle the router.


  49. sahil says:

    Dear sir/Madam

    due to great respect, i use the Linksys router in but i got the Net conection from the Net providar company and now he gave me one Ip for the Router and i don’t know how we assine this ip with the Linksys router


  50. acttiv says:

    I would like to ask if anyone has been successful in setting up Smart Bro Wireless Broadband internet with a Linksys SPA2102 / Phone Adapter with Router? [right now, using Smart Bro with Belkin Wireless G Router]

    I want to use the VOiP phone adapter I have from my subscription in Singapore. I have been trying to figure out how to set up properly. Any advise will be of great help.

    Thank you.

  51. Ed says:


    Have you tried configuring your SPA2102 with smartbro already without success?

    Using your belkin router with smartbro connection, have you tried connecting your SPA2102 to it?

    Please give more details.


  52. acttiv says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thank you for the reply. I have tried the following instructions the Linksys and Belkin router – as instructed by the customer support from my provider in Singapore.

    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Visit
    3. Inputer Userid and Password to login.
    4. Upon login, click the Virtual Servers link near the left side of
    the page.
    5. We will list a series of lines here that will show you exactly how
    to forward the ports you need to forward. Our Digital Voice service
    requires you to forward the 5060 – 5061 (UDP) and 16384-32767 (UDP)
    ports. Go ahead and enter the settings shown above into the Virtual
    Servers menu.

    – Under Enable, ensure it is checked.
    – Under description, input Digital Voice
    – Under Inbound Ports, input “5060” & “5061”.
    – Under “type” select “UDP”:
    – Under Private IP Address, input the IP address your particular PC
    being assigned.
    – Under Private port, type “5050 & 5061.

    6. Repeat the above for Port, type 16384-32767

    I have tried these and still no dial tone on my IDA VoIP. Any ideas? Please let me know if you require more details than this.

    Thanks in advance.


  53. Ed says:


    Try this setup.

    1. Connect the SPA2102 internet port to the one of the LAN ports of your Belkin router.

    2. On your SPA2102, check that you have an ip address assigned through its status page. Under the status page too, you can check your VoIP provisioning status.

    3. Now, try to check if you get a dial tone this time.

    Setting up the virtual server is not going to work on smartbro connection due to the fact that the network address translation is done on their side, meaning you’ve been assigned a private ip address, leaving all the restrictions on smartbro’s facility but it should not keep it not to work. I have tried vonage on smartbro connection without problems.

    Here’s an alternative too if the above setup didn’t work.

    First, get the mac address of the wan interface of your Belkin router and write it down.

    Now, connect the smartbro cable to the internet port of your SPA2102, then login to your SPA2102 admin page.

    Under router->WAN Setup->Connection Type, select DHCP. Now, under MAC Clone Settings, Enable MAC Clone Service, set to “Yes”. Under Cloned MAC Address field, enter the MAC Address of the Belkin router wan port, then click “Submit All Changes”.

    Restart the SPA2102 router and wait till the router completely initialized, then check if you have dial tone this time.

    You can check the status of your voip connection by logging in to the SPA2102 setup page, click on voice->info and look for registration state.

    Good luck, send me details if any of these didn’t work.


  54. duasto says:


    kuya batman nasagot na po ba tong question ni vin? pag sinunod ko po ba yung guide nyo hindi to mangyayari? Help naman po I’m planning to buy a WRT54GC ren kaso kung may ganitong problem e wag na lang baka mag DLINK DIR300 n lng ako

    quoted from @vin
    I bought a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router and I was able to successfully configure it with SmartBro. Now, I can surf the net with my Desktop PC (OS is XP) and Laptop (vista) which is connected wirelessly, with no problems. But whenever I turn the Desktop PC off, my laptop’s internet connection is lost. In the network I can still see the router but I can’t connect to the internet and in the system tray, it says “Local Only”. However, if I turn the Desktop PC back on, I’m able to connect with both of my computers. I think the Desktop PC is still the one connecting to smart bro, not the router.

