It seems every notebook today comes with windows vista as default operating system installed but we all know that a lot of people still prefers windows xp over vista just like a friend of mine who just bought an Asus K50IJ pre-installed with windows vista.

He wants to install windows xp on his new notebook but hadn’t done so because he couldn’t find his notebook’s drivers for windows xp, so i volunteered to find it for him, and so the list below.

Asus K50IJ Drivers for Windows XP

Intel Chipset Driver
Intel VGA HD4500 Driver

Download and install the hotfix first before installing the audio driver.

Via Audio Driver
Audio Driver Hotfix

Ethernet LAN Driver
Card Reader Driver
Touchpad Driver and Utility

Fancy Start
Asus Splendid
Asus Hotfix
Wireless Console
Dual-CPU Hotfix

Wireless LAN Driver
Suyin Webcam Driver


  1. Nikoro says:

    You rule man!

  2. I.P. says:

    Thanks! Very much!

  3. P.G. says:

    Can you please help me how can I change the refresh rate to higher than 60 Hz? I cannot change it in the default settings. Thanks!

  4. Daniel says:

    thank`s for all this drivers! can you also help me with the SATA driver(xp of course) for this notebook?

  5. GG says:

    God bless you!

  6. Renz says:

    thankz so much dude..

    without you

    i can never make it…

  7. DV says:

    Daniel @ 6:31 pm:
    thank`s for all this drivers! can you also help me with the SATA driver(xp of course) for this notebook?

    Hey.. you have to change de Sata mode to Traditional in bios.

  8. Daria says:

    Thank you so much!!
    You’re hero:)))

  9. DaRkTrAnKiLiTy says:

    Muchas Gracias me sivio de mucho los drivers – Argentina –

  10. Krisz says:

    Can you help me?
    My volume control buttons and other buttons(WLAN,..) isn’t want work in my asus notebook , before I reinstalld them ,are work but after doesn’t.
    Why program is miss.(I little speak English)

  11. Krisz says:

    Can anyone help me?
    I’m reinstalld my asus notebook,after(WIn7) the applications don’t want run full screen ,and I can’t change my resolution better with 1024X768
    Please help me

  12. dodo says:

    ty man .

  13. RAJA says:

    hi fread,s
    i am raja from ksa {kingdom of saudi arabia}
    i have asus K50IJ model i have all driver camra driver install after restart or swich off hanging problum
    so any budu help me
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    thank,s for all member,s

  14. Fuzzy says:

    Wow man.. I love you

  15. steven yee says:

    why my K50IJ webcam image turn up side down
    can aynone help

  16. haha says:

    thank you very much!

  17. hmm says:

    asus k50ij series vga driver for windows 7 laptop

  18. AVilks says:

    It’s my problem too.. 🙁

  19. raluca says:

    why my K50IJ webcam image turn up side down
    can aynone help????

  20. raluca says:

    i have windows 7…i can’t find anything for my problem

  21. Mohan Prakash Gedher says:

    i went insatll ausu k50ij than plz help me . after windows startup time give error than. how can install window 2003 server this Pc if yes than what process.

  22. Vaidas (llithania) says:

    Thanks man, u are the best of the best!! yeah (y)

  23. raf says:

    if we ever meet i will buy you a beer mate. cheers

  24. vinod says:


    no words to say anything.

  25. Michael Jordan says:

    Cause it’s a bug on win7, the camera works properly only on win xp. btw, you can turn it upside down phisically, i mean open the notebook, and do it.

    P.S. Thanks for the drivers, mate!

  26. Memo says:

    zdr na vsi4ki…kupih si edin laptop ASUS K50iJ SX326L preinstalirah go s WIN XP SP2 no nemoga da namerq WIRELESS DRIVER s dr.drayveri vsi4ko e ok,samo s wireless a imam problemi.ako nqkoy znae da mi pi6e mrs predvaritelno………

  27. Nikola says:

    Please help me! my wirless doesnt work, in network connections it doesnt show anything after i install the driver and the console and i restart computer, please help!

  28. d says:

    thank you man

  29. iliusha says:

    thanks a lot

  30. Mirnes Bosnia says:

    why my K50IJ webcam image turn up side down
    can aynone help????

  31. Maze says:

    Hey guys, if like me you are doing a clean install of xp, you may have run into the same trouble I did. Couldn’t get online with the original install, and asus don’t provide the drivers themselves, they provide a downloadable program that then scans for hardware and installs the appropriate drivers, which obviously isn’t very useful if you can’t get online to begin with!!

    I personally used the wireless driver found here and other places, then went onto the asus driver website and grabbed their driver software to fill in the blanks, works a charm!!

  32. Jailson says:

    Brother quando vc nasceu o Cara lá de cima falou vc é o cara muito obrigado !

  33. johny says:

    thanks man

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