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This guide will show you on how to setup the internet parental control on Comcast home networking device. Please note that you need to have access to the Comcast home networking device to do the following steps.

Limit the time and days allowed to access the internet

1. Login to your Comcast home networking device and look for Parental Controls.

2. Click on the Parental Controls, then click on Internet Time Access Limit. After the Internet Time Access Limit page is loaded, click on the Connected Computers button. Select the connected computer to impose the time limit.

Comcast parental control

Access Time Limit

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3. Now, check the days which the computer will only have access to the internet and and enter the start and end of the restriction.

comcast internet access limit

4. Finally, click on the Apply button to save changes.

That’s about it, Internet Access Time Limit is now setup.


  1. MaryJane Hansen says:

    I would like the device to be restricted from 10 pm 10 am. I am not able, as I am told my ending time is before my start time. I have tried to use 10p-12a, and then create another for 12a-10a, but that is also not allowed. help?

    • Batman says:

      Try creating 10p – 11:59p then 12:01a-10a. Let me know if that works with you.

  2. Kat Sinclair says:

    When setting up blocked words or sites via Parental Controls is it case sensitive?

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