  55. Batman says:


    I haven’t experienced this kind of problem with wrt54gc, but here’s what you need to do to make sure you won’t be having similar problem as Vince. First, make sure that the smartbro cable is connected to the internet port (blue), and your desktop connected to the LAN port (yellow), then follow all the steps above and you should be doing just fine.

  56. arielski75 says:

    sir patulong nmn po, meron ako spa2102 vontastic yun provider. galing u.s. ayaw sya gumana sa smartbro pro try ko sya sa pldt ok nmn.pano po gagawin ko?

  57. Batman says:


    Please provide more info on how you setup SPA2102 with smartbro, is the SPA2102 wired directly through your smartbro’s canopy? are you using a router to receive the smartbro connection?

  58. bait says:

    smart bro ang gamit ng landlord ko eh gusto ko sana maka access wireless dahil nung ginamit ko laptop ko pareho ng naexperienced ng iba redirect ako sa smartbro portal…ibig sabihin po pag kailangan ko gumamit eh dapat open din ang laptop nya????saka hindi nya raw alam yung service and account no.?please help me kasi plano ko bumili sana ng router…thanks!!!

  59. gretchen says:


    How much would a Linksys WRT54GC be? I’d like to try this. Do you happen to know where can I buy one near Makati or Ortigas? Am having hard time transferring cables around, not to mention the having-to-login-everytime-I-use-another-pc 🙁

    Thanks in advance!

  60. […] since the Prolink ADSL mode/router used the same ip address as the TL-WR541G (just like the Linksys WRT54GC wireless […]

  61. heyjoe says:

    Hi Batman,

    Great site you have here. I’m planning on setting up a Linksys pap2t to a smart bro connection. I already know how to easily set up and configure the pap2t to a cable internet connection and get a dial tone on both lines. I was wondering if there were any things different I need to know about setting up the pap2t with smart bro? I read your article and it seems that all i have to do is configure the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router to the smart bro, and then I connect the pap2 to the router. is this correct? Thanks in advance and I appreciate you helping people out.

  62. Batman says:


    That’s right, but any router will do (as long as it supports mac cloning), just in case you have one configured already.

  63. kakusa_sputnik says:

    hello there to you, could u please give me an idea, i bought d-link wireless router that could share my smartbro and the distance of another unit is 50 meters from the origin,can this wireless router can detect a signal from 50 meters?

  64. Undertaker1972 says:

    Batman magandang araw dyan, pwede mo ba akong tulungon konti kasi may kapitbahay ako dito balak magpa connect sa smartbro ko, gusto nya wireless router ang gagamitin para wala nang utp wire magagamit,medyo may kalayuan ang kapitabahay namin, aabot ng 60 meters at may ibang bahay pa bago sa kanila.pwede ba itong mabigyan nang connection ko?kahit wireless ang gagamitin?

  65. Abbie says:

    I can’t access

    Any tips/answers why?

  66. teddy says:


    Please help me how to put password in my wifi so that nobody can use. yung kapitbahay ko kase nagagamit ang net ko eh. di ko alam pano lagyan.. please help… thanks

  67. yay says:


    i am using smart bro internet, and im planning to reformat my computer, my problem is i dont know to how to setup smart bro. can some1 help me …. thanks

  68. veytzhie says:

    i have a linksys wrt310n router. I need help on how to install it on my smartbro internet connection at home. thnx.

  69. wally says:

    Is there anyone here who knows how to setup a Belkin N1 Wireless Modem Router to SmartBro? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  70. Batman says:


    If it is a modem/router, I’m afraid you won’t be able to use it with smartbro as your modem/router only accepts dsl/phone (RJ11) connection.


