How to setup multiple outgoing IPs in Exim MTA server

I have been receiving a lot of complaints lately from my email service subscribers that outgoing emails were categorized as spam and going directly in the spam folder of their recipients. Upon checking the problem, I discovered that one of the domains hosted in the server has been compromised to […]
php memcached

Access Memcached Keys and Values Using PHP

I was asked recently by one of my web developer friends on how to setup and use Memcached in php to store and access user sessions of the web based app his team is developing so I was inclined to make a post of it mainly for the reason that […]

Linksys RE2000 V2 Range Extender FAQ

1. What is the default IP address of my Linksys RE2000 V2 range extender? The default IP address is 2. What is the default username and password of my Linksys RE2000 V2 range extender? The default username is admin and password is admin 3. What is the default SSID […]

How to fix Galaxy S4 error

Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to fix error on your android phone. The error is caused by the download manager that for whatever reason happened to be disabled. Tap on Settings -> More -> Application manager.

Force Samsung Galaxy S4 to Connect to WCDMA Only Network Mode

Here’s how to force your Galaxy S4 to connect to WCDMA if it keeps connecting to EDGE network mode even if it’s still able to get 3G signal from your provider’s cell site. Go to Settings Tap on More networks By default, LTE/GSM/WCDMA (Auto connect) is selected. Tap on WCDMA […]