Share Internet Connection Wirelessly

Share your internet connection wirelessly without buying a wireless router, isn’t that cool?

all you need to have is a usb wireless adapter which you can buy one for a very minimal cost, i bought mine for around 15 bucks. The usb wireless adapter must support SoftAP, meaning, you can turn your computer or the host computer into a Wireless Access Point and accept wireless client connections.

This guide was tested using Windows XP SP2 and Realtek RTL8187 chipset USB wireless adapter but any wireless lan adapter should work as long as it has a SoftAP feature.

USB Wireless Adapter Installation

1. Insert the USB Wireless Adapter to any of the vacant USB port in your computer and install the driver when asked.

2. After installing the driver, you should now have the USB wireless adapter utility where you can view your signal strength and the detected wireless network within range.

Setting up Access Point

USB Wireless Adapter Utility SoftAP

1. Open the USB wireless adapter utility. Click on Mode Menu and click on Access Point, wait until the Access Point setup is finished.

USB Wireless Adapter Utility

2. Now that you have the USB wireless adapter changed to Access Point mode, click on the config button. Enter your desired SSID and set the channel to auto. The leave the network authentication to Open System and data encryption to WEP.

3. Under network key, enter your WEP key e.g “9198209068” and click OK to save.

Setting up the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

USB Wireless Adapter Utility ICS

1. Now, It is time to share your internet connection to the connected wireless clients. Click on ICS tab (Internet Connection Sharing).

2. Select the public interface, the interface connected to the internet and click the Apply button, wait until the setup is finished.

3. Fire up your favorite browser and try to browse or open a command prompt window and ping an outside network host (try Once you got a reply then you’re all setup.

This setup also works for smart bro connection and ideal to connect your laptop computer or Ipod Touch to the internet.

That is all about it, enjoy surfing wirelessly!

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  1. krong says:

    hi. what usb wireless adapter can you recommend? thanks!

  2. Batman says:

    get loopcomm’s LP-8187 Wireless LAN USB 2.0 Adapter. you can either get the LP-8187I which the antenna is internal or the LP-8187E which has an external antenna (good for long distance point-point connection by connecting a high-gain antenna). both supports soft-ap function and good signal reception compared to known brands. i bought mine from cdrking.

  3. krong says:

    thank you so much! now i know what to buy.. another thing, will one adapter be usable to a second pc and a laptop? coz we have 2 pcs and i use a laptop too..

  4. Batman says:

    welcome, you can use one adapter (as Access Point) to connect the rest of your PCs wirelessly assuming all your PCs have wireless adapter too, your laptop might have a built-in wireless adapter already.


  5. krong says:

    sorry to bug you but i’m still not getting it. i used to have my cousin as my technician, now i’m on my own and i’m not really good at this. as i’ve said, i have two pcs and a laptop. pc#1 will be the one with the smartbro and pc#2 and my laptop will get connected wirelessly.. i think both my pcs dont have LAN wireless cards yet, so i have to buy one for each? also a wireless usb adapter for each? if you can help me with what i need to buy, i’d really appreciate it. thanks again!

  6. Batman says:

    you only need to buy usb wireless lan adapter for each pc and configure pc#1 which is connected to smartbro as access point, pc#2 and laptop as clients.

  7. Roy says:

    I recently bought WLAN USB adapter to improve the wifi signal of my Acer4520. My problem is that my laptop wireless and my WLAN is not synchronize. I need your help and expertise to resolve this problem.

    Thank you,

  8. Batman says:


    I will assume the “not synchronize” words means not connected or unable to connect. with that, here’s the few things that you can do.

    first, make sure that your laptop’s built-in wireless card is disabled, then in your USB wireless utility, enable or use windows zero configuration then connect to your wireless network the way you normally do when using the built-in wireless adapter.

    hope that helps.

  9. Rex says:

    My neighbor and I want to share his internet. He has a WRT54GS and I have a WRT54GS. I have 4 devices wired to my router and my wireless laptop. He has devices hard wired to his router and his wireless laptop. How can I connect my WRT54GS to his WRT54GS??? so we can share the internet?

  10. tamer says:

    I will assume the “not synchronize” words means not connected or unable to connect. with that, here’s the few things that you can do.

    first, make sure that your laptop’s built-in wireless card is disabled, then in your USB wireless utility, enable or use windows zero configuration then connect to your wireless network the way you normally do when using the built-in wireless adapter.

    hope that helps.

  11. decoy says:

    hi! i just bought a cdrking LP-8187E wireless usb adapter for my desktop to share a wireless connection to my router. the thing is it always comes up with a ip address. is there anything i can do with it? please help me. thanks!

  12. czar says:

    how did you know that the USB wireless adapter supports softAP?

  13. Joel says:

    I need the sofware 4 a enuwi-g2,where can I find it?

  14. Batman says:


    check out the url below.

  15. ran says:

    hey can u help me i need to know my network key im using a wireless usb adapter and my internet is connected to a none wireless router i mean my router is dlink with no wireless connection thats why i bought a usb wireless lan so that i can use it for my laptop.. the thing is i cant see my network key how can i find it?? i didnt put any wep key but still it ask for the network key

  16. […] or supports WPA2 encryption won’t be able to connect through it. You can however use this solution if you want full compatibility for all your wifi […]

  17. ali says:

    I have this module and already configured in linux fedora13 and I can ping the gateway address, but I can not open internet ,
    what can I do please

  18. Jomer says:

    can we share USB broadband internet thru this? thanksz…

  19. Batman says:

    Yes, you can but I suggest if you have a built-in wifi card then you use this one instead

  20. back to the dinosaur says:

    Hi Batman,
    I’ve had my router for a few years and use it with a DSL hookup. Couldn’t figure out why it was still having it’s slow moments until I read an article about how if your computer is running slow, it could be because other people are using your internet through the router. so I secured my router and in the process locked my laptop out. There is no option that I can see to sign in with a password on my laptop, add my laptop thru the desktop or even take off the password. Any advice? I don’t want to have to go back to my ten year old desk top.

  21. kirby says:

    I bought a WLAN adapter from CD-R KING and it worked with my XP desktop but I can’t seem to have it work with my Win 7 laptop. The thing is, with the XP driver there is that Setup Wizard, after configuring it the system works great. On the Win 7 driver, there is no ‘Setup Wizard’ tab and I don’t know where to go from there. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  22. LaQuisha says:

    The Best your a Good and Very awesome individually, thanks alot.


  23. ThEhUn says:

    Hi,Batman. Somehow I dont get the wireless thing.Here is my problem.I want to connect wirelessly to my desktop,with my smartphone,but my desktop doesn`t have a wifi card installed and my router neither wireless. My question is,if I buy a wifi usb stick,will I be able to share my internet connection wirelessly?Thanks a lot.

  24. Robee22 says:

    Sir, would you recommend this over to using Linksys WRT54GC???

    I’m also using SmartBro Canopy connection plan 999. I only plan to connect my netbook and phone wireless.. Would this suffice?? Which is the better option?? And can this only work with my pc turn on?? Thanks for any reply

  25. janine says:

    i just installed windows XP onto my computer and want to set up the internet using my vista computer that is already running internet how do i go by using my vista desktop to connect to the internet.

  26. Annaswela says:

    Thanks for the nice share. But to me, the guide is too complicated to understand. I would rather use a simple tool to get the job done. Virtual Hotspot is the tool. Freeware, protect data well and is quite personal too; Most importantly, it has easy settlements. Quite a nice tool. This is my way.

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