  71. ann says:

    thanks! this works great!
    i used it for linksys wrt54gh
    kanina hindi ko maconfigure, dunno why, then after 10 minutes of frustration, i decided to try it again, and here, it worked! thanks! you saved my life! 😀

  72. Kit says:

    Good Day Batman,

    I have here a Linksys WRT54GC router and a smart bro “share it” Huawei B933 router. Does it work the same in setting up with the “fixed broadband?” A reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much and more power to you!

  73. Batman says:


    Yes, It works the same as “fixed broadband”.


  74. Jes says:

    sorry for the noob question.
    yung bang WRT54GC ay meron USB port.
    i’d like to get pre-paid plan pero gusto kong i-LAN sya (wired & wireless). di kasi umaabot sa amin yung PLAN 999 “Unlimited”. was turned down during aerial assessment.
    pwede ba ito?

  75. Gi says:

    Sir Batman,

    can you post on how to connect a Linksys Broadband Phone VoiP Adapter from the U.S (Vontastic) with a Smart Bro/Smart Wifi with TP-Link Wireless N Router. I already configured the Smart Bro/Smart Wifi with TP-Link Wireless N Router. before the installation of the wireless router the voip phone adapter was working well with just the smart bro. Thank You

  76. steve says:

    i have smart bro share it. im sorry but i cant follow the instruction mentioned above. can u please send me the steps by steps instruction. i cant find where to put the domain name and the steps: Set connection type to Automatic Configuration – DHCP. i dont know where to go. im not a teky guy. please assist.


  77. romeo says:

    hi guys,., please help me. where can i buy this products



  78. mia says:

    i’m having trouble setting up my linksys router with Smartbro canopy. wala naman ginagawa ung mga SmartBro cs… paulit ulit lang sasabihin nila.. tawagan mo, itwitter mo… kainis… kung available lang ung globe dito nagpalit na ko.. bumili n kc ako ng 3 routers of different brands para sa ibook ko.. kaso hindi nakakakuha ng ip address ung mga router… kahit ung ibook. khit icopy ung mac address wala.. khit i-static.. wala pa rin… napupuno n ko sa smartbro…. help please..

  79. FLAVIANO J SICO says:

    I have been trying to connect my Linksys 54G and Linksys 300NV1 to Smart Bro. I tried to go to but each time I try to, it does not open and instead a box appears that states the server at WRT 54 G and/or wrt 300N V1 requires a user name and password.

    I did not have that. I tried all the numbers that I can find in the unit but still nada.

    Can you please help me out here? I am having problems of poor and slow internet speed since I may be providing free wireless internet access to the neighborhood. I need to set security for it as soon as possible..

    Thank you very much for the service you are providing to us.

    Ving Sico

  80. user_nik says:

    hi i have the same problem with toto. I can’t connect to from my pc to router. I recently updated my firmware. Please help.

  81. Russell says:

    Dudes, I have a problem, my router or rather access point is s lynksis WAP54G and i can’t find the clone mac address option there. What should i do? do i upgrade the firmware?

  82. Batman says:

    Hi Russell,

    Mac cloning is only available on router devices, and since linksys WAP54G is an access point/repeater/client only then this feature is not available on this device.


  83. Jaycee says:

    I have WAP54G too.. any other way how to connect it using this router model

  84. gp says:


    I’m sharing my smart bro connection using a tp-link router. everything worked just fine initially and then we just somehow lost access to the internet after a few days. i called smart bro, they told me to disable the connection, plug the smartbro cable directly to my pc and then enable the connection again, and then to wait a couple of hours before connecting to the router again. this seemed to work, but i found that after shutting down my pc and the router for a few hours, i have to go through the whole cycle of disabling, enabling and moving the cable back and forth from the router to the pc. this isn’t very hard to do but there has got to be way to fix this? i’ve cloned the mac address and all…

    thanks and great job sharing your expertise with dummies like me!

