Connectify is a software based solution of making your windows 7 powered laptop into a wi-fi hotspot and share your internet connection to other wi-fi capable devices. Unlike the previous solution posted here before, Connectify does not need another wireless device to use it to accept incoming wireless connection requests. It will instead use the virtual wifi miniport adapter which is one of nifty features of windows 7 making it think as if you have two wireless device installed in your computer.

Currently, the only encryption type supported by Connectify is WPA2 so devices that doesn’t work well or supports WPA2 encryption won’t be able to connect through it. You can however use this solution if you want full compatibility for all your wifi devices.

Android 2.1 (eclair) works well with Connectify. I was able to connect to it from my android 2.1 powered phone without a hitch, see some of my shots below.


The above image is the connectify running in my computer, and below are from my android phone.

android connectify

connectify android

If you want to use Connectify, you can download it from here or visit their site for more informaton.

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