  85. Janz says:

    I have a smart bro and I recently tried connecting it to a wirelss router (Siemens Speedstream 6520), I was successfull at configuring it to connect my laptop wirelessly, but it doesn’t let it connect 2 laptops simultaneously. It can only connect 1 laptop which defeats the purpose of having a wireless router.
    Whenever the web browser is first turned on, it automatically directs to the smart homepage for account verification. So if one computer is connected wirelessly and another compute tries to connect, the other will be disconnected.
    Will the instructions here be effective even if I have a different brand of router? I dont want to change any settings yet just in case that it does’t work.. I might not be able to put it back again 🙂

  86. Batman says:


    Yes, It should work fine as long as the router supports mac cloning.


  87. Janz says:

    Just an update.. turns out my router doesn’t have mac cloning..
    i’ll have to buy a new router.. i guess I’ll try a linksys.. 🙂

  88. smackUSA says:

    dude… im using a wireless router (linksys WAG200G) and smart bro…here is the problem when i connect the 1st PC the other PC didnt get connection and when i launch mozilla firefox it requires account reactivation and when i activated it the other PC lost connection…what shoulld i do…..

  89. Batman says:


    WAG200G won’t work on Smartbro connection as it is intended to be used on adsl line only for its connection. You should get a router that supports both dynamically assigned ip and mac cloning, like the one used on this post; dlink is good too.


  90. Jeppe Gernale says:

    I have a Linksys WRT54G2 router and Smart Bro Share-it router. I’m having a hard time configuring or to setup a network with internet sharing. I’ve tried the steps above but to no avail. Kindly please help. 🙁

  91. jen says:

    i have a linksys WRT120N and i’ve been having a hard time connecting the router to our system since yesterday (we had a bad weather and lost electricity the other day) it’s been working since we bought the router last nov. i don’t what’s wrong (im hoping the weather didn’t mess up the router) 🙁 help

  92. Sophi says:

    Hi… I need help… I am using Smart Bro and I have a Linksys SPA2102 (Phone adapter with router) for voip usage. I am not using other device. Will this connection/set-up work? I am able to access internet through the Linksys device but i still can’t get any dial tone.

  93. McdO says:

    planning to buy Cisco Linksy E3000 Series – the High Performance Wireless N Router and Cisco Aironet 3500 for my home network

  94. angel says:

    hellow batman. simple lang yung tanong koh, paano mag lagay ng password sa smartbro wireless router namin, para hindi ma access ng ibang kapitbahay ang internet namin,,,tnx po….w8 ko po ang reaply nyo….pls send me also a massage in my email add for more instraction

  95. Melissa says:

    I have the same problem as Jen (below)… I have a Linksys WRT54G router that’s been working perfectly, until last saturday… Now, my router is not working on my PLDT DSL… Thing is, I have another router that works (Asus –I only replaced it with the Linksys for wi-fi purposes)…now both my routers are not working…. I suspect PLDT changed some settings… I don’t know. Please help.

    jen @ 12:32 am:

    i have a linksys WRT120N and i’ve been having a hard time connecting the router to our system since yesterday (we had a bad weather and lost electricity the other day) it’s been working since we bought the router last nov. i don’t what’s wrong (im hoping the weather didn’t mess up the router) 🙁 help

  96. patrick says:

    i have a question.. is smart bro offers a static IP Address? i’ve installed a IP Cam on my buss. and i want to see whats going on to my buss if im at home.. according to my IP Cam provider my DSL Should have a static IP Address


  97. Jen says:

    sir, same settings din po ba for a WRT54GL?

  98. Batman says:

    yes, the above settings should work with wrt54gl

  99. Abbie2 says:

    Sa lahat ng kinauukulan,Gud Day!, last month ako’y bumili ng Smart Bro.. kinabit ko sa PC ko (desktop). Ok. nakaka browse ako.. lahat although mahina pero ang TANONG KO. ay BAKIT kapag kinabit ko ang WEB CAM ay nawawala ang connection ko..gagana ang webcam ko kung wala ang smart bro usb ko. in one word di sya pwede PAGSABAYIN… please tulangan nyo ako..

  100. vjohn says:

    Hello, I have the following problem. My desktop wont connect to the internet but all wireless at home does… my network connection shows “unknown”… and now i cant open my router ip address too. but all wireless devices still works… please help

  101. Raymond says:

    Sir Batman, ask ko lang po, pwede po ba ang Linksys WAP54G para po iset-up ko ang smart bro namin sa bahay, and kung pwede po ang router na yan, parehas lang po ba ang gagawin ko? salamat po

  102. Barjay03 says:

    Good Day Batman!
    I have a Linksys SPA2102 and for my desktop im connecting to the Internet using SmartBro USB Modem. I tried to connect the Lan Cable of my PC to the Ethernet port of the SPA2102 but the thing is what IP Address should I input? or do I have to set the SPA2102 to DHCP connection? Please advise! If Ill set the SPA2102 into Static IP what IP Address should I enter in the linksys router, my local IP or SMart Bro IP (though it won’t accept the configurration) Please help thanks

  103. saiorias says:

    hi sir. pede po ba magpatulong?

    im currently subscribed to smart bro share it using ZTE mf612 ang i have a very unstable internet connection. sometimes its very fast and in times its slow. hindi ko po alam bakit. maganda naman po ang location ko. nasa manila po ako. pero since kinabit samin yun ang DL speed ko eh 0.3 lang at upload is 0.12. ganun lang po palagi. ang taas din naman po ng ping ko. samantalang ung iba naman po na naka share it eh nag eenjoy sa mabilis n service at mababang ping :(( help me po please.

  104. alanc says:

    smart bro is currently connected with belkin wireless g plus router. my problem is that i can’t access the belkin’s web admin page using . also my laptop always redirect a browser to smart bro portal login page. can you help me access my router admin page?

  105. thea says:

    Good am Mr Bathman.

    tatanong ko sana kung pwede mo ako tulungan kc gamit ko is smartbro s desktop is it possible na makaconnect din ako s laptop first time ko kc toh eh pwede ba i plug ko na lang ung cable s usb ng laptop ko o dapat talaga may router???
    tas its asking username and password eh ang alam ko lang service reference number.if kelangan ko router ano ba maganda brand linksys ba dapat???
    thanks alot

  106. taz says:

    good day

    Tanong ko lang if possible ba pagsabayin ang wifi & cable internet connection. Meron kasi wifi router yun sis in law ko she’s using laptop nakita ko yun router niya may cable port. I wonder if possible ko i connect ang desktop pc ko using cable at the same time working yun wifi connection niya.

  107. Batman says:


    yep, that’s very much fine. both will work without problems.

  108. Bhoboie says:

    Can anyone help me regarding my linksys WRT120N i tried setting it up but cannot connect to SmartBro 🙁 is it compatible with smartbro wireless connection or no at all, only in landline connection… thank you so much in advance…

  109. sean says:

    Sir, i got a wrt54gh linksys wireless router. I followed every single instruction you made but my itouch can’t seem to connect. It always states “unable to join the network”. Any thoughts? Help would really be appreciated

  110. sean says:

    Sir, if i take off the security of router, my itouch could connect but when i turn the security on ( the password required to connect ) my itouch can’t connect and always states “unable to join the network”. Help pls.

  111. pher says:

    good day, pa tulong namn sa router ko..Linksys WAG200G ung model…smart bro ung internet provider i need to set up my router but i dont have idea kung paano..kc walang mac address clone ung model ng router ko..plz help me..thanks and godbles..

  112. rod says:

    i bought linksys wrt120n.. i already finished setting it up, cloning mac adress.. but after few minutes/hours after logging smartbro portal, my internet connection was lost.. does anybody here can help me?

  113. gardy says:

    hi bro,alam mo ang tagal ko ng naghanap ng tutorial on how to install a router specially with the smartbro,its quiet hard for me
    to look.You know ive been to youtube but it doest help at all,they have tutorials but not like here specifically with smartbro broadband.And now tanggal ang tinik ko im so thankful that ive found ur site its very useful specially with people not too techy just like me.THhank you so much & keep up the good work by helping others.GOD bless

  114. jay says:

    i would like to ask for a help in using my new linksys wrt120n router… how to go to that “Redirection Page” of the SmartBro… i’m using Canopy…

  115. Jojo says:

    Good day Sir! May I ask for your assistance? I recently installed SmartBro Canopy here in San Mateo for our school for the deaf. The serviceman was able to make a connection. But I cannot connect it using my d-Link Wireless router. I asked their assistance if what to choose because there is no login and password used in canopy setting, only service reference no and account no. When I connect to router, the connection got lost. Please help me on what to do? Thank you very much.

  116. Randy says:

    is this procedure applicable using smartbro USB moderm

  117. Norman says:

    Sir, patulong naman po. nasetup ko na po yung router ko following your instruction. ok nman po internet sa pc ko via wire pro yung problem po, di makaconnect yung laptop ko saka cellphone sa wifi.
    nadedetech nman po nla yung signal. yung sa laptop lumalabas unable to connect. tpos sa cp nman po network no longer available yung lumalabas after ko ienter yung wifi password

  118. john says:

    any solutions on port forwarding? I bought a NAS that need to port forward to 9000…

  119. maylene says:

    ask ko lng po panu maglagay ng password sa wifi tnx po

  120. little miss confused says:

    hello guys!

    i’d really appreciate some help here. details below.

    smart bro: plan999
    router: linksys wrt54g2 v1

    previously, i had this setup and it was running smoothly. however, my smartbro antenna experienced some problems and the tech guys had to replace it. when i tried to connect my router to the new connection, it won’t work.

    i’ve already reconfigured my router with the new IP address. i’ve followed the instructions above, to the letter. still, nothing.

    i’m getting frustrated. someone please help. 🙁

  121. mhei says:

    I want to know.. how much electricty does tp-link consume per day? or per month? please someone tell me. thanks..

  122. will says:

    @batman: will smart bro will also works w/ speedtouch router modems? and how? i already did the configuration w/ the modem. my wifi signal icon says it has internet access but i cannot browse any website.. thanks.. pls reply.

  123. mando says:

    paano kaya ma block ang ibang user ng smart bro router kasi mabagal pag ginamit ko

  124. shatrdrms says:

    hi, need help to configure my router linksys e1000 to smartbro connection. ive tried several router brands pero ayaw pa din mag work. is there anything that i should change pa aside from cloning the MAC thing? it really gets me frustrated. thanks in advance.

  125. chuksdaniel says:

    hello plssssssssssssss,i need help. am trying to setup my WRT120N router to enable me to view my CCTV camera footage remotely. pls this is a project i am working on.the problem is there is,i dont have a DSL modem but what i have is a 3G modem and my service provider is MTN nigeria. i dont know how to go by it. the router has only a RJ45 connector and not a 3G usb port. pls how do i go by it . thanks

  126. mark says:

    i have a problem, regarding the internet connection…we’re using smartbro internet and its connected into 2 computer.. but the other 1 pc is having a problem of internet,there’s a limited connectivity…can u help me about this.. tnx..

  127. Gabrielle says:

    I’m trying to convince myself that smartbro is the best option we have as we need to relocate in the province, but with the lousy services of smartbro here in the city i seriously do not know. Although this smart bro router is cool. let’s see!

  128. khalid says:

    I have just “attempted” to upgrade my old WAG325N (which is dying due to overheating) so I thought i’d give one of the new E series routers a go, so I got the base range one – E1000.

    the first thing i noticed when i opened the web interface was the lack of PPPoE options, there is no ability to specify: Multiplexing, QoS Type, VPI/VCI & DSL Modulation (almost every linksys router Ive had before has had almost all if these settings)

    Literally the only PPPoE options are:

    they are pretty damn straight forward!

    upon configuring the few options the modem does not give any joy!

    it just hangs… on the status page, it just says connecting… then after some time there is an error to the effect of “can not obtain ip address”

    has anyone have any sort of solution for this lil bastard?

  129. RustanTech says:

    Thanks dude! the best ka Batman. It helps me a lot! It works fine with my Smart Bro Plan 999 and Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54G.

    After the configuration it redirected me to the SmartBro Portal but after entering my login credentials, my wifi works fine!

    God Bless! ^_^

  130. Glenn says:

    Hi Batman,

    Good Day! I recently subscribed on Smart Bro Canopy 2Mbps @ Plan 999.

    I’m planning to share my connection via router. But my router is Linksys E1000. Is it still possible for me to share my internet connection using this router?


  131. jhune says:

    disable dhcp

  132. Obeth says:

    hi sir, alam nyo po ba default password ng Smart Bro (ZTE MF612)? Gusto ko sna lagyan ng password para ndi public. i tried na USER: (blank) Password: admin, d pa ren sya ma open. Wrong User/ Password ang lumalabas. Pls help.. Thanks!

  133. Robee22 says:

    Is it ok to use Linksys WRT54GC instead?? And would the same procedure do??

  134. Pheejan says:

    I have a problem with my asus rt n13u to connect with my smart bro prepaid, can i anyone help me or teach me step by step.. thank you! God bless!

  135. RonJPX says:

    sir question lang poh,
    ung smart bro ko is orking fine on any computer if connected directly
    the issue is kapag naka kabit sa router
    di nadedetect ung cable as in no cable detected poh na nakakabit sa WAN Port ng router
    – routers WAN port is not faulty
    – router works fine on another internet service
    baka lang poh may idea kau kung ano nangyayare
    its not a problem with mac cloning or assigning a static IP on the router
    hindi poh nadedetect ng router ung cable
    – no light on the WAN port indicating a connection
    – tried other routers still having same issue
    – no cable detected on routers gui
    help naman poh

  136. nova says:

    hi..I need to know the steps on how to place PASSWORD in my wireless smart broadband..please help me..thank you

  137. mabalinen says:

    sir pakicheck yung POE ng smartbro mo
    baka naman may problema na? kung direct sa pc ok naman po ba connection nyo? anung model po ng router gamit nyo? nasubukan nyo na po bang i-reset ito?

  138. resty says:

    hi po, ask ko lang po wat is the best router for smart bro, smart bro po ang gagamitan ko s itatayo kong internet cafe. tnx po.

  139. Ms.Scorpio says:

    paano naman po magset up ng smartbro router… sa windows vista?
    compatible po ba ung smartbro plan999? wimax ung gamit ko.

  140. Anna says:

    Can somebody please help me put a password on my smart bro pocket wifi? I will appreciate it if any of you can give me a step by step procedure. This may be a simple thing for you guys but Not for a not so techie granny like me.. Thanks

  141. virgil says:

    hi all
    just sharing this
    my edimax router was working for 4 years with smartbro canopy
    then smartbro called me to avail rebates and i said ok that’s great
    2 days after, router can’t connect but windows desktop pc can, if smartbro rj45 connected directly into it

    months later i bought msi ge620dx laptop and installed ubuntu there
    1st day, laptop able to get ip address but stuck on the smartbro portal redirection page
    called up smartbro, and they said they’ll monitor
    on the next day, laptop can’t get ip address

    however i can still connect to the internet using windows desktop pc
    very interesting

    i believe there’s something they didn’t tell us
    so i’m in the process of getting other isp

    calling their techical support is a waste of time
    it’s a dumb thing to do

  142. virgil says:

    also smartbro technical support told me that smartbro doesnt support ubuntu
    what a lame

  143. Jenny says:

    Hello BATMAN,
    I need to know the steps on how to place PASSWORD in my wireless smart broadband..please help me..thank you

  144. Valerie says:

    How to have a PS in my Smart bro wifi? TY.. 🙂

  145. Batman says:

    They don’t support it for one reason, they don’t simply know how to make it to work.

  146. may says:

    i have a Linksys 1200 the problem is when I try to connect the internet cable(smartbro canopy) to the internet port of the router the light indicator doesn’t lit up. I have no problem browsing the internet when it is directly connected in my PC. I’ve already tried the PC MAC Clone Set Up and still I got no internet connection when connected to the router. Please advise. Thanks Batman! God bless.

  147. liner20 says:

    tanong ko lang if my linksys router WAG120N will work sa smartbro wimax ko (motorola)? how to configure this kasi it’s asking for vci/vpi value. sir batman maybe you know these values para naman ma setup if ever yung nbili kong router. i bought the router in saudi. salamat.

  148. drw says:

    same lang po ba yan sa smart bro pocket wifi??

  149. arnold says:

    thanks for this i have a problem in my router i cant go to

  150. CrashNBurn says:

    Ask ko lang po .

    os windows 7
    router linksys (wireless-g Broadband Router wrt54g2)
    internet smartbro wimax outdoor(Green packet OX-230)

    pag direct sa pc ok po may inter net pero pag ginamit ko po ang router wala pong net. nagawa ko na po yung MAC Cloning.Gumamit na rin po ako ng router na ASUS RX 3041 parahehas po rin ng result ng linksys.Help naman po

  151. Mei says:

    My android phone cannot connect to our Smartbro wireless connection at home but it can connect in other places like wifi in school , malls, and other places.. and it shows up the different WLAN networks, even i typed the correct password of our wifi connection, just really can’t connect. But it can connect to our home wifi before …
    What seems to be the problem , why the android lenovo phone can’t connect our wireless home connection?

    thank you in advance 🙂

  152. tidus09 says:

    boss batman working ba sa openwag200 yung smartbro plan 999 meron ng mac cloning yung features ng openwag200 sa mysetup please help kong anung encapsulation kung bridge mode only, RFC 1483 Bridged, RFC 1483 Routed, RFC 2516 PPPoE, RFC 2364 PPPoA, alin ba dyan???

  153. Wency says:

    bakit wrong password ang lumalabas kapag nilalagay ko “admin”.

  154. Frank Witteman says:

    I bought a Linksys E900 WLAN router and was able to set it up so it connects to my HP8710p laptop (Vista BusinessSP2) but local only (not yet internet. I have a broadband radio link from SmartBro and a contractor (Canopy) as I live in Abra and cannot get the contractor to help me to set up my wireless router (LinksysE900) so I am trying this myself, found out the DNS etc. by typing in the command ipconfig/all while being on the internet and follow your instructions. Will use for Domain SmartBro? Hostname my name? Please help

  155. Aldrin C. says:


    we are using D-link Dir-600L ok ang internet connection pero pag nagconnect ang mga wireless device walang internet.

  156. kai says:

    Hi can u guys help me naman? I do have smart bro pocket wifi kasi then i tried to change the ssid name and pw pero hindi ako makapunta sa setting bcslaging gateaway error. 3 weeks ko na syang nitry until now ayaw pa din IP ADD nakalagay doon sa pocket wifi is 192.168.1 pero di sya makaconnect kapag ano sinabi gateaway error

  157. Raco Ferrer says:

    I can’t access

    I’m using Smart Bro ZTE LTE Pocket Wifi with model MF910L. I need your help. ?

  158. ms.em says:

    gooday sir.ask ko lang po pwede po ba gamitin yung Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54G gamit lang smartbro pocket wifi zte or smartbro usb modem.paano po kaya sya mapapagana.pls pahelp po ng step by step.tnx more power God Bless

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